SS2017 Catwalk Trend: The deconstructed shirt

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Did this trend start out on the streets or were designers the first to create a buzz? We’re not quite sure. Yet we do know the deconstructed shirt is all the rage these days. Remember our blogpost on The White Shirt Revisited? Well, a lot of things we spoke about then still apply. It turns out the trend was even on many designer’s agendas for spring summer. Alexander Wang, Chloé, Victoria Beckham, Balenciaga and DKNY are just a few of the fashion houses reinterpreting this classic piece for upcoming season. Turns out options are endless. Loose and long sleeved (Chloé), slightly deconstructed (Victoria Beckham), high collar (Céline), with frayed ends (DKNY) or cropped (Alexander Wang)? The only thing you need to decide is whether you’ll buy a brand new style or master a DIY project on your man’s shirt. Have your pick and work this wardrobe all timer as soon as spring is around the corner.

Paris Fashion Week Menswear FW2017 RECAP

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It started last week at Dolce & Gabbana´s millennial minded show and in Paris the major focus on youth proved to be a trend. Both the collections of Lanvin as well as Dior (“I have always been drawn to the moment when boys become men and they are still clinging onto to dreams, desires and freedoms and haven’t yet slipped into the straitjacket`, Kris von Assche stated) were big shoutouts to their youngest customers. Hoodies, sweaters, leather jackets and sneakers being the eyecatchers for FW2017, styled in a cool but careless way. Like a striped purple and pink cropped sweater with a tartan shirt popping from underneath paired with some red checked sneakers, that felt young yet original.

Louis Vuitton x Supreme
Fashion professionals described it as the collaboration of the century, so we were on the edge of our seat when Louis Vuitton revealed it´s collection with Supreme. A selection of red colored stand out items like small bags and bandanas covered in logos and LV´s signature print. Highly desirable, yet affordable designer pieces that will have youngsters go wild. Items that fit in with the big focus on logo trend that is currently driving up the sales of major fashion houses. A smart sales trick Dior, Loewe and Balenciaga also experimented with in their collections, even though the luxury meets streetwear collaboration received some mixed reviews, New York Times calling it “the fashion version of a murder-suicide”.

Apart from the clothing another big trend during menswear fashion week seems the number of female models walking the shows. The last couple of years every major fashion house seems to be sending out some women (whether or not dressed in womenswear). A trend that perfectly fits in with the whole acceptance and importance of gender blending these days. Even though designers who claim menswear is losing it´s definition might be in the right. Balmain has always been a fan though and has been using the menswear shows to send out it’s empowered amazons for seasons now.

Coinciting with the focus on youth formal wear is changing. At Balenciaga Demna Gvasalia showed just how formal and street are merging by sending out checked suits paired with eye catching sneaker boots and bomber jackets worn over suits and shirts. Sneakers go well with any outfit, was the message, a man of age (look #3) emphasized.

Dries van Noten
´Tastemaker in chief´(what a wonderful nickname) Dries van Noten presented us with a subtle throwback to his previous collection. He brought back classics like blazers, washed out jeans, woolen coats and baseball jackets yet faced towards to future. His collection had a kind of hardness in it (that definitely came through in a shiny red lined coat), instead of the delicacy we usually taste at his shows. Less detailing, more statement making. Dries van Noten even sent out his version of the logomania trend by creating pieces that had the logos of his supplying and producing companies (that barely make ends meat these days) on it. Next season the Antwerp based designer will present his 100th collection, but this was already a retrospective delight.

SS2017 Catwalk Trend: Trench alert

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No seasonal change-up without the trenchcoat, ultimate for both spring and fall, making an appearance. So while we’re counting the days till the bare cold moves on to other regions and temperatures start to rise. Till we can leave our hats, scarves and gloves at home and perhaps even change our outerwear. From puffer to trench. Oh the joy! Especially since the trenchcoat is planning on becoming a hit item again this SS2017. Of course, we know this wardrobe musthave is basically never out of fashion. Still, upcoming season you’ll look just a tiny bit more ‘fashion’ sporting one than you did before. Just watch and learn from Marni, Balenciaga or Michael Kors. All three brands (among others) have high hopes for this fashion classic. Marni’s complete spring collection seemed built around the pattern and silhouete of a trenchcoat, the very fashion forward and major hip bags to go. At Balenciaga the coat was given XL shoulders, which are making the biggest statement of its summer collection. So, a major trench alert goes out to all fashion lovers. Whether you opt for beige, sandy or black, a solid trenchcoat goes a long way. So you can already be on the look out for a fine piece. You can thank us later.

SS2017 Catwalk Trend: Parka Power

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We already briefly discussed this trend here, but let’s dig a little deeper into the Parka for SS2017. Cause in line with the overall sporty vibe the Parka popped up at the fashion shows of Versace, Sportmax, Maxmara and Stella McCartney. It fits perfectly with the focus on functionality that fashion is experiencing lately. A loose, comfy all zipped up parka (as seen at Sportmax) to hide in or an unzipped lightweight tech version leaving some room for sensuality and silhouette. Whichever way you’re going to sport the parka just know there are no rules. Bright colors (see Versace color blocking eighties palette) as well as sporty elements (like straps, elastics, hoodies, zippers and buttons) are very much allowed. Power to the parka!

