Botter Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA SS2018

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Botter might only just have graduated (in Antwerp at the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten), there’s no stopping him. After having showed at New York Fashion Week last year he presented his graduation collection, which already made him win five different Belgian awards, in Amsterdam today. Tropical vibes and Sting’s song Fragile from the speakers and Botter’s men appeared, ready to make a statement. Inflatable fish and multiple caps on their heads, fishnet tied around their arms and tossed over their bodies, a Shell logo at sight and you too can do the math. Botter’s message was about polluted oceans and beaches. And even though this political message was loud the designer’s vision on fashion spoke out too. It was that of oversized suits, sweaters, stripes and beautifully mixed colors.

Bas Kosters Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA SS2018

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When Bas Kosters’s name is on the official opening night schedule you just know you’re in for a good time. Known for his colorful, quirky, extravagant designs and over the top fashion shows the young creative has always been able to turn his events into major celebrations of fashion, love and what not. Good vibes only is what you get from attending a Bas Kosters show and tonight was no exception. After two and a half years without fashion shows Bas Kosters made quite the comeback with his carrot celebration. Yes, he presented his latest collection My Paper Crown, made out of recycled 100 flags, but this was not just a fashion show, but half an hour of crazy, happy fashion entertainment.

It started with the runway set-up, which included several working men and women taking care of a typical farm life/simple life. There was a big pile of potatoes (on which Bas sat down during the show, his ode to the potato), there were buckets filled with sunflowers (which were being watered), white wash was hanging out to dry, and the concrete flour of the Gashouder was being swept and wed regularly.

The designs that came out were vibrant and colorful as expected. The colorful flags as well as a colorful block print Bas himself designed in India made up for a showstopping line up. An optimistic line-up of ‘happy’ clothes with which Bas spoke of gay rights, animal rights potatoes and carrots (a replacement for Bas’ previous obsession with penises?).

The make-up was smudged, the head pieces creative, the accessories extravagant (dice earrings, large stuffed animals) and the props simply outstanding (a lit up Bas car filled with exuberant models entered the runway at a certain point). That model’s waving, cheering, smiling and dancing certainly had the right effect on the audience. This was by far the happiest most cheerful fashion show of the week and we happily celebrated Carrot Day along with Bas and his closest friends (numerous familiar and famous faces walked his festive finale).

“I hope you realize you can give something too, the gift of attention, of seeing the other. Be generous! I want to believe that artists and others make this world together.
Be well,
Bas Kosters”

In line with the see now buy now trend Bas sold some of his designs straight after te show. It was a night to remember and probably the best start of a new fashion filled week Amsterdam could have asked for.

Later on this week: the work of the fourteen best fashion students during Lichting, the debute of young talent Sterre Troquay (17) and Politicians walking the runway during Sunday’s Political Catwalk. We’re excited!

Hacked by Van Slobbe Van Benthum Catwalk, Fashion Show MBFWA SS2018

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Then it was on to the works of designers Alexander van Slobbe and Francisco van Benthum who have worked together since they started their joint project Hacked in 2014. Hacked is a reaction to our fast fashion society, a desire to change the fashion system from the inside out by hacking it’s different parts, one by one. After having focused on brands, the production proces and sale points the designers now thought it was time to tackle the next big thing in the classic fashion infrastructure: fashion week.

Fashion week needs a big transformation, according to Van Slobbe and Van Benthum. So the show was a big shout-out to everyone from inside as well as outside the fashion industry. Letting them know the system doesn’t function anymore and brands can not keep on producing clothes for a target audience that is slowly diminishing and will soon no longer exist.

As a contrast Hacked by_ wants to show it’s approach and focuses on the design, the production proces and the wearer of a certain piece of clothing. Qualities that matter so much more nowadays, instead of the classic fashion show that was still able to seduice it’s audience. It’s about storytelling and Alexander van Slobbe and Francisco van Benthum told a lovely fashion story tonight. That of roomy raincoats, highly desirable (commercial) sweaters, wearable shorts and sporty influences in which not the design’s signature but it’s development and sustainable approach to fashion were key.

Das Leben Am Haverkamp Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA SS2018

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It’s on! The 27th edition of Amsterdam Fashion Week just kicked off with quite a spectacular opening evening. The creative talents behind young label Das Leben am Haverkamp, Bas Kosters and Alexander van Slobbe were the first to present their Dutch design in the Gashouder show area which was fully booked with fashion lovers and professionals.

