Haute Couture Trend SS2019: Sweet like candy

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Sugar sweet and fit for a queen. That’s one way to sum up these haute couture dresses. Turns out bright pink was the color of choice at many of the fashion houses. Givenchy, Valentino and Giambattista Valli all went for the brightest of pinks. While Chanel, Dior and Balmain opted for powdery pink. Anyway, the message was sweet, girly and loud. With statement skirts and shoulders, dramatic bows, tons of tule, lots of layers and the most gorgeous and detailed embroideries. Now we just need enough special occasions to wear these kinds of dresses to.

Catwalk Trend Spring/Summer 2019: Keep it Street

We love a good street smart collection. Sporty vibes, statement colors and just the right mix of materials. That’s why we’re such fans of the collections below. All created by upcoming Dutch designers (from AMFI, Artez and more). Navy, black, white, orange and a splash of neon. Hoodies, sneakers, caps and the right interplay of sexy fit and oversized. All you need is the right attitude and you’ll be keepin it cool throughout the whole summer.

Catwalk Trend Spring/Summer 2019: Silk & Dutch

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So silk skirts appears to be a big SS2019 trend. And what better way to zoom in on this fabric than by looking at the work of some Dutch designers (Maison365, La Port and others). As we scrolled to the latest collections of our favorite Dutch brands we spotted silk tops, silk pants, silk dresses and even stand out silk capes for kids. A tricky fabric to rock, but if you dare to go all out (perhaps like the pregnant lady at Ninamounah) you will surely make an entrance anywhere you go. And might these designs be a little too edgy for you, you can always opt for a bright colored pencil skirt (like the ones we’re seeing in all the high street stores). Keep it smooth, sexy and silk!

Catwalk Trend Spring/Summer 2019: Happy Go Floral

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Nothing more cheerful than a bright colored floral printed ensemble. Right?
That’s what the creative directors at Altuzarra, Dries van Noten, Louis Vuitton and Versace thought too when designing their SS2019 collections. High street retailers have already picked up on the trend, so there’s no denying. The ultimate spring print that will surely lead you into a bright summer.

Streetwear Trend Spring/Summer 2019: Chunky Sneakers (one last time)

May 10, 2019 by  
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So we´ve mentioned it before and we´re slowly seeing a shift take place; we´re dressing less sporty and more formal/dressed up. More suits, more blazers, more kittens heels and ankle boots. That also means the chunky sneaker has become a bit of a rare sight during the fashion weeks already. But before we officially say goodbye to this oh so comfy footwear trend, let´s celebrate the dad sneaker one last time. Here´s a selection of our favorite streetstyle stars wearing their pairs of adidas, Yeezy´s, Nike, Louis, Chanel and Balenciaga. We will miss rocking a good pair of trainers to the office once this trend is over.

Streetstyle trend SS2019: Glam Slam Margiela bags

May 3, 2019 by  
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And so it seems the fashion crowd has a new favorite bag this season. It’s big, it’s quilted and basically looks as soft as a pillow. It’s the Glam Slam by Maison Margiela. Now ofcourse the fact that all these streetstyle stars were carrying the new branded it bag on the same day out on the streets of Paris could mean it’s all just a partnership between brand and influencers. Yet, seeing our favorite style icons like Erika Boldrin and Tiffany Hsu with their Glam Slam bags sure makes ‘m look highly desirable. Smart move, good marketing and simply a stunning statement bag.

Streetwear Trend Spring/Summer 2019: Roomy pants

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Roomy & slouchy; that’s how we like our pleated pants these days. Sophisticated and chic yet with an absolute sex appeal. In any color of choice, from lilac and baby pink to tangerine and emerald. High waisted with a perfect little kitten heel underneath. Paired with an oversized blazer and a waist belt. Sunnies on, it bag under one arm, hands in the pockets and off you go. To work, to party or both.

Catwalk Trend Spring/Summer 2019: Short shorts & long sleeves

April 29, 2019 by  
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Not a lot of rules apply in fashion these days. There’s not a print mix, color clash or gender blending ensemble that doesn’t fit in with the current style image. Yet certain things just work like peanut butter and jelly. One example? The fact that short shorts just work so damn good with long sleeved tops. It makes the hottest hot pants look luxurious. The most destroyed denim shorts become classy. It all comes down, of course, to not showing too much skin. And if you’re already showing off below, better keep it modest on the top. Alberta Ferretti, Celine and Louis Vuitton know all it about. A hoodie, a bomber, a Victoria blouse, an embroidered body or a futuristic jacket on top? Legs for days below. Now you try this out!

Catwalk Trend Spring/Summer 2019: High Summer One Shoulder

April 22, 2019 by  
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And all of a sudden it was summer in our country. We remember having a white Easter, but this weekend it felt like just like a weekend in June. So we pulled our short skirts, cropped tops and sandals out of our closets. Straw hats, funky sunnies and small summer bags to match. Even though we were still in the process of getting our summer body, it was time to show some skin. Legs, abs or, as is the case with this trend, shoulders. Cause if we leave it up to the larger part of the designers it’s one shoulder tops and dresses next season. Bright colored, printed or ruffled. High time to turn your cold shoulder (just before temperatures drop again).

Catwalk Trend Spring/Summer 2019: Head Wrap

March 29, 2019 by  
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From a simple silk scarf to layers of tule; wearing a head wrap is the chicest thing this summer. Just ask Dolce, Etro, Tom Ford, Gucci, MaxMara, Versace Rick Owens and the rest of the long list of designer labels who joined in on this trend (Marc Jacobs and Rodarte turning things up a notch). It creates a super sophisticated look, although it’s actually the most effortless summer look to turn to. Gone are your worries of bad hair days, plus you’ve got your hair protected from damaging UV light. Simply add a big pair of sunnies and some statement earrings and you’re ready to hop from the beach to the bar. No need to wrap things up. You’ll be the last one standing at any summer party.

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