Bas Kosters Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA SS2018

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When Bas Kosters’s name is on the official opening night schedule you just know you’re in for a good time. Known for his colorful, quirky, extravagant designs and over the top fashion shows the young creative has always been able to turn his events into major celebrations of fashion, love and what not. Good vibes only is what you get from attending a Bas Kosters show and tonight was no exception. After two and a half years without fashion shows Bas Kosters made quite the comeback with his carrot celebration. Yes, he presented his latest collection My Paper Crown, made out of recycled 100 flags, but this was not just a fashion show, but half an hour of crazy, happy fashion entertainment.

It started with the runway set-up, which included several working men and women taking care of a typical farm life/simple life. There was a big pile of potatoes (on which Bas sat down during the show, his ode to the potato), there were buckets filled with sunflowers (which were being watered), white wash was hanging out to dry, and the concrete flour of the Gashouder was being swept and wed regularly.

The designs that came out were vibrant and colorful as expected. The colorful flags as well as a colorful block print Bas himself designed in India made up for a showstopping line up. An optimistic line-up of ‘happy’ clothes with which Bas spoke of gay rights, animal rights potatoes and carrots (a replacement for Bas’ previous obsession with penises?).

The make-up was smudged, the head pieces creative, the accessories extravagant (dice earrings, large stuffed animals) and the props simply outstanding (a lit up Bas car filled with exuberant models entered the runway at a certain point). That model’s waving, cheering, smiling and dancing certainly had the right effect on the audience. This was by far the happiest most cheerful fashion show of the week and we happily celebrated Carrot Day along with Bas and his closest friends (numerous familiar and famous faces walked his festive finale).

“I hope you realize you can give something too, the gift of attention, of seeing the other. Be generous! I want to believe that artists and others make this world together.
Be well,
Bas Kosters”

In line with the see now buy now trend Bas sold some of his designs straight after te show. It was a night to remember and probably the best start of a new fashion filled week Amsterdam could have asked for.

Later on this week: the work of the fourteen best fashion students during Lichting, the debute of young talent Sterre Troquay (17) and Politicians walking the runway during Sunday’s Political Catwalk. We’re excited!

Bas Kosters Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA FW2015

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If there’s anyone who knows how to throw a decent catwalk party, it’s Bas Kosters. Year after year he gets the fashion crowd going by just letting music, make-up, backdrop and models in his designs work together. Today was no exception. Bas himself sat on a large block which stood on the catwalk. In Lotus position, like a fashion Budhha he looked at the fashion crowd. As he started spinning, yep, spinning, we’re talking Bas Kosters here, Valentijn de Hingh, opened the show. Naturally dressed in a bright colored, larger than life creation. As the show went on all typical ingredients came along. Tulle, bright colors, structured shapes, glitters everywhere, make-up overdone. Oh and let’s not forget the customized strollers, supermarket carts, dolls and Bas’ face as a backdrop. The music was a little less party, a little more spiritual. Incense and flowers spreading the love during the finale added up to that relaxation factor. An awakening and enlightening start of the weekend. Thanks for a good time, Bas!

Bas Kosters Catwalk Fashion Show London FW2014

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Clowns are people too, is the name of the fall/winter collection Dutch designer Bas Kosters presented at London Fashion Week last saturday. And it was a show to remember indeed. Not only the theme, but also Kosters’ vivid, colorful and fantastic prints in crazy outfits.  He created a collection that revealed both the man behind the mask and the mask behind the man. A collection that exhorts to look over, beyond the appearances.

Bas Kosters Amsterdam Catwalk Fashion Show SS2013

No evening show for Bas Kosters today. Instead he held a matinee show this afternoon. It started with an on stage interview with the famous Margreet Dolman who asked him about the big inspiration for his spring/summer collection…Love!

Turns out when Bas Kosters and his partner broke up after a nine year relationship last year Bas felt he just had to do something with love. When he was ready to leave his grief behind he tattooed the word ‘love’ on his chest and moved on. He used his broken heart experience for his new collection, named Love Fuck Yeah, inspired by the love of his family and friends, the love for himself and his work that strengthened him.

And loaded with love it was. In a nine minute during show Bas gave us all the love he had to give to the tunes of 90 different love tracks (Love for the Sake of Love – Love me like a loaded Gun – Love is a drug). All looks were colorful and printed, like you’d expect from Bas. Prints included checks, dolls and hearts shapes, which maybe looked innocent but in fact were made out of porn images. His bright sequins were heart shaped too and a male model dressed in an enormous tule dress was just too cool for skool.

