Frontrow MBFWA SS018, Day 04

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Who were there at MBFWA day 4, the final day of this 27th edition of the Mercedes-Benz Amsterdam fashion week? Here’s a selection of our front row images.

Maison the Faux Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA SS2018

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Before we begin, can we please take your name?
No, not your given name; the name you wish to use post-reincarnation.

Maison the Faux once again welcomed us in a spectacular show environment. This time around they were ready to take us to another level, another life even. This was not a spa (although the futuristic tanning systems might give that idea) and it was definitely not an office. This was FAUXmosapien, an odyssey, a journey of reinvention that begins with incubation. This was an opportunity to engineer a new tomorrow. Radiation that gives you more than a glow.

What a way to end this edition of the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam. With the bright color changing backdrop and the runway filled with tanning systems it really felt as if we’d stepped on board of a space ship, ready to start a new chapter at whatever planet was waiting for us when we’d come out.

Our wardrobe for the life that was waiting for us was pastel shaded, a nice contrast with the neon lights of the decor. Stripes, metallics and tweed fabrics with frayed ends were the main themes. And as guys and girls sporting skirts, dresses, coats and skimpy bikini’s with extraordinary headpieces had followed up on each other the finale piece was, yep, you guessed it, a shiny bridal gown, worn by a guy in fluffy slippers. Cause even in another life you’d still want to tie the knot in style, right?

In September the Arnhem based fashion house (by Joris Suk and Tessa de Boer) will present this collection at New York Fashion Week. We’re glad we got the ultimate preview. The perfect way to end this edition of MBFWA.

Out with a bang!

Political Runway Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA SS2018

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If there ever was a stereotypical model, that type is complete lost by now. The opening show, Das Leben am Haverkamp sure set the mood for the rest of the week, so we’ve seen all types of people sporting the latest designs on the Amsterdam runway this week. At Politcal Catwalk 2017 politicians walked the walk, one eye brow colored, wearing pieces created by around twenty youngsters with the help of designers like Sepehr Maghsoudi and Bas Kosters. Those politicians included Gerolf Bouwmeester, (current Gemeenteraadslid Amsterdam and future major Heusden), Arda Gerkens (Eerste Kamerlid) Suzanne Kröger (Tweede Kamerlid), Sadnra Doevendans (Provinciale Staten), Ilana Rooderkerk (Stadsdeelraad Amsterdam West), Marja Ruigrok (Gemeenteraadslid Amsterdam), Kirsten van den Hul (Tweede Kamerlid), Michel Rog (Tweede Kamerlid), Diederik Boomsma (Gemeenteraadslid Amsterdam) and Femke Roosma (Gemeenteraadslid Amsterdam). All of whom happily put aside their sober office attires to rock something more colorful. Rainbow colored as a matter of fact. The collection even included a wedding dress, worn by Suzanne Kröger (Tweede Kamerlid Groen Links). But the true message of this show wasn’t any of colors or trends it was about diversity and sustainability. And having some guts, of course.

Jan Cerny Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA SS2018

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Amsterdam Fashion Week has given artists and young designers all around the world a chance to present their work. Today Czech designer Jan Cerny, who is a student at the Thomas Bata University Zlin took the stage to show us his edgy menswear in front of an all green backdrop. He came up with recreations of iconic menswear pieces like the trench coat, the hoodie and the leather jacket. He gave those pieces of contrasting materials color, tie dye effects, sequins. He tore them apart and put them back together. By doing so he’s caught the eye of the international media. We’re curious what his next move is going to be.

Streetfashion MBFWA SS2018, Day 03

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What are you wearing during the fashionweeks? Your Gucci-shoes, that Balenciaga-shirt or your latest Vetements-denim? Maybe we’ll spot you in Paris, Milan, New York or Amsterdam. During the fashionweeks we refresh our streetwear posts regularly. We don’t judge, we’re not the fashion-police, we just enjoy fashion and your own personal style. Next stop: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam SS2018.

MBFWA edition SS2018, this was Day 03

A day filled with interesting shows of young designers and the opening of the Future Generation exhibition Eutopia.

Schepers Bosman Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA SS2018

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Checks on checks on checks; for their third collection Sanne Schepers en Anne Bosman came up with an interesting selection of layered checked looks. An instrumental ‘What do you mean’ from the speakers and their models walked their rounded catwalk alongside the audience. They sported checked shorts, shirts, jackets that appeared plain in the beginning, but got more and more interesting towards the end of the show.

By the time a guy in neon green passed by it was impossible to tell one piece of clothing from the other. That’s how intertwined the items were. Asymmetry, overlap and deconstruction worked together perfectly. Getting dressed in the morning might be a bit of a hassle, but hey, jaw dropping attire guaranteed.

Inspired by American modernists Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008) en John Chamberlain (1927-2011) who were praised for their 3D assembly-art Schepers Bosman tried to make the audience portray fashion in a different way. Almost as a piece of art. Mission accomplished we’d say; these designs were not just beautiful to wear but also fascinating to look at.

Botter Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA SS2018

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Botter might only just have graduated (in Antwerp at the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten), there’s no stopping him. After having showed at New York Fashion Week last year he presented his graduation collection, which already made him win five different Belgian awards, in Amsterdam today. Tropical vibes and Sting’s song Fragile from the speakers and Botter’s men appeared, ready to make a statement. Inflatable fish and multiple caps on their heads, fishnet tied around their arms and tossed over their bodies, a Shell logo at sight and you too can do the math. Botter’s message was about polluted oceans and beaches. And even though this political message was loud the designer’s vision on fashion spoke out too. It was that of oversized suits, sweaters, stripes and beautifully mixed colors.

Frontrow MBFWA SS018, Day 03

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Who were there at MBFWA day 3, the busiest day of this fashion week? Here’s a selection of our front row images from Sterre Troquay, Julliette Heijnen, House of Byfield, Boaz van Doornik, Liesbeth Sterkenburg, Trinhbecx, Schepers Bosman, Botter and Dennis Diem catwalk fashion show.

Dennis Diem Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA SS2018

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A special show for Dennis Diem this Saturday evening. With his collection Les Antoinettes the designer celebrates his ten year anniversary. Les Antoinettes tells the story of the life of Dennis Diem’s ultimate muse Marie-Antoinette divided into five different periods; nude, pearl, black, red blood and gold. A collection that brings everything that ever inspired and fascinated Dennis Diem together. Traditional fashion craftmanship, the special role of women, the red carpet.. And did you know Dennis Diem used Marie-Antoinette’s original sizes as a blueprint for all his corsets?

With this collection Diem brought Marie-Antoinette to a contemporary Hollywood-setting (a place where one of Dennis Diem’s current muses, Dorith Mous, is a regular red carpet guest). He did so by creating all the gowns she would have worn in the time of age. From a floor sweeping satin duchesse nude number to a dramatic black tule gown onto statement shiny red and a golden body hugging dress. All creations worn with the highest of heels in which the models walked the runway, accompanied by violin music.

Diem used his signature gilded scales, hand cut silks with baroque patterns, embroideries with fresh water pearls en shelves. And almost all of it was handcrafted, taking Diem and his team three months to cut out sequins, gild them in 23carat gold and manually add them to the designs. Designs with an absolute Hollywood feeling, but if you took a closer look, with extra detailing, beautiful craftsmanship and the tragic story of Marie-Antoinette all hidden in there.

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