Catwalktrends SS2010: sexy sandals

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We know women look their best wearing high heels. But a girl needs to be able to wear some comfortable shoes from time to time as well. Especially in the summer when she just likes to chill and hang out on the beach. For those easy breezy days the sandal is the perfect footwear. Sandals are comfortable, your feet are able to breath in them and they are still sexy.

On the runway sandals were worn too. It must have been a relief for the models who mostly have to walk in towering high shoes like the crazy Versace, McQueen and Galliano shoes from this season.

Armani, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui and Karl Lagerfeld all used sandals in their shows. They formed a big contrast with the high heels, not only because of their height but also because of their looks. The sandals were flat, plain and didn’t have any color in them (we only saw them in black and brown). Armani fortunately did add a flower to his sandals, Anna Sui decorated hers as well and at Valentino a bow was put at the back of the sandals.

When comparing sandals and high heels, we must admit sandals look a lot less fun. Yet for a day off they’re a great alternative.

backstage world ss2010: ray of light

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It’s a whole different world backstage at the fashionshows. A world of fun, excitement and creativity. Today: backstage at John Galliano, where a ray of light catches a glimpse of the extra-ordinairy heels.

Catwalktrends ss2010: showstopping shoes

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The designers gave the models a hard time walking the runway to show the spring/summer collections. The shoes they had to wear often had eye-catching shapes and heights.

The shoes in the Jil Sander show had iron pins for heels. Donatella Versace used platform shoes. John Galliano’s shoes were extremely high and his stiletto heels seemed to be made of colored pearls. Chanel introduced a few clogs.

Some models in the Dsquared show had spikes all over their shoes. Viktor & Rolf embellished theirs with pink flowers, Vivienne Westwood decorated hers with wings. Matthew Williamson’s shoes had bows.

Next to the ultra high shoes we saw ultra-flat sandals (Issey Miyake, Anna Sui, Valentino, Lacoste, Etro, Armani, Chloe). Those sandals, snake leather and wearing socks in open shoes seem to become the trends for this spring.

Of course the Alexander McQueen shoes were real showstoppers. His shoes were high, had crazy alienated shapes and had reptile prints all over them. Gaga oehlala…

Trends ss2010: step by step

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For some models walking the runway was a tough job in the past fashion weeks. Of course the shoes were to blame. Not only were they high as ever, they also had the craziest shapes. They seemd somewhat inspired by clogs and that made them look rather clumsy. The most outstanding examples of this ‘clog-shoe’ were those of Alexander McQueen. He showed some great fashion forward ones, which were no less than twelve inches high. With reptile prints they looked futuristic and animalistic at the same time. Passing by to the beat of Lady Gaga’s new song they indeed looked rather Gaga to us. Yet they might become a huge hit. At least McQueen wasn’t the only designer with clog-shoes in his show. Celine, Dior, DSquared, Givenchy, Bottega Veneta and Ferré showed some clog-variations as well. And not to forget Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Their Swedish clog-like shoes will probably become the most copied of all next spring. (Tess van Daelen)

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