After all models had left the runway they came up once more picking people out of the audience dancing with them and just sharing the love. Then the church bells rang and the last song started… “Going to the chapel and we gonna get married..”, we heard as Bas wearing a veil came on stage with someone in an enormous heart costume. As a wedding cake was brought on it was clear: Bas is madly in love again and ready to share it with the rest of the world.

Bas Kosters Amsterdam Fashion Week Preview

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After having shown his collection during the evening the last couple of seasons Bas Kosters is holding a matinee next week. “I decided it was time for a change. The previous shows were always one big spectacle, but this time the vibe will be completely different. Don’t expect it to be a quiet and calm event, but it will be different”, says Bas.

Changes will be visible throughout the collection as well, since Bas decided to focus more on couture. “My previous collections were always very prêt-à-porter, but sometimes that can come across as too commercial. Therefore we’ve now added more unique pieces and we’ve created a different balance. These couture pieces are the showpony’s of the matinee. With them I can really show what I stand for. They’re easier to portray my vision with and they’re meant to eventually generate more sales.”

Love Fuck Yeah
Couture and prêt-à-porter will meet each other in Bas’ new collection, named Love Fuck Yeah. A collection which is about love. So is Bas very in love? Bas: “I am, but oddly enough I came up with this whole Love theme last year in August/September when I was actually heartbroken. Yet love is about so much more than just being in love. It’s about communication too, but on another level.”

No elite event
Like last season Vodafone is Bas’ main sponsor. Yet after the last show, which seemed to be all about telephones, Bas will now focus on the customer. “We want to involve the costumer. My show should not be this elite event. Therefore we also organized model castings this time, so the show is for ‘everyone’.”

How the designs are going to look like, will remain a mystery for now, but there’s a few things Bas can reveal. “What I can tell you is there will be a focus on color, use of materials and dessins, which we’ve produced ourselves. We’ve used lots of cotton, as well as velvet and silk. Oh and the shoes will be sponsored by and Palladium.”

Bas Kosters will show his Spring/Summer 2013 collection on 13 July at 03.00 PM
A new edition of Bas’ magazine Extra Kak will be launched during the show.

This was Amsterdam Fashion Week FW2012

Fashion is vaporized. All cameras are packed. Make up dissolved. The stage disappeared. This 16th edition of Amsterdam Fashion Week attracted almost 20.000 people. Visitors enjoyed the vibe and nice shows, to name some highlights: the openingnight with Bas Kosters and Sjaak Hullekes, the Lab-shows, Sage & Ivy-show, SIS by Spijkers & Spijkers, Jan Boelo and the Cast Iron-show. A special thanks to the organization of Amsterdam Fashionweek who made it all work out smoothly.

We’re on our way already to the next fashionweeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris.

So we’ll meet again.



Bas Kosters Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam FW2012

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On the first night of Amsterdam Fashion Week Bas Kosters blew us away with his spectacular show and performance. He started off playbacking (into an old telephone) to his own song, surrounded by five crazy dancers. Then his show started.

The influence of his sponsor for the night, phone company Vodafone, was clearly visible throughout the show. A fantastic mix of songs which involved telephones or calling (Lady Gaga – Telephone, Anita Ward – Ring My Bell, to name a few) was played. The song were interrupted a few times by a lady from a phone company saying something like: “We’re busy right now. Please hold the line” at which all models stood still.

Fashion wise it was a collection as crazy as ever. Telephone prints, letter prints, fluffly and fringed items came by. Bas designed printed leggings, long (dress-y) hoodies, structured pants and belly revealing tops. A black dress which had his face printed on it looked stunning due to the color combinations. The other prints just looked joyful and fun.

It-girl Valentijn de Hingh closed the show in an larger than life black and white printed dress with matching hat, wow!

For about twenty minutes we all took a trip to the Bas Kosters universe. In his own way the extravagant designer turned his Amsterdam Fashion Week show into one big party. Cheers to that!

Bas Kosters Backstage Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam FW2012

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Check out our backstage images of the fantastic Bas Kosters fashion show.

Bas Kosters Front Row Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam FW2012

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Bas Kosters showed his brand new collection on Wednesday night.

Are you curious who were present at the his fashion show?

Check out our front row pictures.

Goodiebag!? Bas Kosters Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam FW2012

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The goodiebag contained:

New edition of Bas’ magazine Extra Kak

Hairspray 60 ml – Redken

Pocket Mirror – Vodafone

Agenda – Paper Blanks

Flyer Anti Fashion Party

Phone cover with Prada folder in it

Mascara – Maybelline

Estimated Value: 20 euro

Rating: 7

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