Peter Stigter

Peter Stigter, photographer

Nickname: the body. Signature: black or grey bandanas, sunglasses, Canon-camera. Spot him at: all the big fashionshows.


Jetty Ferwerda, editor

Nickname: the brain. Signature: big bag, ponytail & glasses. Spot her at: all the big fashion-shows.

Joris Bruring, photographer & computerwizard

Nickname: de korenwolf. Signature: sharp streetwear & nibbling at food. Spot him at: the shows in- or outside.

IMG_0083 copy

Sophie van Veen,  junior (streetfashion) photographer & photo-editor

Nickname: we’ll have to find out.  Signature: bright smile. Spot her at: the streets, at events and behind her computer

Jonathan Loek, photographer

Nickname: Mr Mooseman. Signature: jeans, T-shirt, camera. Spot him at: the streets of Toronto, New York, Paris and Milan spotting interesting streetwear, backstage at the shows.

Tess van Daelen, editor

Nickname: Little Lady. Signature: ladylike in dress or skirt, long necklace, drinking tea. Spot her at: fashion events and behind her laptop.


Jeannette Huisman, streetwear-photographer

Nickname: Madame Jeannette. Signature: smiling, long legs, camera. Spot her at: outside the shows in Amsterdam and Paris and where-ever we send her.

Niels van den Top, videographer

Nickname: Mr Nike. Signature: tall, messy hair, never leaves without his sneakers. Spot him in and outside the shows with his camera, from Amsterdam to New York.