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What are they wearing during the international fashion weeks? A bespoke Denham, that vintage Levi’s or their latest Diesel jeans? During the year we refresh our streetwear posts irregularly. We don’t judge, we’re not the fashion-police, we just enjoy fashion and your own personal style. Next stop: The Kingpins Show Amsterdam.

The winner of Global Denim Awards 2016: Anbasja Blanken & ITV Denim

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The third edition of the Global Denim Awards, made possible by e3 cotton, was electrifying. In the presence of nearly 600 denim professionals from all over the world, a jury of international denim experts selected Dutch designer Anbasja Blanken and Italian mill ITV Denim as the winning collaboration for this year’s Best Collection Award. Indian mill Arvind walks away with the Best Fabric Award.

With 11 mills and designers involved this year, the Global Denim Awards has almost doubled its number of participants since debuting in 2014. The quality of the competing collections this year was extremely high. It is safe to say that within the three years of its existence, the Global Denim Awards has grown into the premier platform for denim design, sustainability and craftsmanship.

GDA 2016 paired emerging fashion designers with a selection of the most progressive denim mills worldwide, in order to co-create elaborate and inspired capsule collections.The collections showcased the collaborators’ combined craftsmanship, original designs, and denim innovation. The collections were then judged by an international jury of denim industry experts, comprised of the designer and best-selling author of Denim Dudes Amy Leverton, the designer/stylist duo Art Comes First, trendhunter and self-confessed denim junkie Kelly Harrington, and the global sales director of Scotch & Soda Alex Jaspers.

The winning collection came from designer Anbasja Blanken and mill ITV Denim. Euphoric winner Blanken explains: “My concept was about the deep sea, and more specifically coral, the ‘flowers of the sea’. Some coral’s colours alternate when the light changes. It can even be luminescent. What if my denim pieces produced light themselves?” To honour her inspiration, ITV created glow in the dark denim fabric especially for Blanken. Barbara Gnutti of ITV Denim adds: “It was not easy but we found a way of putting the luminescence into our yarn.”

Brent Crossland of e3 cotton says:
“To us, it is genuinely exciting to bring these young designers together with the mills, and see them engage in endeavors they normally would not do, expanding their knowledge together. This results in real innovation, that normally I think wouldn’t happen.”

Indian denim mill Arvind won the honorary Best Fabric Award in recognition for its innovative yet traditional fabrics. The Khadi fabrics, which were used by Roosmarijn Koster for her capsule collection, are traditionally handwoven and as authentically Indian as can be. Jury member Amy Leverton said: “To us as a jury, innovation is not only a way of creating new technologies, but it’s also looking back and realising that if we lose the past, we’ll lose it forever. By conserving the past, we are nurturing the future. Arvind supports these villages and its inhabitants to continue creating this traditional denim. Economically that does not make sense. But from a sustainability point of view, it’s invaluable. That’s why the Fabric Award also goes to the mill’s community, not to Arvind alone.”

Co-founder Mariette Hoitink (of HTNK) says: “Global Denim Awards is to me, as a matchmaker in fashion, the best ‘blue love’ match ever made.”

The Global Denim Awards is made possible by e3 Cotton and initiated and organised by HTNK, Kingpins Show and House of Denim. The event coincides with the Amsterdam edition of Kingpins Show.

The winning collection will be exhibited at Kingpins Shows in New York City and Hong Kong, before returning to the Netherlands for Amsterdam Denim Days 2017.


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On the evening of Tuesday, 6 September, six young fashion designers, under four different labels, showed their latest work, and they did it in a completely non-traditional way – in a former convent in Amsterdam’s de Wallen. Audiences marvelled at their unusual fashion, presented as an unconventional performance. ( Team Peter Stigter was there to capture it all in photography and video.


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The handwritten, scribbled invite already gave us a big hint; Show Room Room Show wasn’t going to be just another fashion show. Nope. Camiel Fortgens, Barbara Langendijk, Karin Vlug & Lisa Konno and Schueller de Waal, six young Dutch designers were about to switch things up a bit. Away from the glitter, glamour and fast speed fashion rhythm. As we arrived at their show venue, a former monastery, on Tuesday night we were welcomed in what seemed like a large living room. Old chairs, couches, pillows and bowls filled with crisps and peanuts all around. Disposable camera’s on the floor for the audience to use. House party meets fashion presentation; an intimate set-up meant to lead to surprising meet-ups and conversations, besides just showing the new collections. And just that really happened. An aspiring styliste from Maastricht sitting next to me told me she drove five hours just to witness this fashion gathering, her first show, hoping to be surprised. Boy was she in for a treat. After Camiel Fortgens models paraded in their sand colored layered and neutral menswear looks to hip hop music, Barbara Langendijk had dancer Yevgeniia Lavrenchuck taking the stage, talking to us about purple being her favorite color and then showing us just how comfortable her body made of banana leaves was. Karin Vlug and Lisa Konno pulled a Viktor & Rolf, dressing their frizzy haired models on the runway. The girls were dressed in cool, quite sober fashion pieces, all variations to the square shirt, in white coton and denim with colorful buttons as a playful touch. Then Schueller de Waal turned the room show into an unforgettable night with his fashion sketch. He had Gaga herself (played by Merante in Wonderland) walking into the room searching some clothes in which she could look ‘normal’ again. With the help of a stylist (played by Eva Bartels) she hilariously tried several pieces on eventually leaving the room in a neon garbage dress. Fashion combined with a fun bit of (inter)acting. A brilliant ending of a warm Tuesday night in the city center. On to the next room show. We want more!

