David Laport FW17/18 Amsterdam Catwalk Fashion Show

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The aqarium (1882) of Amsterdam based Zoo Artis acted as a show venue on Tuesday night. Dutch designer David Laport presented his brand new collection Fuse surrounded by the most exotic fish (and dressed up birds of paradise). An extra special setting that probably triggered a large part of the Dutch fashion crowd to show up as it was super crowded. And of course David Laport (1986) has really made a name for himself in the last couple of years showing his designs at both Amsterdam and Paris fashion week. As of this season the young designer is working with Paris based agent AMF. He is expanding his brand and also creates custom made red carpet designs for his clients every now and then.

His new demi couture collection was all about light, airy designs that gracefully moved as the models walked the runway. Inspired by climate change and the nature’s beauty that comes with it David created pleats that represented the crumbling of the ice caps and he used shiny, sheer materials that gave the idea of melting ice. References that worked beautifully with the chill and serene atmosphere in the underwater wold of the monumental building of the Artis aquarium. Colors were absent as black, white and silver designs dominated the collection. Were his creations previously more art than fashion, this collection was David’s most wearable (and thus commercial) to date. His shoe collection of sculptural heels appeared a little less comfortable (one model had to take them off), yet they perfectly matched the theme of the evening.

After a final glimpse at the fish and the flamingos outside the audience took off. Inspired by Davids dreamy collection, checking yet another extraordinary show venue off of their list.

SS2017 Trend: Yes to Yellow

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The best (and easiest) way to cheer yourself up on a cloudy spring day? What about some head to toe yellow attire? Hermes, Jil Sander, Chloé and the likes have agreed it’s THE color of the season. A flowy yellow dress seems a safe bet. Whether floor sweeping like at Valentino and Gucci or at knee length like we spotted at Bottega Veneta and Vionnet. Light up every room, stand out from the crowd and shine some light on your Instagram feed. Say yes to yellow!

Claes Iversen Haute Couture SS2017

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Never had Claes Iversen designed a collection so quickly as with this SS2017 couture collection ‘Horizontal Illumination’. Within one week he had his couture plan for upcoming season rolled out. Yet those ideas maybe came to mind quickly, the execution and construction of these showstopping designs took the Claes Iversen atelier hours, days, weeks.. forever.

Like any other Claes Iversen couture collection for SS2017 once again so much thought and the utmost precision went into the details. Beads, pearls, embroideries, fringes, ruffles and studs all created and added to the clothes with so much love for the art (craftmaship) and dedication. The morning of the show some dresses still needed finishing and several minutes before showtime Claes Iversen’s team was still cutting the fringes of a floor sweeping gown (still the designer himself was calm & collected throughout the day). It needed to be perfect and precise even though those slight changes in length were hardly noticeable as the models walked the runway. Yet it is with this eye for detail that makes Claes Iversen stand apart from most designers. It is those refined details that turn any of his designs into immediate show stoppers. They make you want to see more, up close. And trust us at these couture pieces you just can keep on staring.

Just as mesmerizing was the color palette of choice; emerald, ruby red, soft pink, mustard and mint worked together beautifully. The designs were graceful, playful, cool, elegant and original. Fishnet stockings, metallic heels, the models wavy long hair and red lips added to the right contemporary fashion sense. There were enough floor sweeping dream dresses to make any woman want to get married right away and that structural, flow mint number was simply breathtaking.

We couldn’t be more proud to have Claes Iversen as the first designer to show at our TPS show venue. What a collection, what a night. Thanks everyone for making this possible and congratulations Claes and his team on this stunning couture collection.

SS2017 Trend: Good Sport

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In line with our previously discussed trend (hoodies) we’d like to focus on a major catwalk trend that is very much related: sportswear inspired ensembles. Now, of course we’ve seen sportswear influences come and go for years. Yet, the sportive touch hasn’t been this present for years. It might have started with sneakers becoming extremely mainstream (and becoming more rule than  exception), but now sportswear inspired items and details like hoodies, jogging pants, branded straps and bands, parkas, large zippers, mesh fabrics, caps (a big streetwear thing at the moment) and cycling pants are taking over. And it’s not just all American sportswear brands like Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger who are focusing on activewear, DKNY, Prada and Versace are being good sports too this season. Not to mention old school brands like Fila, Champion and Kappa all making a major comeback (thank you Vetements). Now you don’t even have to stress about working up a sweat in these looks. You can easily rock a mesh cropped top during a late lunch with your friends and simply forget all about your soul cycling class. Besides, you wouldn’t want any sweat stains on your Carven top, now would you?

