SS2017 Trend: (Patent) Pink Party

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When Valentino red turn pink you know something’s up. Bright pink is becoming the #1 color for this summer. And we can not think of a reason not to join this pink party. From Balenciaga to Vetements; the most fashion forward looks in bright pink are making headlights on the streets, in the fashion magazines and, of course, on Instagram. And might you think bright pink is daring enough, think again. Bright patent pink (as seen at Bottega Veneta) is even a better option. Not to mention the satin pink spotted at Ralph Lauren. And let’s not forget the red/pink combination both Sportmax and Valentino introduced. The in between shade of raspberry red spotted at Kenzo, Hermes and Michael Kors might be your best bet. The ultimate summer shade that works beautifully combined with mint green (just look at one of the Céline runway looks). Show some color, give them something to talk about and make it a (sweet) summer to remember!

Amsterdam Denim Days 2017: Blueprint Festival

For one week Amsterdam was the centre of attention for all those with an indigo heart. Amsterdam Denim days 2017 offered a program with something for denim lovers of every kind, from brands and makers to wearers and speakers. From style-setting devotees on the street to the greatest innovators in the industry, together they create the ultimate blue wear.

The Kingpins Show Amsterdam SS2018

For two days Amsterdam was the homebase of The Kingpins Show, an invitation-only, boutique denim sourcing show featuring a highly-edited selection of vendors that include denim and sportswear fabric mills. The trade show acquired cult like status amongst denim professionals over the years. Kingpins grew into a platform a with biannual editions in New York and Hong Kong. Kingpins is part of Amsterdam Denim Days.

SS2017 Trend: Pleated, Folded & Draped

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Ruffles are dominating this year’s summer look, no doubt about it. They’re everywhere, on blouses, T-shirts, sweaters, skirts and even ruffled pants are making their way onto the streets. It seems like there’s no denying this trend. Yet for those who like things a little less romantic we’ve got some back-up options. In stead of ruffles you can also opt for pleats as origami-inspired pieces are quite the statement makers too. So how about a pleated skirt (as seen at Vionnet, Off White and Victoria Beckham)? Or would you prefer them on your top (as Jil Sander and Marni introduced)? And how about a little drape effect (shown by Sportmax and Loewe)? A perfect classic/dramatic detail to make your outfit just a little more interesting. And the ultimate excuse to leave your iron in your closet. Pleats please! 1,2,3, origami!

SS2017 Trend: Underwear = Outerwear (again)

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Why don’t you.. turn your outfit inside out? Wearing your underwear as outerwear is (once again) the coolest game changer. Wear your bras and bralettes over  your blouses and dresses and you’re right on trend. Or rather, leave the house in nothing more than a sheer body, a transparent slipdress or a triangle bra (midriff on display). Probably the easiest way to make a statement this summer. At least, that’s how Victoria Beckham, Céline, Alberta Ferretti and Alexander Wang feel about it. Not to mention Dries van Noten, Miu Miu and Giambattista Valli’s version of this daring trend. So, are you ready to show some skin or even #freethatnipple? Oeh la la.. lingerie!

SS2017 Trend: Texting

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Carrying out a political message as well as making a fashion statement is the latest trend in fashion land. And why would you only speak in fringes, colors and prints when you can at the same time speak your mind on feminism, politics and sustainability?! At least, that’s how some top designers see it. Attending the SS2017 shows we could read We should all be feminists, Dio(r)evolution (Dior), Docce & Gabinetti (Dolce & Gabbana), Silence (Haider Ackermann), Don’t Move (Off White) and Thanks Girls (Stella McCartney) written down on the brand new collections. Some messages deeper than others, of course, but fact is designers spoke their mind. The Dior slogans are being picked up big time by the international influencers scene and Dolce & Gabbana’s sense of humor is getting a chance on the streets too. So next to branded (logomania) clothes, written words are all the rage these days. If you have something to say, now is the time to say it!

