Fall/Winter Catwalk Trend 2017/2018: Winter is here

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Winter wonderland! It has been snowing in Amsterdam, so we’ve taken out our winter gear. Steady boots, thick pants, the heaviest fur coats, chunky scarfs and fluffy headpieces to match. Inspired by the likes (and looks) of Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Emporio Armani and Dries van Noten we’re making sure that cold won’t hit us. So what coat is keeping you warm these days? Is it that cosy teddy, that extra long fur number or will rock a XL padded/puffer? Click through our gallery for some inspiration. Winter is here, better keep it hot!

Fall/Winter Streetstyle Trend 2017/2018: Business as usual

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Looking business chic was never as diverse and interesting as it is now. As tweed, checks and grey suits are some of the most predominant trends out there picking out some flashy office attire was never this easy. So how will you be sitting behind your desk? Rocking a pair of hight waisted pleated pants perhaps? Or is a midi skirt with matching jacket more your ‘thing’? Are casual T-shirts (paired with the chicest skirt) allowed when meeting clients? Would a full on checked suit be appropriate for your conference call? Or is a perfectly cut tweed blazer enough to seal the deal? Which ever way you’re rocking the formal trend, with all the many style options we have this year, you’re Monday blues will be out of the window and your looks will be anything but business as usual.

Fall/Winter Streetstyle Trend 2017/2018: Patent Picture

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Some trends disappear with the blink of an eye. Others tend to stick around a little longer. A perfect example of the latter, the patent leather look that was already big on the streets last year and apparently is ready for another winter season. Mini skirts, trench coats and high waisted pants, burgundy red, midnight blue or simply black; the patent leather look comes in many shapes and sizes. Street chic in the mix with some good old denim, a plain Tee and a fresh pair of Balenciaga inspired knife boots. A shiny trend with a lot of street cred.

Fall/Winter Streetstyle Trend 2017/2018: Red to Toe

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We’ve discussed this trend before (here to be precise). But besides the full on red to toe catwalk looks from the likes of Dolce, Gucci and Chloé red has been THE color on the streets as well. And boy did it make for some awesome streetwear inspiration pics. Just glance through our gallery and see how the streetwear stars rocked their red hot puffer coats, maxi dresses, suits, sweaters and designer bags. Have you already indulged in some fancy red colored winter wear? It’s about time to paint this town red!

Fall/Winter Catwalk Trend 2017/2018: Black & Camel

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As fall collections hit the stores there’s one trend that seems to pop up every single time. It’s black and camel, a color combination that works just perfectly. It might even surpass the alltime classic black and white, just because it looks so very fashion and works in so many dresscode. Camel & black can be tough, it can be cool, it can be chic but in any case it is super classy. Just click through our gallery and see how our favorite streetstyle stars rocked this fall/winter trend. Looking to try out this color combo yourself? Keep it clean. Want to spice things up? Add a tough of red (another shade that just looks stunning combined with camel) and you’re sure to turn heads or evoke double taps the upcoming months.

Fall/Winter Catwalk Trend 2017/2018: The holidays

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December is around the corner. The holidays are coming up. Enough Christmas parties, meet-ups, cocktails and family get togethers coming up! So what will you be wearing during this most wonderful time of the year? Something shiny? A little shimmer? Some extra sparkle? A touch of velvet? And a hint of faux fur? In any case you have all reason to go all out. Even that X-mas breakfast with your in-laws calls for some extra special festive fashion. So be inspired by our holidays gallery with Christmas looks from the likes of Altuzarra, Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana and Dries van Noten. Have fun putting together your party attire & happy holidays!

Karim Adduchi Couture Fashion Show Amsterdam

Moroccan designer Karim Adduchi presented his new collection “She Has 99 Names” in de Duif in Amsterdam. In addition to Karim himself as an immigrant, he works with his collections together with Syrian, Russian and Eritrean laborers and artists, who recently found their home in Amsterdam. He specifically aimed at workers whose work you do not often encounter on the catwalk.
In “She Has 99 Names” Karim has given an oath to the women he had around when he lived in Imzouren as a child; the Berber village where he was born too. Adduchi shows these women in their distinctive complexity: beautiful and confused, happy and sad, furious and fragile.
Adduchi dives in the rich heritage of Morocco prior to each collection. He designs woolen fabrics, hand-woven by local laborers.
Even though Adduchi is not a political artist, he tries to map social problems with his art. Immigrants and refugees invite him to work with him in his collections. At first, these people were all unknown, but their shared passion for craftsmanship and design brought them together.

Fall/Winter Catwalk Trend 2017/2018: Grey Suits

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When office attire becomes a full on fashion statement things really get interesting. So we’re quite excited grey suits are officially a fall/winter trend. They might even be the most reliable look of the season, creating tons of style opportunities (worn as a complete set or just the jacket or the skirt). A classic tweed (check as seen at Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang and Fendi) makes this trend even more outspoken. And pencil skirts work just as much as pleated pants do. Even boiler suits (Chloé), jackets worn as dresses and shorter school girl skirts are allowed when, as for the next few months, formal wear becomes fun.

Fall/Winter Catwalk Trend 2017/2018: Corduroy Cool

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It might be one of the trickiest fabrics in fashion, but when you are able to pull of the corduroy look you’ll sure to make heads turn. The seventies style fabric made it’s way onto the runway at the shows of Etro, Christophe Lemaire, Marc Jacobs and Prada among others. Creating bold, colorful and show stopping looks every single time. And as the typical seventies palette of orange/red/brown hues usually works best, Nina Ricci proved a full on light blue colored corduroy ensemble can be just as impressive. From subtle (Etro) to statement (Marc Jacobs) just find out how much of this trend you want to indulge in (if a complete suit doesn’t suit you a corduroy bag or hat might) and be sure to look corduroy cool in the upcoming months.

Fall/Winter Catwalk Trend 2017/2018: Cinched

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As much as we love ‘boxy’ and ‘puffy’ nothing says femininity more than an hourglass silhouette. And so waist belts are back big time, cinching just about everything, from sweaters and dresses to jackets and coats. Mulberry opted for a belt in matching checks, at Fendi belts were branded (with the brand’s signature FF logo), Isabel Marant presented a velvet option and Balmain made the biggest belt statement in brown colored croc leather. Long sit down dinners might become a problem, but you’ll look splendid nonetheless.


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