Hunkemöller Brand Event 2024

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The Dutch lingerie-label Hunkemöller presented their new collection this week in with a celebration of the female body in all its glory and power. It was an empowering show and fun to be present.

AMFI Graduation 2023-2024 Part 2

Over the past year, AMFI Fashion & design graduates have been working hard to develop their collections for the first show of 2024. Not only were the collections of the new graduates on show in the Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam on January 25th , but also those of the graduates of 5 July 2023. We’ll present them in parts. This is part 2

Alex Popeskcu

Sanne Vlaming

David Siepman

Backstage Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture SS2024

Take a look backstage at the haute coutureshow spring-summer 2024 of Viktor & Rolf in Paris. The finishing touch of make up and hair plus the final check by the designers.

Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Fashion Show SS2024

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, the designers behind Viktor & Rolf, can always be trusted to bring some humour to the Haute Couture shows. With their latest collection, the Dutch duo once again tapped into the absurd, delivering a collection that was entirely black but full of lightness.

Playing off the friction of indecision, where we’re often pulled to extremes of choices, Viktor & Rolf’s Spring/Summer 2024 coutureshow entitled ‘Viktor & Rolf Scissorhands’, was comprised of seven “flawless couture outfits” that were then used as blueprints for three consecutive iterations of the same design. As if slowly disintegrating, looks escalated to complete dismemberment by way of erratic cutting.

The concept “investigates the creative (im)possibilities of a pair of tailor’s scissors, when used spontaneously to experiment with decorative cutting,” read a statement. “From minuscule holes in a Rorschach motif to a ballgown hacked in half: holes and slashes are controlled and directed but also form instances of orchestrated chaos.”

The result was half-slashed bodices, tulle skirts carved up haphazardly, large bits of fabric peeled away and exposed layers. While ‘ruining’ a garment may sound like easy work, the craftsmanship involved in the original pieces and their slashed-up counterparts was not lost on viewers.

Ruben Jurrien Catwalk Fashion Show SS2024

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Ruben Jurriën – last years winner of Lichting 2022 – presented his collection. Funky, inclusive, optimistic and with lots of L.O.V.E !


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The Lichting 2023 award was won by designer Yousra Razine Mahrah, who just graduated from ArtEZ. Her comment on her collection: “I am not afraid. Not afraid to combine materials or concepts that exist in different worlds. This is also because I am a person that navigates within worlds that are clashing against each other and I am standing in the middle of it trying to make it work.”
Embarking on a creative journey that weaves together four distinct facets of her personal identity as a Moroccan woman, Yousra displayed a technically immaculate collection drawn from her upbringing in a restrictive Islamic household. Influences from Berber Folklore people in Morocco, Moroccan street style fashion, the vision her parents held for her – a more conservative and modest appearance, and lastly her own sartorial choices. Sensual lingerie against parental modesty, Berber goat skin traditions, and Dutch-imposed stereotypes create a dynamic tension between concept, as well as material and texture choices. Using Geert Wilders’ notorious 2014 “Minder Marokkanen” speech as the backdrop of her show, her collection K*TMAROKKAAN withholds a powerful statement that, similar to her designs, won’t go unnoticed.

The Jury Report
This year, the panel of international jury members included Marlo Saalmink (Curator at large & Artistic Director), Tom van der Burght (Visual Artist and Fashion Designer), Ahmad Larnes (Creative Producer Tommy Hilfiger), and Gry Nissen (Creative Design Director and Brand Developer).

The participants of Lichting 2023 were: Annalie van Doorn, Yousra Razine Mahrah, Bastiaan Reijnen, Tim van der Plas, Ulkuhan Akgul, Floyd Rorije, Joseph William Raidt, Berke Taslidere, André Konings, and Eva Marie-Louise Vos.

In the first block of images you’ll see the winning collection. Followed by overviews of the collections of other participating designers: Tim van der Plas, Joseph William Raidt, Floyd Rorije, Bastiaan Reijnen, Andre Konings, Eva Marie Louise Vos, Annalie Van Doorn, Ulkuhan Akgul and Berke Taslidere.

Steve Madden X RvdK Fashionshow FW2023 Amsterdam

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With Dutch conscious-couture designer Ronald van der Kemp in charge of the curation of the show, expectations for the Steve Madden presentation were high. For the creative direction of the Steve Madden FW23 collection, Van der Kemp consequently decided to once again walk the rebellious path and pair the footwear with ensembles entirely made out of paper.

The footwear was ranging from chunky black loafers that exude an air of casual insouciance to knee-high lace-up’s and heavy black ankle boots, adding a distinctive edge to their ensembles. A pink bedazzled Mistica sneaker followed by a line-up of hardcore attire. A perfect match with the paper outfits.

MARTAN Fashionshow SS2024 Amsterdam

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MARTAN’s Spring-Summer ‘24 collection was created entirely from upcycled hotel linens and showcased a realm of imaginative potential that extends beyond the conventional confines of fashion production. A nod to nautical seemed to be the red threat that weaved itself onto the catwalk.

Max Zara Sterck Amsterdam Fashion Week 2023

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Dutch designer Max Zara Sterck presented her first collection during Amsterdam Fashion Week, edition september 2023. Her debut was about movement and harmony, encapsulated as “Body following, body flowing,” and this became a guiding principle that underscored the essence of the designer’s work.

Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Show FW2023

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The brand Viktor & Rolf is 30-years-old, and Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren’s humorous take on fashion hasn’t dimmed. Their ironical spirit is still there, and yesterday’s couture show was V&R tongue-in-cheek-conceptual entertainment. No anniversary collection with revived classics, but a celebration with a leading role for the bathing-suit.

Variations on a theme and repetition is what their repertoire has often revolved around. Here the potential of the bathing suit, be it a covered-up one piece or a tiny bikini, was explored with focus.

The designduo took eye catching elements from their iconic collections and added or transformed it to bikini’s or one piece bathing-suits. Classic V&R details like the big bows of their Flowerbomb-collection, the three dimensional words DREAM ON and NO from their NO-collection (FW 08/09) or the ruffles and long cape taken from their Black Light collection from spring/summer 1999. But there was many more. The duo also invited some celebrities – like Shakira – to wear key-pieces from their old collections to the show.

Yet the show stopping icing on the birthday cake were headless (male?) mannequins wearing black tailored tuxedos, hanging onto the models’ backs, or twisting in multiple formations around their bodies as if they were desperately calling for attention and didn’t want to let go. You can translate those images and this collection into a lot of symbolic stuff. To me it looked like an attempt to embody the women-empowerment, the fact that no matter what a woman is strong and tough as hell and invincible – and that even male designers like Viktor & Rolf couldn’t have survived in the business without women. So maybe, maybe it was also a big ‘thank you’ and humble bow to women.

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