SS2017 Catwalk Trend: Robe Chic

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We’ve spent every last Penny on some of the best designer bargains and are officially done with sale shopping. Time to look ahead to what spring/summer has in stores for us. And trust us, it’s going to be an amazing fashion season. We understand you’ll not be parading in next to nude outfits any time soon, so we’re starting our SS2017 trend reports off slowly, with items you could possible already rock and buy while it’s still winter. Our first trend of choice: the luxurious rope.

Vloggers may have been right all along; there’s no shame in robe dressing. On the contrary, major designers have introduced the robe as the chicest thing for the upcoming summer season. Haider Ackermann, Lanvin and Burberry were some of the biggest players in this game of home attire dressing. Their runway looks filled with silky satin, paisley printed, robes in fact appeared highly desirable. Paired with some tough boots and a studded high waisted belt (Burberry) they might even become a hit among youngsters. We can already see these beautifully colored and printed robes matched with some destroyed denim and low cut tops. Or even with some silky pj’s still underneath. Either way, the straight out of bed #ootd was never this on trend.

Rainbows, unicorns & all things pink (Recap 2016)

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Rainbows, pizzas, unicorns, donuts, ice cream and red lips; anything that came in pins or patches drove us crazy over the past year. Perhaps as an escape to everything bad going on in the world we en masse were driven towards happy fantasy objects and all things pink. Pink XL puffer jackets, hair pink fur coats, pink ruffles, pink tule, pink barets, pink it-bags and pink hair. Simply escaping reality with this cheerful and dreamy fashion trend.

10 trends we loved in 2016 (Recap)

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Another fashion filled year is almost coming to end. But before we completely conclude 2016 we´d like to look back on some of this year´s highlights. Catwalk trends, beauty experiments and streetstyle fads that defined 2016. Highlights of a year in style you at least have to go through one more time, before you move on to fresh plans and new adventures. Some fashion fun to enjoy the final countdown. Let´s recap 2016!

Here are 10 trends we loved in 2016.


10. Denim, bombers, bags; anything covered in patches (in the shape of stars, donuts, pizza´s, unicorns, avocado´s, lips) was sure to deliver a sensational, contemporary #ootd


9. The oversized hoodie added a sportive coolness to just about any look (yes, even combined with a faux fur coat).


8. Off shoulder ruffle tops (bye bye crop tops) became a big hit in summer, summer, summertime.


7. The classic white shirt was given a little twist by major designers and DIY fanatics.


6. Bright colors & busy prints made their way back into the game (bye bye minimalism).


5. Anything velvet was sure to generate some oohs and ahhs (even in summer). From booties to chokers.


4. Leopard prints turned into the chicest of prints thanks to designers like Dries van Noten, Givenchy and Prada. Roarr!


3. The puffer jacket (gone posh) in statement red (Drake style) or pastel pink. A hit item that started off as a gimmick, but eventually was here to stay.


2. The metallic pleated skirt (as seen at Lanvin and Gucci) preferably paired with some basic black loafers (see 1.)


1. No look was more on trend than Gucci’s granny look (pleated skirt, loafers, tied blouse, retro glasses, a Dionysus bag and a baret) and basically all things Gucci became best sellers in 2016.

WOMENSWEAR TREND FW2016: Military Moment

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Like many trends military influences come and go every few years. Remember the military hype in 2013? Three years later army inspired coats are having a moment again. Major brands like Prada, Marni and Maison Martin Margiela introduced a woolen army green military coat in their fall/winter collections. Coats that are tough yet sexy and feminine at the same time. They breathe power and strength because they’re double breasted and long. They have large collars and big pockets. Yet the cinched waists give them some elegancy as well. Making the military coat the ultimate item to top of a festive winter look. Gucci slippers, Burlington socks, a shiny Margiela skirt topped off with a red lined Burberry number. Tough love.


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Sure we love the fact that we’re finally able to rock our faux furs, teddies and lammies. But try cycling the city for a bit in this bloody winter cold! A ride that asks for multiple layers, a scarf, a beanie and a pair of good old gloves. Let’s cover up! A pair of black leather gloves comes in handy and will surely help you through the winter. And why not try a pair of (knitted or faux fur) mittens for a change? Burgundy gloves seem to be a good match with just about any f/w outfit. A pair of fingerless gloves will make sure you’re still able to operate your smartphone. And if these options don’t suit your taste (or you’ve lost one of your gloves like we do all the time) just opt for some ultra long sleeves (another big trend this season) like Linda Tol in our gallery above and you’re good to go.

WOMENSWEAR TREND FW2016: In Sheep’s Clothing

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After that impressive Acne shearling coat from last year had every it-girl craving for shearling is a big trend this fall. From Balenciaga to Sacai; the big brands are introducing their sheepskin ideas for the new season. From black sheep to trend setter; the new shearling jackets are adding instant coolness to your look. And oversized (hello Marc Jacobs) with XL collars they’ll keep be the ultimate shelter to any winter storm. Whether worn with mesh tights (Burberry), bare legs (Margiela) or a bright red pleated skirt (Balenciage); there’s no denying it’s coolness. We put biker jackets with a shearling lining on top of our wishlist. Biker sheep.. eh chic. Will you become that wolf in sheep’s clothing too?

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