SS2017 Trend: Fringe Party

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Where hippies and Western influences meet, that’s where the fringe party is at. The party of the season, with a line up of big names, from Ralph Lauren to Hermes. And who knew this dresscode could be so diverse. From cool and grungy at Coach to line dance fabulous at Rodarte. Adding some fringes to your look don’t necessarily turn you into a cowgirl (although that Ralph Lauren hat might add to the effect). Just play around with it and use it as an extra asset to your fashion forward look. Like Miuccia Prada did in her SS2017 collection. Her fringe meets fur details gave her looks some extra elegancy and a bit more of a fun factor, whilst staying classy, modern and yet retro inspired. Not feeling the fringe shoulders or hemlines? Just opt for that cute little fringe bag Hermes designed for spring/summer. A subtle yet stunning way to join in on the fringe fun.

SS2017 Trend: Seventies Twist

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If there’s one decade designers keep on being inspired by it’s the seventies. We can’t even remember not writing a seventies trend report for one season. And why wouldn’t we want to revive and relive the best retro styles of the disco decade? For S/S2017 designers seventies inspired prints and patterns again are all the rage. Miuccia Prada says so, just glance at her full on seventies Prada show (including mini skirts and highly accessorized, cinched checked blazers with touches of fur) as well as her Miu Miu show (filled with elegant, seventies striped pieces). Roberto Cavalli literally took us back in time to the love, peace, joy decade including long, floral printed hippie dressed, flared pants, skinny scarfs, XL sunglasses and the warmest color palette. Riccardo Tisci’s close to nature collection in a fiery color palette—red, orange, brown, and pink perfectly fits in with the theme. Emilio Pucci’s color blocking collection only briefly touched the seventies dresscode with a few graphic and vibrant prints. And while Chloé, Sportmax and Marc Jacobs just hinted at the boho style we know all too well, we can without a doubt state the seventies have once again made a comeback. Diverse, multi interpretable but definite.

SS2017 Trend: Teeny Tiny Bags

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A key, a coin, or perhaps a credit card? Those are the items you’re going to be able to fit in your handbag this summer. Slightly unpractical in a season that seems to be all about functionality and wearibility. Still, if you want your bag to be on trend, it should be tiny. Teeny tiny that is. Just click through our gallery of Chloé, Céline, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Valentino catwalk images and you might even have a hard time to spot the latest it bags. Yet, they might be small and you’ll for sure have some struggle picking the items you’ll bring with you on date night, that doesn’t make these babies any less popular. The Chloé Nile bag has been sold out on the brands website for weeks now. That croc bag around your neck Hermes created is the ultimate mix between a piece of jewelry and a handbag. Same goes for the metallic Valentino bags on a chain. Slightly useless, but extra cute! Louis Vuitton’s phone cases appear to be the coolest statement accessories. Oh and a small bag attached to your bigger handbag (like Prada introduced a few seasons ago) is still very fashion forward-y too. So you’ll at least be able to bring your phone, your keys ánd some money next time you’re going out for a drink.

SS2017 Trend: Head over (Kitten) Heels

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For years and years (decades perhaps) wearing a tiny heel was the least sexy thing a woman could do. I remember having read multiple articles with famous/fashionable women stating that the one fashion No Go they could think of was: wearing shoes with a short (below 2 inches) heel. High heels represented sexiness, power and fearlessness, so who would want to be caught walking on medium length heels? I did and I still do. I may be short, high heels just don’t work for me. They make me walk (stumble) awkwardly and they give me less confidence instead of more. Boy, am I glad times have changed and current shoe trends are possibly the most comfortable they have ever been. I mean sneakers, loafers and kitten heels are all over the cat- and sidewalks. And it’s those fifties style kitten heels that the biggest fashion lovers/unfluencers/social super stars are embracing the most. That J’aDior kitten heel with open ankle might be the it-shoe of the moment (if there ever was any). Besides, Prada, Loewe and Céline are celebrating the comeback of the lower heel too. This summer we can strut around WITH confidence yet WITHOUT painful feet. Comfy yet sexy. How about that high heel lovers?

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