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Another fashion filled M-ODE day on Friday! During the three catwalk shows at the Zuiveringshal and an exclusive collection presentation we got inspired by new fashion designs by upcoming Dutch design talents and their interesting sustainability ideas. Click through our galleries below to see their collections.

Tableau Vivant at the presentation of Amber Ambrose Aurelie & Judith v Vliet’s collection “Van Hollandse bodem” with clothes and shoes made out of recycled jeans and other fabrics.

Sophie Roumans presented her sustainable menswear collection “Omerta”. Sophie designs without a certain season in mind aiming at a global identity using eco friendly fabrics and rest materials.

INEEN by LEBL & Lhana Marlet presented a wearable collection (print design and denim being the main ingredients) based on style and personality, made out of left over materials with a zero waste mindset.

An intimate presentation for Anne De Grijff’s womenswear label presented from “De werkkamer”

M-ODE Amsterdam: Thursday Recap

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After M-ODE kicked off on Wednesday we had a busy fashion filled day ahead on Thursday. At one o’clock in the afternoon it was Merel van Glabbeek (an her namesake womenswear label founded in 2015) who held the first fashion show as part of the many M-ODE fashion events this week. She presented her collection “Plan-B”. What happens when our world becomes inhabitable? Then there’s a plan B. Humanity will colonize mars. And so plan B was a collection full of experiment, opportunities and dreams. With reused materials (that make Merel such a good match for M-ODE), digital prints, striped and a padded fabric. Merel combined heavy and light materials in a colour palette of blacks, (midnight) blues and orange. See the gallery below.

After Merel van Glabbeek we paid a visit to Bas Kosters “Waste to Want” pop up atelier a few doors further. Here Bas and his team are holding their office for a few days to finish his new collection. For this collection Bas is re-using second hand clothes (collected after Kingsday’s flea markets) and turning them into his signature designs. Designs he’ll be showing on Saturday night during his big catwalk show at the Zuiveringshal. Expect a lot of color, costumes and craziness! Bas as we know him, but even more sustainable this time around.

Ajbilou Rosdorff surprised us later that afternoon when she had a group of Vogue dancers presenting her latest collection. Their moves, their looks and the loud music made everyone in the audience go wild. And although we might have been a little distracted by the crazy dancing the clothes sure looked bad-ass too.

A intimate presentation by HACKED by_ (founded as an answer to the constant overproduction in fashion) was our final stop for the day. Even before their international launch in Paris (the next day) designers Alexander van Slobbe en Francisco van Benthum presented their vision, way of working and their latest collaborations with ASN Bank and H&M at M-ODE. They showed their latest designs and spoke of their way of upcycling; showing their ideas on how the lavish fashion system can be changed from the inside.

An inspiring day it was. In terms of fashion as well as sustainability. Such great, green ideas, so much creativity. It’s hard to even imagine fashion (shows, week) without the sustainability mindset. This should (could?) be the standard. We’re excited to see what M-ODE and their designers/initiatives have in stores for us the next few days. Stay tuned!

M-ODE Amsterdam: An Introduction

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Like any other year this week the Westergasterrein is (more or less) our temporary office. Yet this time around we’re based here for something other than Amsterdam Fashion Week. It’s M-ODE and it’s first edition of We Make M-ODE (part of We Make the City) that has us and other fashion professionals and fanatics gathered at the Westergasfabriek the upcoming days.

M-ODE is a completely new fashion initiative by fashion teacher Peter Leferink (48) and former Amsterdam Fashion Week director Iris Ruisch (43). It is a foundation which focuses on sustainability and therefore each and every fashion show, presentation or event this week is sustainable in a way. Whether it is a designer who chooses not to produce new collections every other season, a design collective producing eco-fabrics or someone like Bas Kosters who produces his new collection out of old (not sold Kingsday) clothes.

A fashion event with a 5 day programme like M-ODE turned out to be wasn’t even what Iris and Peter had in mind when they first decided to join forces. But as they spoke to the first designers interested (a few of whom were planning on showing during Amsterdam Fashion Week in January anyway) more people become enthusiastic and new ideas kept coming. And so for four months straight it was like a M-ODE roller coaster for Iris and Peter. Apart from fashion shows at the Westergasfabriek – with Bas Kosters’ show on Saturday evening being the biggest spectacle – there are lots of sustainable activities organized. Like workshops, a clothing exchange market, readings and a sustainable fashion route leading consumers to workspaces and (pop-up) shops. Not just the Westergasfabriek, but VondelCS and het Bos en Lommerplein have their own activities organized as well.

If you’d look at the schedule you’d hardly believe that M-ODE didn’t even start as an event hosting initiative. Supporting/coaching young fashion entrepreneurs for at least one and a maximum of three years, teaching them about the right balance between creativity, finance and the importance of collaborating, that is what Iris and Peter had in mind in the first place. A wonderful initiative that is off to a good start with a great first week filled with events . Stay tuned for more M-ODE updates on our Instagram, Facebook and blog.

We Make M-ODE, 20 t/m 24 juni, Amsterdam



Trend Report SS2018: Sorbet Shades

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No doubt sorbet shades are the ultimate match to your summer tan. And not just as a boll in an icecream cup. A solid SS2018 wardrobe should definitely include some pastel pieces. To get your inspired we’ve selected some runway looks in every shade or the sorbet rainbow. From Hermes and Valentino to Dries van Noten and Galliano. And there’s even a trend within this trend; combining pastels! Like we saw at Céline and Delpozo. Light, fresh and high season ready; what flavours will you choose?

