Graduation Collections AMFI 2018

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It was a show filled with contradictions. From Els Veldman’s vibrant and extremely colorful collection (and her models with painted faces and colored hair) and Kelly Geurden’s completely yellow colored line up to the grungy and moody looks at Charlotte Bakkenes, Stefan Vella and Jamie Teunissen. Not to mention Ferry Schiffelers dramatic but truly showstopping collection of black 3D looks that immediately deserve a spot in SIA or Gaga’s wardrobes (same goes for Sophie Mellors’ stage worthy looks, wow!). From Juliet Kok’s simple and savag-y designs to Marlies Reukers professional and perfectly fitted sportswear looks. And from Myrna Reukers li la lingerie looks to Nikita Domping’s streetwise and tough denim creations. From perfect patchwork at Julie Evers to dreamy powder hues at Kim Domburg. This was yet another inspiring and entertaining AMFI graduation show. We’re curious to see where all these 22 fashion talents will eventually end up working, but we’re sure they all have amazing careers ahead of them. Thanks for an amazing show and the best of luck to ya!


Individuals by Amfi 2018 Catwalk Fashion Show, GEN24

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Please enjoy the pictures for now, our review will follow shortly.

AMFI: Individuals SS18

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AMFI Graduation Show 2017

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And of course the Amsterdam Fashion Institute held it’s annual Graduation-show with some promising collections. Here are a few highlights from every collection.

Backstage at INDIVIDUALS SS2017

Take a look backstage at the show of Individuals yesterday. Models are getting ready for the runway. Make up: check. Hair: check. Shoes: check. Accessories: check. Outfit: check. Ready. Set. Go!


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Yesterday iNDiViDUALS presented its latest S/S 2017 collection. It’s already the 21st collection of this Dutch womenswear brand. The brand is a platform for fashion creativity, managed by third and fourth year students of Amfi, allowing them to experience the demand of the fashion industry. It provides them with an unmatched experience for future endeavours post-graduation.

The brand is a collective of 27 creative minds changing every season. This creates a continuing narrative, responding to the evolving Zeitgeist. All tasks and responsibilities are covered by the design, management and branding departments. Fusing these three departments makes for the successful formula that is iNDiViDUALS.

iNDiViDUALS is an initiative of AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.



Individuals by AMFI 2015 Catwalk Fashion Show

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Please enjoy the pictures for now, our review will follow shortly.

AMFI : Grad2015

Fourteen Fashion & Design students from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute presented their Graduation project recently resulting in an amazing fashion show. Thanks to a crowdfunding-project they managed to collect more than 1300 euro.

Individuals by AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Week Preview FW2013

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For the very first time Individuals by AMFI, a collection designed by student, will have the honor of opening Amsterdam Fashion Week. We caught up with Peter Leferink, Principal Design Lecturer at AMFI and creative Manager of Individuals, to talk about the design process, the collection and the success of Individuals.

About Inviduals
AMFI’s Individuals project is a 6 month minor that BA students at AMFI can take during their third or at the beginning of their fourth and final year. A total of around 24 – 30 students from the 3 different departments Fashion & Design, Fashion & Management and Fashion & Branding together design, produce and deliver to retail a collection for the school’s label Individuals.

Why is it important that Individuals gives a show during Amsterdam Fashion Week?
“First of all it is a big honor. For the students a show at the end of their period with Individuals. Those 12 minutes of fame are quite fundamental to the process. Showing in a professional environment like AFW gives the students such a boost. This year we were asked to open the fashion week, which is the ultimate moment and compliment. It means people take us seriously and appreciate what we do with our students. To me personally it means a lot. The fact that our show is held in the Gashouder is extra special too; when I graduated from the C Montaigne Academy in 1994 with a small group of students we rented the same Gashouder for our show. At that time we felt it was the coolest spot in Amsterdam, I believe we had to pay 400 Gulden for it. Being able to see our students shine there as well makes it very special.”

