Trend Report: Cold Feet

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As strange as it sounds, many designer (Christopher Kane, Marni, Versace) presented shoes with holes in their winter collection. We saw high heels with cutouts, boots with peep-toes or open heels and shoes with multiple holes in them.

They might look sexy, they’re not very practical when it’s freezing outside. And we don’t wanna get cold feet. Luckily for us the designers presented a solution for that too. Wear your open shoes with socks and tights. They’ll keep you warm and look trendy as well.

Need advice on what socks to wear?

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Trend Report: Stunning Socks

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There are some great open shoes for sale this winter, yet with just a pair of thin tights you won’t make it through the day. Luckily for you we found the answer to cold feet. Just put on a thick pair of (colorful) socks and you’re not only staying warm but you look very trendy as well.

On the runway socks were presented in every possible color and print. Oscar de la Renta, Anna Sui and Vivienne Westwood opted for crazy prints while G-Star and Givenchy chose brights colors. And for a true Socks Spectacle just take a look at the photos of the Jean Paul Gaultier show…. Wow!

This winter you can wear your peep-toe shoes and stay warm at the same time.

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Catwalktrend FW2010: the lammy jacket

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Besides military men, pilots are an inspiration for fashion too. Especially their pilot jackets are huge this year. Black or brown leather combined with natural colored lamb’s-wool make up for a winter musthave: the lammy coat.

At Burberry the pilot coats were strong-looking with large, think lammy collars. The models who wore them (combined with skirts and high boots) looked confident and cool.

Lamb’s-wool is not only popular on jackets. We saw it on hats and boots (fashion brand Ugg makes all it’s boot with lamb’s wool) as well. Fashion label Hermes even introduced a lammy Birkin Bag. And Hussein Chalayan amazed everyone with his lammy binoculars.

One thing’s for sure. If we’re gonna have a cold winter, the lammy will be your best friend.

Chanel Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2010

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Global cooling, not global warming was the inspiration for Chanel’s fall/winter collection. Now don’t think the show was about durable fashion or had something to do with eco-friendly production. No, on the contrary Karl Lagerfeld even flew in an iceberg from Sweden to decorate his catwalk. After the fashion show that iceberg was to be flewn back to Sweden as well. If you ask us, this kind of superfluous actions only increase global warming.

During the show the iceberg was slowly melting, so all models ended up walking in big puddles of water. What a pity for the luxurious clothes! Karl’s long pants, floor-sweeping coats & dresses and his fur boots all got wet.

His fake fur boots, we must say. Cause the whole iceberg-thing might not have been so politically correct, Karl did use fake fur for this collection. He commented: ‘You cannot fake chic but you can be chic in fake fur’ and explained that fake fur, nowadays, looks very realistic. Because you can hardly see the difference between real and fake fur Karl decided this collection was to be a ‘triumph for fake fur’. The fur came in brown, gray, white and black and was seen on the skirts, boots, pants, cuffs, coats, bags and collars.

Other fabrics were leather and the typical Chanel tweed. Tweed was, of course, used for some of the short jackets, but we saw it on some coats, pants and skirts too. The skirts were rather short, compared to, for example those of Marc Jacobs. They ended halfway the upper leg. The collars of almost all designs were high, as were the waisted pants.

Apart from a little bit of red Karl didn’t use any colors. The show ended with the last models all wearing white designs. Even the necklaces and the large rings were white (they were metallic during the first part of the show). It all looked stunning with the real, white iceberg in the background. Yet we think an iceberg from papier-mache would have been just as nice.

Cold Method Catwalk Fashion Show SS10

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By Ivo Wiermans

A sharp looking suit, a well-fitted shirt, or the perfect jeans: a modern man can’t live without these essentials. Basic items he can easily mix for different events and which are fashionproof. Mark Ainsworth and Alex Jansen understood the power of basic, regarding their spring summer collection for Cold Method. The collection brought us the 9 aesthetics of a men’s wardrobe: T-shirt, shirt, suit, pants, jacket, sweatshirt, jeans, accesories and CM2 (cosmetics and other products to complete the Cold Method lifestyle).
The show started with a very James Bond worthy dark suit. More suits followed in soft colors like beige and white. Single blazers were casually mixed with printed shirts, shorts and sneakers. Even from a distance one could see the perfect tailoring and the outstanding quality of the materials. Sporty outfits looked perfect for a summer’s boat trip, proved by a double-breasted coat and some jackets in icy blue or sunny orange. See-through v-neck sweaters and fine woven cardigans in soft colors looked as comfortable as nightwear.
The collection got even more relaxed, when taking a closer look to the pants. These were straight fitted, sometimes even baggy. The designers of Cold Method seem to be sure about one thing: slim-fit is over.