Trend Report SS2011: the new denim

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Wearing denim to a cocktail event might have been a no go for years, now you can look as chic in your jeans as you will in your LBD. ‘Cause the new denim is more sophisticated and classy then ever. Derek Lam, Stella McCartney and Dries van Noten showed some perfect examples of that. No skinny jeans there, but long, wide legged pants (and denim jackets, skirts, dresses and pants too!) So whatever event your attending; in this new denim you’ll look fabulous 7 days a week.

Apart from the ‘chic denim’ at Balmain we saw some rough looking examples for the punk/rock ‘n roll ladies as well. Yet we suppose wearing it classic like McCartney is the way to go.

Trend Report SS2011: Rock & Punk

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Either you love it or you hate, but the punk look sure is a trend this summer. Think: short cut hair, lots of black, strong shoulders and metallic accents. Balenciaga, Balmain and Burberry all worked the Rock ‘n Roll/Punk trend on their catwalks. Their models looking fierce and a little boy-ish at times.

At Jean Paul Gaultier the models wore enormous pieces of metallic jewelry, at Burberry and Balmain spikes gave the looks some extra edge. Riccardo Tisci mixed Gothic and punk by presenting sheer black designs with lots op zippers.

If you’re the girly type of woman you might wanna pass on this trend. Yet for the ones who like it rough there’s plenty of rock ‘n roll fashion to choose from.

Here are some examples:

Goodiebag!? Dagmar Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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In the Dagmag goodiebag we received, we found:


Marie Claire magazine

Looxx  glasses cage

Volvo bracelet


Esqo cheque

Volvo folder

Tipico Rio folder

Time folder

Estimated Value: 8,-

Rating: 6-

Hunkemöller Catwalk Fashion Show FW2011

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Like Monique Collignon Hunkemöller is not the typical Amsterdam Fashion Week show, but there’s nothing bad to say about the lingerie an sich. The new collection ‘Women in bloom’ had some good pieces in it. The models looked lovely and walked the runway very elegantly, winking and smiling at the audience on the way.

The collection for next winter formed a good mix of romance, temptation and fantasy. Of course we know Hunkemöller makes great lingerie, but the brand never takes itself too seriously. Therefore the items of the show had playful accents.

The first few looks were soft, romantic; lots of nudes, dreamy shades and flowers. Lace little sleeves, satin bows and richly styled backs completed the looks. After that the models wore some Art Work pieces with more color (wintery green) and materials like satin, lace and veil. The Shapewear collection was made out of state of the art fabrics and high tech designs. It had soft pink and black shades. The Glamour serie had feminine shapes and high waisted pants. The show was ended by a model wearing a body with strass beads and the solid contours of a skirt. Not really fashion, but sure fun to watch!

MC by Monique Collignon Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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Though Monique Collignon is not really the kind of designer you’d expect at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. She was there to show her new collection of the line MC by Monique Collignon.

There was a whole different fashion crowd then we’re used to at AIFW-shows. Mostly people with money and hardly any journalists attended the show. They had a great time.

The new line was classy with a fun twist. A black jumpsuit, a turquoise top and a white pair of pants all had silver embellishments. And there were dresses with ruffles, lace and golden belts.

Shades of black, beige and white alternated each other in the show and towards the end Collignon also added a few animal prints one some airy summer tops and dresses. A black leather lady’s suit appeared almost Gothic, while a gray/silver one with a white belt worn over it, looked stunning.

Not everything breathed as much fashion as it was supposed to. Yet there were some good pieces. It was also nice that, for a change, the models walked the runway in a confident smooth way, instead of stumbling towards the end.

And most important: the clothes will definitely appeal to the Collignon woman. There’s no doubt she won’t be able to find a good work-/party outfit in this collection.

Quoc Thang Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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Quoc Thang’s new collection ‘Het moment voorbij’ was all about freedom. The designer translated that feeling through the style of a woodcutter. The collection was very outdoor; rough materials like wooll and cotton mixed with polyester and nylon.

The male models walked in overalls, raincoats and checked tuniques (these checks were especially designed for this collection and were made out of shields with two crossing bows). They carried backpacks and wore shoes by Timberland, the sponsor of the show. They looked cool, but their heads were all wet & sweaty.

The jacket had a central position in this collection; blazers, parka’s and tops that felt like coats were the eye-catchers of the show.

Quoc Thang
Quoc Thang (1979) graduated in 2005 at the Rietveld academy in Amsterdam. He then organized several projects in Berlijn en Parijs. In 2009 he launched his collection under his own name.

Marloes Blaas Catwalk Fashion Show SS2010

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Like Franciscus van der Meer, Marloes Blaas also used the second World War as an inspiration. She drew much inspiration from peasant life and the atmosphere surrounding the liberation of that war.

We saw an army green uniform and a thick black leather top which looked very powerful. There were tough shorts with extra pockets and well tailored jackets. On the other hand Marloes opted for airy fabrics and feminine faded prints. So there were some contradictions in this collection.

We have to say the army outfits looked slightly stronger than the elegant, airy items. The prints looked great, yet the army clothes looked more outspoken and different from what we’ve seen before.

Oda Pausma Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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‘Hobohemian Heaven’ was the title of Oda Pausma’s collection, she presented on Thursday. It was based on the fusion of two worlds: poetical and rebellion. Imagine live under the roof of the boheme, artists haven, the Chelsea Hotel New York of the seventies….

Jiska van Rossum Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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Designer Jiska van Rossum presented her collection ‘Adorned in Elegance’ this week. Like in al her clothes sensuality and temptation were important aspects of her menswear clothes.

Catwalktrends SS2010: sexy sandals

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We know women look their best wearing high heels. But a girl needs to be able to wear some comfortable shoes from time to time as well. Especially in the summer when she just likes to chill and hang out on the beach. For those easy breezy days the sandal is the perfect footwear. Sandals are comfortable, your feet are able to breath in them and they are still sexy.

On the runway sandals were worn too. It must have been a relief for the models who mostly have to walk in towering high shoes like the crazy Versace, McQueen and Galliano shoes from this season.

Armani, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui and Karl Lagerfeld all used sandals in their shows. They formed a big contrast with the high heels, not only because of their height but also because of their looks. The sandals were flat, plain and didn’t have any color in them (we only saw them in black and brown). Armani fortunately did add a flower to his sandals, Anna Sui decorated hers as well and at Valentino a bow was put at the back of the sandals.

When comparing sandals and high heels, we must admit sandals look a lot less fun. Yet for a day off they’re a great alternative.

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