What is the most important aspect of holding a show?
“If you bring it down to the basics a show is a form of PR. You want to reach the press, the retailers and your audience. Yet as a school we believe there a more platforms on which you can show your collections and creativity. There is lots of new media via which you can reach your audience quickly and effectively. But, to be honest, for a lot of students a catwalkshow is the ultimate highlight; the spotlights, the people, the camera’s clicking and the feeling that comes with such a live event. It gives them such excitement, which is hard to match. Therefore I feel catwalkshows will always be there, even though lots of new platform (digital or non digital) will be introduced.”

How did it happen that Individuals is opening Amsterdam Fashion Week?
“We have been showing, with smaller and larger shows, during Amsterdam Fashion Week since the start. This definitely is the icing on the cake for AMFI and Individuals. Especially since around 800 extra young people, students and teachers will be able to see the show through live stream, thanks to Vodafone. I’m very excited how it will all turn out, but I am sure it will be a great happening.”

What part of the collection will eventually be sold?
“It’s hard to put that in percentages, since it depends on the styling of the show, which is planned for the second week of January. We always create Production Pieces, which retailers can buy and Unique Pieces (for the catwalk and photoshoots). Eventually the Production Pieces will be sold in a total of 10 boutiques ranging from high end casual to designer/luxury across the Netherlands.”

Is the collection sold in your own AMFI store as well?
“The Inviduals sales to retailers is organized via our By Amfi store. Every season we change the store in a way that it matches perfectly with the collection and invite our retailers there. After a period of about three weeks the store becomes a By Amfi store again; a very pleasant and dynamic collaboration.”

One of the design students spoke to us about inspiration, colors and materials

What was the inspiration for the upcoming collection?
“We were inspired by the current state of the world. We provide a contemporary solution for how to deal and live within it, partly inspired by Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. We draw the line. We tell the story of the Neo-Pioneer who dares to settle within the unsettled. For fall/winter 2013/2014 we’ve communicated it like this

A multitude of choices has resulted in an inability to move forward in the world. The time has come to confidently step forward and set the underlying tone for this generation. Armed with a desire for progress, we draw the line in order to create an enhanced state of protection. We attract because we dare. We survive because we protect. We are an energy to be reckoned with. We are the Neo-Pioneers and ELEMENT is the key to our survival. 

This collection boldly draws the line by settling within the unsettled. An action towards survival defined by a magnetic attraction of angular and curved shapes. A mix of unconventional fabrics sculpts this modern day armour. Each piece makes its own statement, building a positive tension thus, empowering the wearer. An air of artificiality emphasizes the evolution of crucial details in design.

What can we expect to see?
“We will see colours that are derived from a dark uniform palette. Think about a dark oil stain on a wet pavement. Furthermore we want to put the spotlight on the strong and the vulnerable parts of a woman in order to provide her the protection that she needs to face the world. As for the fit, think pronounced angular and curved shapes mixed with a touch of tailored design. We chose new materials that are more technological than we have ever used before. We also used leather and other materials that enhance protection and are key iNDiViDUALS materials are used in every collection.”

Individuals By AMFI will present their latest collection on Wednesday night, the 23rd of January at 07.00 P.M.

See our gallery below for some sneak peeks of the collection.


Individuals by AMFI Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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The Individuals fashion show we saw on Thursday was named Some dream of running away to the circus. The show was all about elegant wearable clothes with fun details. After lots of smoke was blown in the air the first girls appeared. They wore dresses, tops and pants in purple and champagne. Some pleats and fringes were nice details and most of the clothes were loose fitting.

Leather accessories like gloves and knee-bands gave the looks a fun twist. And the knee stockings added some extra color.

The models all had beautiful make-up, completely matching with the show’s circus theme. The colors of their clothes (dazzling white, popping pink, daring turquoise en cannon ball black) were used for the make-up as well.

The collection had some pretty strong outfits in it. They were beautifully tailored and had a nice, wearable silhouette.

Individuals is an ever changing collective of young creative designers. By combining talent every time an inspiring story is told. Every generation adds it’s own unique chapter to the continuing story of Individuals.

Individuals is sold in the Netherlands and is now focusing on expanding abroad (United States, France, Japan and Denmark). In September an Individuals pop-up store will be opened in London.

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