Summertrend 2012: Get low!

May 7, 2012 by  
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Shoe heels have been increasing in length enormously for the past few years and ‘the higher the better’ might even have been your personal heel motto, but it’s time for a change. As comfort is becoming more important in fashion again shoe heels have dropped a few inches. We spotted lower (kitten) heels at several big shows this season. Louis Vuitton, Ninna Ricci, Tory Burch and Hermes all opted for a slightly subtler heel in their spring/summer collections. Now don’t think by losing height those shoes have become any less attractive. They’re still sexy, but just better wearable. In these shoes you might actually last throughout your night out and you can leave your back-up ballerina’s at home. So shopping for lower heels it is! And while you’re at it: try finding shoes with a pointy toe, cause pointy is the new rounded (again).