Monique Collignon Couture Light Amsterdam Fashion Week fall/winter 2016

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Texts like ‘Slow Fashion’ and ‘From trash to treasure’ (once again seventy percent of the collection was produced by Waste2Wear®, fabrics made out of recycled plastic bottles) as well as giant images of the designer herself were pictured at Monique Collignon’s backdrop today. A nice message to spread during this fashion filled week while delivering yet another solid, feminine collection. To the tunes of ‘Show me love’, ‘I am every woman’ and ‘R.E.S.P.E.C.T.’ Monique Collignon sent out luxurious looking elegant ensembles. In a winter proof palette of purple, green, brown and navy her fierce models looked classy and fierce. A purple number with a green coat tossed around the models shoulders looked extremely desirable. As well as a beige and blue look topped off with a filt hat. From basic outfits to party looks extravaganza Monique Collignon will hook you up with the best slow fashion creations next winter.

Monique Collignon Couture Light Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA SS16

Mother Earth is obviously the main topic this Amsterdam Fashion Week. And for Monique Collignon it was time to turn yet another page of her earth prelude this week, revealing chapter two of her Earth Delight story. The catwalk was blocked with an enormous inflatable planet. And what better way to warm up your audience than to press play Michael Jackson, whispering his earth song in your ear (“what have we done to the world”). It led to absolute silence minutes before the lights turned off.

While her show on thursday’s opening night was based on earthy minerals, this one’s based on nature’s four elements: earth, water, fire and wind. The main differences were not so much in the designs itself, but mostly in the use of colour. When talking of nature’s treasures, you can’t skip its beautiful shades. Each element had it’s particular color scheme: Earth (soft pink, beige, green), water (white, blue, green, yellow), fire (red, orange, pink, black) and wind (black and white). Outfits consisted mainly out of dresses in all sorts: knee-lenght, ballet-like, sleeveless, covered with sequins or wrapped around the body. If you’re not a very dressy person, the elegant cinched or strapless jumpsuits might be a good option. Some looks were accessorised with animal printed scarves and clutches. No surprises there for the real Collignon fans (except for the sneakers), but just a rich collection both timeless and modern.

Monique Collignon Frontrow Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam SS16

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Seen our catwalk images? Read our show review? Lots of familiar faces frontrow at Monique Collignon. See our frontrow image selection below.

Monique Collignon Couture Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam FW2012

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Sweet and summer-y, that’s how we’d describe the debut collection of Monique Collignon Couture. Monique used pretty pastels and nude shades on kaftan dresses and tight pants. She combined sparkling fabrics for dresses and tops and made pants out of shiny silk. Materials looked light and transparent and gracefully moved as the models walked the catwalk.

Pastel shades were combined in a degrade way and on several designs a gold colored pegasus print popped up. MC tattoos on the models’ bodies and golden shiny hairclips added up to the supersweet show vibe.

All girly girls should line up at Wehkamp, ’cause there will be lots of women trying to get there hands on one of these designs.

Highlights 14th edition AIFW FW2011

We did it again! We survived Amsterdam International Fashion Week, with more than 27 shows, presentations and party’s. We shot front-stage, backstage, street-wear, shows and soirees and we loved every minute of it.

More than 20.000 people attended the AIFW this time – amongst them a large group of international bloggers – and we hope they enjoyed themselves as much as we did. We did see some strong collections, beautifully dressed people and a lot of fashion-enthusiasm. We won’t forget the couture-show of Jan Taminiau or the colorful parade of Bas Kosters full with energy and fantasy. And we were surprised by the collection of Marloes Blaas and the sweet romantic style of Sage & Ivy. Die-hards like Tony Cohen and Addy van den Krommenacker demonstrated us what a real professional catwalk-show looks like. And talking about show: you don’t have to tell Supertrash anything about that. This was glamor tot the max!

And let’s not forget Spijkers & Spijkers, Monique Collignon, the LAB-shows, Ready to Fish by Ilja Visser,  Huen Yeu, Velour, Elsien Gringhuis. And the Green Fashion Competition. This is how diverse and inventive Dutch fashion-design is.

Monique Collignon Backstage Fashion Show Amsterdam FW2011

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Monique Collignon Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam FW2011

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MC by Monique Collignon was all about boots with logos, asymmetric tops, pants with zippers and big hair.

The collection was classic wearable and very Monique Collignon!

Goodiebag!? Monique Collignon Catwalk Fashion Show FW2011

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The goodiebag at Monique Collignon contained:


Beau Monde magazine

RTL Lounge CD

Shampoo – Redken


Folder – Het haartheater

Estimated value: 4 euro

Rating: 5

MC by Monique Collignon Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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Though Monique Collignon is not really the kind of designer you’d expect at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. She was there to show her new collection of the line MC by Monique Collignon.

There was a whole different fashion crowd then we’re used to at AIFW-shows. Mostly people with money and hardly any journalists attended the show. They had a great time.

The new line was classy with a fun twist. A black jumpsuit, a turquoise top and a white pair of pants all had silver embellishments. And there were dresses with ruffles, lace and golden belts.

Shades of black, beige and white alternated each other in the show and towards the end Collignon also added a few animal prints one some airy summer tops and dresses. A black leather lady’s suit appeared almost Gothic, while a gray/silver one with a white belt worn over it, looked stunning.

Not everything breathed as much fashion as it was supposed to. Yet there were some good pieces. It was also nice that, for a change, the models walked the runway in a confident smooth way, instead of stumbling towards the end.

And most important: the clothes will definitely appeal to the Collignon woman. There’s no doubt she won’t be able to find a good work-/party outfit in this collection.

Monique Collignon Catwalk Fashion Show SS10

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The second ready to wear collection of Monique Collignon is divided into 3 themes: City Vibes, Bohemian Rhapsody and Navy Affair. All together 60 (!) styles, from small daywear dresses to tops, blouses, jackets, blazers and trousers, all waiting to mix and match. Of course Monique didn’t forget those who are in desparate need for beach- and loungewear.

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