WDKA Graduation 2024

It’s Graduation-time! Today a a selection of the Graduation-show of WDKA, the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. This year 20 fashion-students presented their final collection, two of them had a digital presentation. You won’t find them here.

Faima Karimi

Simone Kraaijenveld

Philipp Merx

Phasika Jaroensaen

Kirsten van Ieperen

Beyza Demirci

Bent Lochtenberg

Charlotte Peters

Thijs Wolff

Sara Kreeft

Sophie Emaus

Eva Borro

Bezzi Bae

Alissa Barkley

Aaisha Kodapanakkal

Christy Millarson

Alex Holdorp

Salome Jeanne

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