SS2017 Trend: Hoodies (one more time)

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We know, we’ve discussed this trend before. Last November to be precise. And we’re sorry for the overlap, but it seems the hoodie hype isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Both streets and sidewalks were filled with hoodies for the upcoming season. There not a high street label that isn’t selling hoodies (in multiple colors) like crazy and even many of the high end labels (trendsetters Balenciaga and Vetements among others) are weighing in on the trend. And why shouldn’t we celebrate this fashion item’s popularity a little longer. After all the hoodie is one of the most comfortable and versatile items of the moment. Wear it underneath your patent leather coat or pair it with a sporty bomber. Tuck it into your jeans and add some kitten heels or ditch legging and denim all together wearing your oversized hoodie as a dress. Sporty chic seems to be the dresscode, so get your hoodie act together, before the next it item comes along.

Showroom Paris Schueller de Waal & Barbara Langendijk

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Dutch designers Schueller de Waal and Barbara Langendijk shared a showroom in Paris last week to present their fall winter collections. Although different in style and view it was an intimate and relaxed way to get to know their work. The silence and minimalism of Barbara Langendijk, the more extroverted and witty vibe of the Schueller de Waal duo.

Schueller de Waal

Barbara Langendijk

Paris Fashion Week FW2017/2018 Trend Recap

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It’s a wrap. A fashion filled month has come to an end. Time to get back to reality (or runway rehab if you will). And we do so in an extremely hyped up manner, overwhelmingly inspired by what the four fashion capitals have brought us. We’re excited for new trends to come and new styles to work their way into our everyday f/w wardrobes. Of course we’ve been covering everything, from catwalk to sidewalk. Now you may have already clicked through our Milan Fashion Week Trend Recap today we’d like to reflect on some Paris fashion week highlights.

Paris fashion week was about shows filled with optimism in the shape of bright colors and clashing prints. About collections full of creativity and fresh ideas in terms of silhouettes, volumes and layering. As well as countless of interesting, desirable, progressive clothing options for the new season. Here are some trend highlights we’ve selected. So you can already mentally prepare for what styles you’ll be rocking once fall 2017 comes knocking.

Upbeat positivity /Bright & busy

Strong shoulders (we’ve spotted loads of these out on the streets too)

Blue state of mind (the Dior collection existed of nothing else but head to toe blue looks)

Out of the box / Unusual silhouettes

It’s so fluffy / colorful (faux) furs

Stella McCartney Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear FW2017

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Stella McCartney made a demonstrative statement on womanpower yesterday with her fall-show by drawing from two very different sartorial motifs, along the way imbuing the clothes with a newfound daring. McCartney approaches her work as a creative problem-solver, delivering wardrobe solutions for real women. So the juxtaposed bravado of equestrian-inspired tailoring and pointy-bra constructions startled. McCartney’s update, both under sweaters and in actual constructions, put the focus clearly on the breasts in a manner atypical today. The message was loud and clear: Women are sexual beings free to express their sexuality as they wish. They are also powerful, opinionated and strong.
Many of those women love great clothes, an essential fact of which McCartney never lost sight. She served them up with impressive tailoring, whether a great, loose-fitting coat or comfortably curvy coatdress in a natty British check. On a softer note: languid onesies with those bra constructions. McCartney went more casual with tomboyish paper bag overalls and a sweater sporting her animal motif du jour, a glorious pictorial of “A Horse Frightened by a Lion,” by the 18th-century painter George Stubbs.

Céline Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear FW2017

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Phoebe Philo presented confident, distinctive women with a taste for classic luxury in her runway-show for Celine. That luxury looked advanced and individualized with a quirky cut, proportion, color or print. There was a sense of cosmopolitan practicality and versatility. Like the girl in the brown trench, crinkled as if it had been folded in a suitcase and worn with a leather hood tied around the neck, pants and galoshlike pointy leather boots. The woman in the black-and-blond fur coat over a casual navy V-neck sweater, aqua blue T-shirt and pants that zipped down over white heels, carrying a large, plain black canvas tote, like a reusable shopping bag, could have been trying to look like she wasn’t trying to look chic at the grocery store. A model — in a modernist Josephine dress, draped and gathered at the hem over lace tights and gold shoes — might have been headed to date night. Those carrying big fluffy blankets with their tuxedo tailoring and exotic prints, suggested travel, as did the model in a lightweight white trench done in a map print. We’ll definitely find parts of this collection back in mainstreet collections.

Balenciaga Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear FW2017

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Demna Gvasalia, Balenciaga’s talented designer, is genuinely experimental and unafraid to realize and run with audacious ideas. In a short time, that approach has garnered him a great deal of attention and a reputation as perhaps the coolest designer on the planet right now.
Again, Gvasalia displayed that sense of bravado, his collection packed with twists, turns and grand gestures made with a deliberate street attitude. The collection was inspired by the house photo archives, where he found pictures with the poses of [Cristóbal] Balenciaga’s house models as they clutch fabric and strike couture attitudes.
Gvasalia delivered a raw take on haute motifs, opening the show with a bold coat-and-dress series. One side of each coat was pulled way over and fastened on the opposite shoulder – and this was not a styling tric but the actual cut – apparently to give the look of a swath of fabric thrown over a model’s shoulder. These shapes looked bold and fresh, with a wearability range from runway only to real-word chic.

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