Trend Fall/Winter 2012/2013: Go Green!

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We guess the forester is our latest trend setter when it comes to this look. Wearing deep green shades from head to toe really ís one of fall’s hottest looks. Hermes, Dior, Burberry Raf Simons and many others proved next to black, white and burgundy you don’t really need any color in your wardrobe. Match your shirt, tie, hat and pants like Dior or play around with different nature inspired shades like Cerruti. Go shop for green (both color-  and sustainable wise).

Trend Fall/Winter 2012/2013: Cape Fearless

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It definitely is a fashion piece for style daredevils. We didn’t name it cape fearless for no reason! Yet if a guy knows how to wear this latest fashion trend well, he’ll immediately jump to the top of this year’s best dressed list. It’s rather difficult, we have to admit. There’s a fine line between looking like a magician or a fashion forward trend setter. Just take some inspiration from Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Roberto Cavalli and Calvin Klein and see if you’re up for it.

Streetwear Trend: Make a statement

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You have the right shoes, this season’s it-bag and you’re rocking a splendid dress, yet the real show stopper probably is your necklace. 2012 has been all about the statement necklaces. The bolder, brighter and crazier shaped the better. Streetstyle icons like Elisa Nalin, Miroslava Duma and Anna dello Russo made head’s turn in the streets with their mesmerizing jewelry. And did you see Elena Perminova’s legs necklace paired with this season’s it-sweater by Kenzo? Really, when it comes to this streetstyle trend anything goes. Fruit, flowers, birds and ice creams make some outstanding necklaces. And you can even try and DIY your very own. Just combine it with a colorful look and let the necklace do the talking…

Trend Fall/Winter 2012/2013: The Man Purse

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It’s out with the totes, weekenders and backpacks and in with the purses and clutches. For men, that is. Costume National, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and many others showed some slick examples of pretty manly purses. For man to carry underneath their arms or just to hold in one hand. Some would fit a laptop and an agenda, other looked perfect for an i-pad or just a fashion show invitation (yes, you need a bag for that!). In any case, the bags still looked manly enough. Leather materials, large belts and buckles did that trick. And though that little brown bag Jil Sander introduced might not look like a purse at all, we like it anyway.

Dutch Fashion Awards 2012: Backstage

Take a look backstage at the Dutch Fashion Awards 2012 that took place in The Hague last friday. See how models get dressed, see the make up artists and hairdressers at work and even Mattijs ironing his dresses.

Dutch Fashion Awards 2012: Collections

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For the ones who couldn´t attend Friday night´s spectacle or for those who want to take an extra look at the designs: here´s our gallery of collection images. From last year´s winner Conny Groenewegen, to Fair Luxury Award winner Elsien Gringhuis, Dutch Incubator Award winner (for the second year in a row) Hyun Yeu, Dutch Touch Paris Award winner Anne de Grijff, Marga Weimans and of course, Mattijs, who went home with two awards.

Click through the images of Elsien´s beautifully colored sustainable collection, dream away with Anne´s airy pleated creations, be amazed by Marga´s architectural looks, get overwhelmed by Hyun Yeu´s structured menswear looks and see just ow talented these young Dutch designers actually are.

Mercedes Benz Dutch Fashion Awards 2012: Party

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Four courses, six collections and seven awards; Friday’s award show lasted throughout the whole night. Yet still, after the desserts were served and Mattijs accepted his award, there was time for drinks and some small talk. View our gallery below to see who joined in on the DFA after party fun.


DFA Nominee 2012: Anne de Grijff

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She is one of the five designers nominated for a Dutch Fashion Award and Anne de Grijff (1978) might just become this year’s big winner. To freshen up everyone’s memory we’ve summarized what Anne de Grijff stands for. So you know just a bit of what to expect tonight in De Grote Kerk in The Hague.

Fashion label
Anne de Grijff, womenswear. Founded in 2008.

Lots of folding and pleating, subtle, minimalistic, mysterious. Anne: “My work is about perfection and imperfection, symmetry and a symmetry, revealing and dissembling.”

Short bio
Anne de Grijff graduated at AMFI in 2003. She interned at Alexander van Slobbe and G + N. Anne started off working for Mart Visser as an assistant designer and worked as a freelance designer for Claudia Sträter, Mexx and Turnover. She also lectured at fashion and styling academy Artemis and currently is a teacher at the fashion department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.

“I see clothes as a line, a line I love to redivide and suspend. I never know which direction it will go. Yet by deranging unexpected turns and shapes appear. That unforeseen and unpredictable part is the most appealing to me.”

For tonight´s show Anne has been looking back on some of her older designs and has made some slight changes. She, for instance, has started working with color. “My Dutch Fashion Awards nomination coincides with a period in which reflection is very important to me. I found out my work is always about researching and questioning a straight line. All my designs begin with a straight structure. At the same time I try to interrupt and challenge that, which results in clothes with asymmetrical details, layers and pleats. By the movements of the persons wearing my designs unexpected openings and shapes appear. The last couple of months I have been looking back and asking myself questions about the process and the evolvement. For that reason I have been revising pieces from earlier collection. In my latest autumn/winter 2012 collection Hidden Colors I´ve slowly began working with color. This is visible in my vision on the paintings from the golden age. You´ll slowly see color finding it´s way in between all the black. I see it as an enlightenment, which I needed as a counterpart for all the black”, Anne explains.

Though Anne is aware that as a fashion label she´s relatively new, she feels she´s right on track and therefore might just win one of the Dutch Fashion Awards. Anne: “In four years I have had a good focus and I´ve worked hard on getting where I want to be. I´ve invested in the quality of the product, network, productions and sales points, which all have been growing for the last two years. Concept/vision and communication are the main focus points of next year. I expect the collection to become stronger, with an extra menswear expansion.”

Anne: “Winning the Dutch Fashion Award would enable me to perfection my new Slow Forward collection and make some international steps with it. With Slow Forward I´m going to question the ´color´ black.”


Trend Fall/Winter 2012/2013: Screaming suits

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Ever thought menswear was boring and men never have a lot of outfit options? Well, view this eclectic suit gallery. It proves even with good old suit there are so many ways of makes a statement. Go for vivid colors in a Moschino suit, bright and printed like Versace or maybe a pastel shaded version like the ones we spot at Cavalli and Van Beirendonck. Even during winter time you can opt for color. They brighten up those dark days a bit. Looking for ways to jazz up your suit or tux? Just add headbands, hats or sunglasses and take it to the next level.

Streetstyle Trend: Rise of the Oversize

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Designers weren´t exactly thrifty with their fabrics this season. Huge, oversize pieces were presented onto the runway and made their way into the streets. Loose sweaters, coats and pants were all true streetstyle hits.
Now don´t think the ladies sporting this trend were size XXL themselves. No, the tiniest frames were hidden from under those creations. Skinny legs popped up from under those big coats and waists were accentuated in the wide legged pants.
Looking larger than life was never this cool. Plus, you´re chances of getting noticed in the streets are.. tripled!

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