Learn more about each designer on their individual websites below:

Streetwear MBFWA SS2017 Day 4

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It’s Amsterdam Fashion Week, so what are you wearing? A Yeezy jacket or a pink trenchcoat? Are you rocking the ultimate slingback street kid attire or opting for that James Dean (Daydreem) look (in your eyes)? This was our selection of streetwear for day 2. We don’t judge, we’re not the fashion-police, we just enjoy fashion and your own personal style. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Westergasterrein!

Mickey Kümmer and Joyce Bergevoet winners Elite Model Look Nederland 2016

217201-Elite Model Look Nederland 2016 Winnaars (Credits M.E. Amrani)-b9dc16-original-1468183890

Mickey Kümmer and Joyce Bergevoet are the two winners of this year’s (the 33th) Elite Model Look Nederland. After a nerve wrecking finale in which all ten male models and all ten female models walked several rounds (sportswear, casual wear and cocktail styled by Danie Bles) host Lieke van Lexmond announced the two winners. Mickey and Joyce both receive a 3 year modelling contract with Elite Model Agency Worldwide and get to represent our country during the international finale. The next David Gandy or Lara Stone might just have been discovered.

Zyanya Keizer Catwalk Salon Show Amsterdam SS2017

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It’s midnight by the ocean, the moonlight is shining over the (for this occasion) wavy catwalk as Zyanya Keizers’ models appear. They’re wearing pieces from the young designer’s brand new ‘Chiral’ collection inspired by nature and coral in specific. Deep sea dresses, jackets, skirts and tops in shades of blue, red and black are slowly following each other onto the runway. True one of a kind, handmade, mostly symmetric and – due to the beads – extremely heavy pieces, created with multiple beading techniques, reflecting molecules, organisms and coral structures. One by one representing the ultimate and perfect balance between art and fashion. With every piece being a mix of fantasy and timeless aesthetic. The beauty of the underwater world translated through clothing. As the show ended Keizers’ models stayed on the runway so the audience could take a closer look at the handcrafted ocean inspired designs. And the closer we got the more amazed we were. Wow!

ILKECOP Merel van Glabbeek Fashion LAB Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam SS2017

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When ‘Urban Couture for the non-confirmist’ is your tagline, you know you’ve found yourself a perfect little niche market. Sunday afternoon fashion brand I LKE COP made sure we’d remember it’s show opening with a live rap act followed by a selection of colorful cool, statement looks. Midi skirts, high waisted pants, oversized sweaters, boxy tops, loose jackets, a few dresses and a cropped top appeared contemporary, funky and super wearable. Especially if you rock those outfits with some Teva-looking sandals and sporty socks, right? We spotted some tweeds and some floral prints in the mix with some bold unicolored pieces in yellow, kobalt blue, cognac and mint. A standout collection by Brussel based designer Ilke Cop.

“With this collection I want to create peace in all chaos that surrounds us and shows the beauty that is still there”, explained Merel Glabbeek. Dark and moody was the vibe at her show. Starting with the loud desolate and gloomy music, ending with the black confetti falling from the ceiling, creating the right balance between structure and chaos. In between we were presented with a selection of nicely tailored long & lean looks. Wool jersey combined with materials like bamboo, canvas and lycra. With beaded embroideries that added to the luxurious feeling of the collection and gave the illusion of a new kind of fur. Shades of black, off white and pastel complemented the shapes of the fashion pieces. Unique, handmade pieces that together turned into collection ‘Hush’, defined by blended contrasts and strong, dark and feminine silhouettes. A collection that brought structure and chaos together.

Given Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam SS2017

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Each season Given designs a wide range of mens- and womenswear. Yet on Sunday afternoon the label decided to only present it’s latest womenswear collection for SS2017. A collection with no less than 47 contemporary ready to wear looks in a soft palette of army greens, powder pinks, beige and sandy tones. The Given models appeared confident and ultra feminine sporting their skater skirts, body con dresses, waistcoats, lace-up pants and ruffled, off shoulder tops. Hair slightly curled, sexy legs on display, strutting the runway on their elegant open heels. All easy to wear / street chic items that will appeal to a lot of young Dutch women. The label believes that what you wear is a powerful statement about who you are. And we believe that’s a given.

SUE ft. VJR Jewels Fashion LAB PRO Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam SS2017

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As soon we arrived at the Transformatorhuis we knew something was up. SUE ft. VJR Jewels was not going to be your average LAB fashion show. As a starter there was a dog laying front row (that’s a first!). But there were also women in wheelchairs placed in front of the rest of the audience. As the first model appeared it became clear: Warriors of the new revolution turned out to be a fashion show on wheels.

All models elegantly drove onto the runway in a wheel chair making a clear statement on diversity. And why not present a collection shown by models in wheelchairs and therewith portraying a refreshing image of beauty. As far as designer Kelly Sue is concerned beauty comes from with. Her fashion label Sue is all about diversity and this collection spoke about power, militancy and spirit.

That power was visible in fashion classics like the trenchcoat, the jeans and the pencil skirt. All developed for a sitting position to perfectly fit the customer in a wheel chair. Even with the selection of fabrics designer Kelly Sue kept her special customer in mind opting for elastic and airy fabrics. A new fashion category of ‘Seated Fashion’ is born!

The selection of casual must’ve designs was given some extra strength by the army inspired VJR Jewels attached to the clothes, the gloves, the accessories. A doggy on the runway accompanying it’s owner all the way up to the photogapher’s pitch gave the show a welcome soft touch; ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhhs’ all over.

Not your average AFW show, but a perfect start of this sunny, fashion filled Sunday.

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