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The Lichting 2023 award was won by designer Yousra Razine Mahrah, who just graduated from ArtEZ. Her comment on her collection: “I am not afraid. Not afraid to combine materials or concepts that exist in different worlds. This is also because I am a person that navigates within worlds that are clashing against each other and I am standing in the middle of it trying to make it work.”
Embarking on a creative journey that weaves together four distinct facets of her personal identity as a Moroccan woman, Yousra displayed a technically immaculate collection drawn from her upbringing in a restrictive Islamic household. Influences from Berber Folklore people in Morocco, Moroccan street style fashion, the vision her parents held for her – a more conservative and modest appearance, and lastly her own sartorial choices. Sensual lingerie against parental modesty, Berber goat skin traditions, and Dutch-imposed stereotypes create a dynamic tension between concept, as well as material and texture choices. Using Geert Wilders’ notorious 2014 “Minder Marokkanen” speech as the backdrop of her show, her collection K*TMAROKKAAN withholds a powerful statement that, similar to her designs, won’t go unnoticed.

The Jury Report
This year, the panel of international jury members included Marlo Saalmink (Curator at large & Artistic Director), Tom van der Burght (Visual Artist and Fashion Designer), Ahmad Larnes (Creative Producer Tommy Hilfiger), and Gry Nissen (Creative Design Director and Brand Developer).

The participants of Lichting 2023 were: Annalie van Doorn, Yousra Razine Mahrah, Bastiaan Reijnen, Tim van der Plas, Ulkuhan Akgul, Floyd Rorije, Joseph William Raidt, Berke Taslidere, André Konings, and Eva Marie-Louise Vos.

In the first block of images you’ll see the winning collection. Followed by overviews of the collections of other participating designers: Tim van der Plas, Joseph William Raidt, Floyd Rorije, Bastiaan Reijnen, Andre Konings, Eva Marie Louise Vos, Annalie Van Doorn, Ulkuhan Akgul and Berke Taslidere.

Lichting 2012 Amsterdam Catwalk Fashion Show

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On Thursday night the top notch of Dutch fashion students presented their work in a crowded tropical warm show area. Fourteen upcoming designers all showed their skills by each sending out four of their best looks.

We spotted some serious talent and very much enjoyed the diversity of the collections.

See all the looks of the fourteen designers:

Esther Kruyer, Brian Geradts, Nadja Wering, Miriam de Waard, Ilona Putkaradze, Sara Veenstra, Tess van Zalinge, Yvonne Kwok, David Laport, Poul Brouwer, Morta Griskeviciute, Judith van Vliet, Jef Montes, Dagmar Lindeijer

Lichting 2011 Catwalk Fashion Show

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Last night Sanne Schepers won the G-star Raw Award during the Lichting 2011 show. But apart from Sanne’s twisted twinsets, there was much more great fashion. From a total of seven fashion academies fourteen students were selected to present five pieces of their collection. Here are the looks of:

  • Albert Jan Metselaar
  • Amber Sophie Smidt
  • Amos Tranque
  • Anne-Katrin Bannier
  • Bram van Dieoen
  • Jenny Kloszynski
  • Laura de Wit
  • Lotte Mostert
  • Mattia Akkermans
  • Menno Voortman
  • Natalie de Koning
  • Nicolaas Hein
  • Pablo Londono Sarria
  • Sanna Schepers

Marije de Haan wint Lichting 2010

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Na afloop van de Lichting 2010 show spraken we met winnares Marije de Haan. Haar mannenmode collectie werd uit veertien verschillende collecties verkozen tot de beste.


Lichting 2009 Catwalk Fashion Show SS10

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By Ivo Wiermans

Lichting 2009 presented the best of each of the 7 Dutch fashion academies: Nathanya Zwart, Erna Einarsdottir, Ratna Ho, Ireneo Ciammella, Kai Salomon, malousebastiaan, Joran de Kok, Bregje Cox, Liesbeth van Gemeren, Aida Saracini, Ann Boogaerts, Marina Krunic, Twan Meijerink and Manon Boertien. Ann Boogaerts won the G-Star Raw Talent Award, a price worth 10.000 euro.
Lichting 2009 turned out to be one of the most spectacular catwalk shows during this season’s Amsterdam Fashion Week. Lichting is a unique platform founded to fill the gap between Dutch fashion academies’ most promising students and the professional fashion industry.
This season’s Lichting show covered the collections of 14 students, 2 of every fashion academy and was sponsored by G-Star Raw. The best designer won a price worth 10.000 euros and a trip to G-Star’s presentation at NYC Fashion Week. Ann Boogaerts of ArteZ won the G-Star Raw Talent Award.
A panel, consisting 4 of Europe’s most important fashion professionals (Wendy Dagworthy, co-founder of London Fashion Week, Garance Doré, writer and photographer, Susanna Lau, editor of Dazed & Confused and Lucas Ossendrijver, designer for Lanvin Homme) chose Boogaarts as best young designer.
All collections captured of-the-moment elements in global fashion. Like the pastel color gradients and oversized pieces with focus on shape. Also deconstruction, showed by studded and bead-covered outfits. Some collections looked like chaotic outfits made from ripped, cut and draped materials.
The best collections were the ones that were least on-fashion, showing something new. Like Ratna Ho’s collection, inspired by the ugliness of tribal tattoos, which resulted in curvy pantyhoses, pleated skirts and tops made of see-through materials. Designer-duo Malousebastiaan chose to use a round shape which doesn’t have a start or finishing point. Round curves were translated into blown-up silhouettes and dresses looked like they were grown organically.
Bregje Cox was inspired by big cities’ super structures and rare etnical images. Cut-open dresses and big mirror elements looked like Asian symbols or an aerial road map.
Manon Boertien used her positive memories of religion and spirituality and sunlight reflecting crystals as inspiration. The outfits in bold shapes and facet-like prints looked truly happy and positive.
Although each member of the panel praised the collections for their high quality, young Belgian designer Ann Boogaerts from ArtEZ was happy to receive the award. Her collection was inspired by Belgian royalty and Dutch artists like Mondrian. There were beautiful geometrical shaped dresses in bright colors like yellow and red. Fine embroidery and stylish hair and shoes made the outfits look royal-worthy. The Dutch national anthem played during the show. Boogaerts seemed to be proud of her being a young Dutch designer.

Lichting 2008: Anneloes van Osselaer Catwalk Fashion Show

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Winner of the G-Star Raw Denim Award Anneloes van Osselaer.

Lichting 2008: Lisanne Stoop Catwalk Fashion Show

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Lichting 2008: Lotte Biermasz Catwalk Fashion Show

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Lichting 2008: Oda Pausma Catwalk Fashion Show

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Lichting 2008: Ellen Rooijakkers Catwalk Fashion Show

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