Menswear Trends Spring/Summer 2019 – Milan Recap

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Summer 2018 is around the corner, but we’re already way to excited for next year’s styles. Milan’s menswear fashion week has just finished and we cain’t wait to share some of the hottest new trends with you. So that you’re fully prepared for what next year has to offer or so that you can really be one of the first to rock some of the ’19 trends this very summer. So read carefully…

There was a big focus on prints. Vibrant floral prints (Versace, Dsquared, Marni), cactus, pasta and fruit (Dolce & Gabbana, MSGM) prints, but also some very abstract printed photo images (Marni, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada). The man purse (cross body that is) found it’s way onto the runway at Versace. Prada introduced some super short shorts (if you dare!). And after the Yeezy shock earlier this month Versace, MSGM and Dsquared worked their neon magic too.

Other SS2019 necessities are matrix style trench coats, socks in sandals, parkas, wide pleated pants and anything logomania (yes, it’s still a thing).

In other (non menswear fashion trend) news: Kendall Jenner returned to the runway after five months and Naomi Campbell closed the Dolce & Gabbana show (also walked by twin models and the coolest couples).

See how Summer 2019 is going to look like according to the biggest Italian labels? Check out our galleries below.

Vibrant florals

Abstract prints

Logomania (another round)


Crossy body bags


Neon now

Camo cool

Sandals & slippers

Graduation Collections AMFI 2018

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It was a show filled with contradictions. From Els Veldman’s vibrant and extremely colorful collection (and her models with painted faces and colored hair) and Kelly Geurden’s completely yellow colored line up to the grungy and moody looks at Charlotte Bakkenes, Stefan Vella and Jamie Teunissen. Not to mention Ferry Schiffelers dramatic but truly showstopping collection of black 3D looks that immediately deserve a spot in SIA or Gaga’s wardrobes (same goes for Sophie Mellors’ stage worthy looks, wow!). From Juliet Kok’s simple and savag-y designs to Marlies Reukers professional and perfectly fitted sportswear looks. And from Myrna Reukers li la lingerie looks to Nikita Domping’s streetwise and tough denim creations. From perfect patchwork at Julie Evers to dreamy powder hues at Kim Domburg. This was yet another inspiring and entertaining AMFI graduation show. We’re curious to see where all these 22 fashion talents will eventually end up working, but we’re sure they all have amazing careers ahead of them. Thanks for an amazing show and the best of luck to ya!


Graduation Collections ARTEZ 2018

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The Artez graduation show reminded us why we love graduation collections so much. It had all the right ingredients. It was vibrant, experimental yet professional, versatile, exciting, promising, futuristic as well as retrospectic, simplistic as well as theatrical, refreshing, crazy, fun, cool, tough and what not. From Emma Wessel’s larger than life images walking down the runway to Mehdi Mashayekhi’s menswear collection with the perfect fit; the Artez graduates sure kept us interested troughout the whole show. We loved the sporty vibes Henriette Zimmerman sent out. Iris Bambacht’s prints looked insane on her menswear pieces. Nina Pin’s cheerful models made us smile instantly and we could not stop staring at Dennis Schreuder’s masqueraded looks. That bright pink patent coat in Douwe de Boer’s collection was an absolute show stopper and Amarens Joustra’s eclectic prints lit up the runway. There is no Amsterdam Fashion Week this summer, but these ARTEZ talents sure have us inspired for the upcoming weeks.

Trend Report SS2018: Off shoulder (done differently)

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It’s sexy without wearing a tight dress and high heels. It’s about showing off different body parts that have a high level of sensuality/sexiness. Like the ankle/heel we spoke about shoulders and collar bones work the same kind of magic. So off shoulder dresses go up in the effortless femininity category. Perfect for dinner nights, those loose dresses let you eat as many courses as you like. And perfect for showing off some (beautifully tanned) skin and give that new necklace or pair of earrings some extra spotlight. And you might think: well we’ve seen this season after season. Yet there is a new twist to this trend! Underneath that off shoulder can be a sexy piece of lingerie subtly showing through/popping up. Giambattista Valli gives you the ultimate example. A little lace piece or just a tiny sexy strap giving you a hing of what’s underneath it all. So off shoulder with some li la lingerie shining through.


Beauty Trend Report SS2018: Cool Cuts ‘n Colors

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It goes without saying that a fresh haircut can update or upgrade any look. A fresh blow out work wonders for you appearance, just as a color update or a cool new cut. The streetstyle stars in our gallery above know just how much impact your hairdo can have on how others see you. That’s why they rocked the nicest outfits with the funkiest hairstyles. Pixie cut, short and bold, asymmetrical, extremely curly or a pair of the hottest bangs? And let’s not forget to mention the color scheme to this game of hairstyles. Orange, pink and icy blue; make your hairstyle your best accessory.

Beauty Trend Report SS2018: Read my Lips

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Peony pink, raspberry rouge, burgundy red or cinnamon brown; the most kissable lips come in many colors this summer. Will you choose something in line with your hair color and skin tone? Or try something crazy just for the shock effect? Ever since Kylie Jenner turned the beauty industry upside down we’ve all found the fun back in experimenting with lip colors. Even if it doesn’t compliment your look you’re still rocking that latest hue. Red, pink, brown or blue, enough with the talk now let me kiss you!


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