Trend Report SS2018: Showstopping Streetstyle Sunnies (London)

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If you thought last year’s Le Specs sunnies were a little odd, think again. This year’s sunglasses trend is even more statement making! Of course in our catwalk trend report we’ve discussed big & bold sunnies too. But we’re talking about those tiny glasses that are all over Instagram at the moment. To be honest we’re not sure if these glasses actually make anyone look better, but they simply and suddenly just are a trend, so we’re seeing them everywhere. Especially in London, during fashion week, the sharply shaped, bright colored glasses popped up on all the familiar streetstyle icons. Tiny and pointy is the style, although a little heartshaped pair of sunnies in the mix never hurts either. Sunny side up ladies!

5 years Kingpins Show Amsterdam

We’ve enjoyed working with the Kingpins Amsterdam Team the past five years – it was a warm welcome in the crazy world of denim.

Trend Report SS2018: Kingsday

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Kingsday is just around the corner. But before you start stacking up on ill-fitting orange T-shirts, shorts, cheap ass plastic caps, headbands and glasses, we’d like to give you a different idea on how to wear orange. You see, it doesn’t have to be bold and bright all over. As our favorite streetstyle stars have shown us recently just a jacket or coat can make enough of a color statement. And an all black outfit with a touch of tangerine works just as well. Want to celebrate the King’s birthday in the most subtle way? How about an orange colored pair of those arty ‘cat-eye’ glasses worn with a sharp looking on trend look. Queen Maxima will certainly approve. Chances are she is not even wearing orange the 27th.

Streetstyle Trend Report SS2018: Supporter Scarf

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If we’d have to name the ultimate way to sport the logomania trend (besides that Gucci headband we saw this winter) it would be by joining in on the current soccer scarf hype. And yes, you can keep your Manchester, Real Madrid or AC Milan accessories at home. Vetements, Off White and other current trend should have their logo up there. As far as rules apply: the bolder, the better. Yet wear it with a careless attitude. Spring might have sprung, but there will still be those night where you’d wanna tuck in and wrap up against the cold. Now which fashion club are you supporting this season?


Backstage Trend Report SS2018: Summer in the City

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Let’s take a step away from the catwalk and take a look behind the scenes. So we can focus on the details a little more. The fabrics, the embroideries, the accessories. So much is left unseen when zooming out. Turns out the backstage summer styles are going to be just as vivid and bright as we’ve been raving about. Turquoise, lilac and everything in between. Florals, leopard prints and logo’s all the mix. Waistbelts, XL bows (on the head), the chunkiest earpieces and jaw dropping bags to match. This year’s summer in the city is sure to give you such fun getting dressed.

Coachella 2018: Get Ready

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In less than a week our feeds will be filled with the prettiest Palmtree pictures and the dreamiest California sunsets. Yep, you know what’s up; Coachella 2018 is just around the corner. So for everyone heading out to the Coachella Valley or wanting to join in on the festival fun from his/her own home we’ve selected some styles that will make the Insta comments go through the roof. This year’s trend? Looottts of leg, sheer dresses & skirts and funky boots. Dresscodes or style rules don’t really apply. Just have a little (a lot) fun with it and don’t hold back. Happy festival season!

Trend Report SS2018: Sheer shoes

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So we’ve talked plastic and see through fashion, now let’s talk of transparent and sheer shoes; another big trend! With mesh and plastic being the most used materials you really need to make sure you get that pedicure appointment done in time. From Alexander Wang and Balmain to Dior and Valentino proved next to nude shoes are a ‘thing’ for SS2018. The perfect detail to top off that mini skirt or downgrade that sexy dress. From sandals to pumps, to booties and boots; time to show off those perfectly colored toe nails. Or did you get cold feet?

Trend Report SS2018: Show stopping Shorts

April 3, 2018 by  
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A good skirt or dress can surely impresss, but this season the sex appeal of a good pair of shorts is getting some extra focus. Right-above-the-knee shorts as seen at Balmain and Chanel or ultra short like the ones we spotted at Chloé and Saint Laurent. Relaxing shorts (Alberta Ferretti), denim shorts (Coach), boyish shorts (Prada), sporty shorts (Louis Vuitton) and the absolute chicest shorts (Dries van Noten). With so many styles around, stating shorts aren’t your ‘thing’ is just not an option. From plain and comfy to luxurious and sparkly there’s a matching pair in store to match just about any clothing style. And let’s not forget the possibility it gives you to show of your stunner legs. Go shorty!

Trend Report SS2018: Plastic Party

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We’re diminishing our use of plastic anywhere else, but in fashion it’s more trending than ever. Plastic parts and complete transparency formed a big theme for SS2018. Some of the biggest names in the game like Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Burberry and Valentino threw their own little plastic party. Balmain is even taking the trend one step further as the brand’s FW2018 collection fully focuses on the material as well. From convenient raincoats to dresses, handbags and even see through boots; we’re loving the fact that plastic can look this fantastic. Shiny, futuristic, recyclable and even kind of sexy if you like.

Trend Report SS2018: Socks in Sandals

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It’s the ultimate in-between-seasons trend. When it’s still just a little too cold to rock your summer shoes, yet you’re so over your fall booties too. It’s about time to set up some stylish sock-in-shoe combinations. And Italian brands like Fendi, Gucci, Prada and Miu Miu show you just how it’s done. Ankle socks, knee socks or stay ups; they all suit this spring trend perfectly and will help you prevent getting cold feet ;-). Some suggestions: a pop of color (Prada, Burberry, Miu Miu), some argyle prints (Burberry), stripes (Fendi) or polka dots ( Gucci). Just have a little fun with it and don’t hold back. Let those statement socks try and beat your fanciest spring shoes in the battle of most jaw dropping / show stopping. Great shoes can take you great places but combined with a cool pair of socks you can conquer to world (or at least spring season 2018).

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