At around seven Das Leben am Haverkamp had the honor of officially opening this Amsterdam fashion week. The four designers Anouk van Klaveren, Christa van der Meer, Dewi Bekker en Gino Anthonisse, who each run their own indiviual label as well, once again expressed their joint vision on contemporary design and fashion.

Apart from fashion styles or summer trends diversity seemed to be the main message as a large variety of models walked the runway. They were dressed in nothing more than just a pair of briefs, socks and slippers and carried large prints of the outfits the designers picked out for them. Looks that ranged from bathing suits to puffer jackets.

Lots to see in any case in this Quirky Cruise Collection. One that definitely scores high on originality. The diversity of the human bodies that followed up on each other slightly distracted us from focusing on the designs, but it was interesting in any case. And we’d love to see these clothe actually come to life.

Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Show Paris FW2017

With Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2017, Viktor&Rolf presented a parade of Haute Couture Action Dolls: a surreal yet playful fashion team of stylised Viktor&Rolf mascots, rooting for a world that is creative, diverse and eco-conscious.

Their outfits consist of a bomber jacket, jeans and a t-shirt. Various doll elements, including fabric-covered faces and bodies are fragmented and mingled into an extreme patchwork statement.

Patchwork continues to explore the idea of upcycling. It also serves to symbolise a wish for harmony: to create unity through diversity.

Backstage at Fabienne Chapot SS2018-show

Take a look backstage at the show of Fabienne Chapot, collection SS2018.

Fabienne Chapot Catwalk Fashion Show SS2018

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Move over avocado, it’s time for the papaya to shine and take over as it-veggie! That is, if you leave it up to Fabienne Chapot and her design team. For SS2018 they decided it was all about papaya’s. An exotic story starting as soon as the guests received their papaya-themed invite. On Wednesday night the story unfolded at a show venue completely turned into a sixties style garden party. An entrance covered in papaya print and rainbow colored stairs sure got everyone in the mood for some cocktails, watermelon and jelly pudding. And as all guests took their seats a little later it really actually felt as if we were witnessing a Beverly Hills hotel scene from 1957 and we could almost feel the Hollywood heat (so those papaya printed fans on our seats came in handy).

Fashion wise the collection was everything you’d want a summer collection to be. Colorful, effortless and super feminine. Loose blouses, maxi dresses, wide pants and cropped jackets in the mix. Soft and silk fabrics were embroidered with papaya shaped beads, palm leaves, citrus shapes, lobsters and exotic flowers. Signature items which were even featured on the matching jacquard loafers. Silhouettes were flowy and sexy yet sophisticated, a uncovered shoulder here, a bare back there. Colorful high heels, statement bags (in the shape of tropical fish or shelves), bold sunnies and crazy hairdos topped it all off.

And as we headed back home we thought about that SS2018 Fabienne Chapot girl that got in her car, headed West and gazed outside. It might have been rainy in Amsterdam, but we imagined ourselves out on the warm open road at sundown, driving 60 miles per hour with all four windows down, feeling the wind in our hair and the Hollywood heat on our skin.

Individuals Catwalk Fashion Show SS2018

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Please enjoy the pictures for now, our review will follow shortly.

Showroom Paris Schueller de Waal & Barbara Langendijk

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Dutch designers Schueller de Waal and Barbara Langendijk shared a showroom in Paris last week to present their fall winter collections. Although different in style and view it was an intimate and relaxed way to get to know their work. The silence and minimalism of Barbara Langendijk, the more extroverted and witty vibe of the Schueller de Waal duo.

Schueller de Waal

Barbara Langendijk

Stella McCartney Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear FW2017

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Stella McCartney made a demonstrative statement on womanpower yesterday with her fall-show by drawing from two very different sartorial motifs, along the way imbuing the clothes with a newfound daring. McCartney approaches her work as a creative problem-solver, delivering wardrobe solutions for real women. So the juxtaposed bravado of equestrian-inspired tailoring and pointy-bra constructions startled. McCartney’s update, both under sweaters and in actual constructions, put the focus clearly on the breasts in a manner atypical today. The message was loud and clear: Women are sexual beings free to express their sexuality as they wish. They are also powerful, opinionated and strong.
Many of those women love great clothes, an essential fact of which McCartney never lost sight. She served them up with impressive tailoring, whether a great, loose-fitting coat or comfortably curvy coatdress in a natty British check. On a softer note: languid onesies with those bra constructions. McCartney went more casual with tomboyish paper bag overalls and a sweater sporting her animal motif du jour, a glorious pictorial of “A Horse Frightened by a Lion,” by the 18th-century painter George Stubbs.

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