Steve Madden X RvdK Fashionshow FW2023 Amsterdam

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With Dutch conscious-couture designer Ronald van der Kemp in charge of the curation of the show, expectations for the Steve Madden presentation were high. For the creative direction of the Steve Madden FW23 collection, Van der Kemp consequently decided to once again walk the rebellious path and pair the footwear with ensembles entirely made out of paper.

The footwear was ranging from chunky black loafers that exude an air of casual insouciance to knee-high lace-up’s and heavy black ankle boots, adding a distinctive edge to their ensembles. A pink bedazzled Mistica sneaker followed by a line-up of hardcore attire. A perfect match with the paper outfits.

Fall Winter Trend 2016 / 2017: Shiny shoes

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If you look around at what shoes the cool girls are wearing to a fashion event these days, you’ll notice all shoes are shiny and sparkly. And that’s not just a coincidence. It’s high times for velvet boots and glitter boots. Philip Lim and Dries van Noten already felt it, the high street shops are seeing it now. And why wouldn’t a purple velvet bootie become the shoe of the year? It’s super chic under a pair of patched denim trousers and it’s the highly elegant matched with a slipdress too. Just pick the color of your choice (we say green, purple, gold or silver) and start parading. Sparkling and glossy footwear at Victoria Beckham and Tommy Hilfiger too. Walk into the holiday season with these shiny booties worthy of a true Cinderella moment. Shine bright like a velvet bootay.

Trend Report SS15: Flat forward

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Let’s talk flats for a minute. We mean, except for the fact that they’re a huge trend right now(we’re not only seeking a flat stomach, that’s for sure), it’s summer for god’s sake and that invites you all the more to take off those high heels, take fashion a little less serious as you would normally do and give your feet a much needed holiday. Most of the time flats are our secret best friend (changing shoes right before you walk into the office or shoe-changements in the cab before making your entrance during fashion week; guilty as charged!), but this season it’s time to get your most comfy buddies out of the closet and give them some time in the limelight. And you may go flat, but that doesn’t mean you’re neglecting points on grace and elegance. Make sure the shoe has a slim and demure silhouette and choose by forehand what pair of shoes fits best with what outfit, whether you choose easy-going sandals (Dries van Noten), ankle-strap loafers (Chanel), cut-out flats (Carven) or Balenciaga’s pointy-toe flats.
It has never been this tempting to stay flat on the floor for a whole season. Sometimes the most fun part about getting dressed is about what’s going on down under, so make sure it’s worth while.

Trend Report SS2013: Chicks on Kicks

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Now here’s a trend that is bigger on the streets that it is on the runway… chicks on kicks. Not only clothing wise we’re opting for more comfort, even our high heels are left at home more often than before. And what better alternative to wear than a good pair of sneakers! And the good thing about this trend is that you don’t have to look or feel less sexy or feminine. Even with a good pair of kicks on your feet you can be a classy lady. Combine your favorite New Balance, Converse, Isabel Marant or Nike Air Max (Yes, they’re back!) with a summer-y attire. Wear flirty skirts and dresses, preferably with bare, sunkissed legs to add some sexiness. Not sure if this trend will work for you? Get inspired by our gallery. Only a few designers dared to put their catwalk models in sporty sneakers, but at least our favorite streetstyle icons give the right example.

Trend Report Fall/Winter 2012/2013: Mixing Materials (Shoes)

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We’ve already spotted this trend in the clothing section before, but now shoes too are made out of more than one material. Designers have been mixing and matching leathers, metallics, plastics and furs to create the most eye catching footwear.

A metallic heal or pointed nose (as seen at Marni, Byblos Louis Vuitton and Just Cavalli) seems the ultimate trend (started by Louis Vuitton for Spring/Summer 2012). But why not add a touch of lace (Anna Sui), fur (Iceberg), transparent plastic (Chanel) and sparkling crystals to the mix of leathers?

It makes it easier to match your wardrobe to your shoes and a fashion faux pad will be less evident.

Summertrend 2012: Get low!

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Shoe heels have been increasing in length enormously for the past few years and ‘the higher the better’ might even have been your personal heel motto, but it’s time for a change. As comfort is becoming more important in fashion again shoe heels have dropped a few inches. We spotted lower (kitten) heels at several big shows this season. Louis Vuitton, Ninna Ricci, Tory Burch and Hermes all opted for a slightly subtler heel in their spring/summer collections. Now don’t think by losing height those shoes have become any less attractive. They’re still sexy, but just better wearable. In these shoes you might actually last throughout your night out and you can leave your back-up ballerina’s at home. So shopping for lower heels it is! And while you’re at it: try finding shoes with a pointy toe, cause pointy is the new rounded (again).

Trend Report SS2011: Baby Get Higher

Need a few extra inches? This season’s shoe trend will help you get a little higher. ‘Caus it’s all about wedges and platforms. And there’s only one rule: the thicker the sole, the better!

Go for some cork wedges and create a seventies style look or man up and opt for Prada’s layered brogues. The remarkable colored Prada layers were an instant hit and we definitely get why they’re so popular.

The best thing about this shoe trend? It’s super comfy! Due to the super thick soles you’ll get extra inches without extra pain. Let’s hope this trend stays around for a few seasons!



Trend Report: Cold Feet

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As strange as it sounds, many designer (Christopher Kane, Marni, Versace) presented shoes with holes in their winter collection. We saw high heels with cutouts, boots with peep-toes or open heels and shoes with multiple holes in them.

They might look sexy, they’re not very practical when it’s freezing outside. And we don’t wanna get cold feet. Luckily for us the designers presented a solution for that too. Wear your open shoes with socks and tights. They’ll keep you warm and look trendy as well.

Need advice on what socks to wear?

Check our Trend Report: Stunning Socks

Trend Report: Stunning Socks

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There are some great open shoes for sale this winter, yet with just a pair of thin tights you won’t make it through the day. Luckily for you we found the answer to cold feet. Just put on a thick pair of (colorful) socks and you’re not only staying warm but you look very trendy as well.

On the runway socks were presented in every possible color and print. Oscar de la Renta, Anna Sui and Vivienne Westwood opted for crazy prints while G-Star and Givenchy chose brights colors. And for a true Socks Spectacle just take a look at the photos of the Jean Paul Gaultier show…. Wow!

This winter you can wear your peep-toe shoes and stay warm at the same time.

Check out our gallery of Stunning Socks.

Trend Report: Animal Inspired Shoes

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Animal prints have been very popular in fashion for ages now. For this winter there were less animal prints on the clothes, yet looking at the shoes, it was one big designer jungle.

Blumarine opted for zebra prints, Blugirl for leopard and snake prints. Also Emporio Armani, Rochas and Etro gave their shoes a leopard look. Vivienne Westwood did so too, yet showed her leopard print in red.

Dries van Noten presented some croco leather and at Dsquared designers Dean and Dan used pieces of skeletons as heels for their shoes.

Of course Roberto Cavalli, king of the animal prints, exceeded everyone by using leopard, giraffe snake and tiger prints for his heels and boots.

Which print are you gonna be strutting the streets in?

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