Official opening Arnhem Mode Biennale 2011

Amber has arrived in Arnhem and a lot of fashion-lovers and -insiders celebrated her arrival yesterday afternoon. We spotted designers Bas Kosters, Mada van Gaans and Sjaak Hullekes amongst others and much more well dressed people in Dutch fashion.

Joline Jolink Catwalk Fashion Show ss2011

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Joline Jolink is one of the few Dutch designers who is working silently and serious at her oeuvre. She’s still developing, but her style is already visible and consistent. She sells mainly in the Netherlands (12 shops and a webshop) and probably soon in Belgium. It’s been a while since Joline Jolink  showed a collection to an audience, but yesterday she presented her spring summer-2011 collection to buyers and a small selection of editors. It was a very grown up, elegant and sporty collection. For the first time Joline Jolink presented some leather accessories, two small bags worn at the hip and a big bag inspired by oldfashioned schoolbags.

The designer is fascinated by strong women, their lives, way of dressing, way of thinking. And it always makes an interesting collection. For next spring it was Katharine Hepburn that inspired Joline Jolink. Especially her sporty/elegant way of dressing and her preference for menswear tickled the designer.

The result is a well balanced collection full of renewed classics, like the men’s shirt, the pleated trousers, the suit and the shirtdress. Jolink choose basic colors, like beige, marine, black, white and mustard. The only print was a wrinkled navy/beige striped jersey. eyecatchers were a soft, halterneck suit, a big poncho and a beige-colored silk suit. The flowing silhouet, the modern classics with a clean, sporty twist and the eclectic mix made it to a strong collection.

MaxMara Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2010

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While the so-called ‘Face of the Future’, actress Zoe Saldana (from Avatar), attended the MaxMara show, the brand in fact returned to tradition. The traditional aspects of the collection were the silhouettes and the fabrics.

Long coats were the showpieces of the fall/winter collection, so hopefully it’ll become a cold winter. The coats came in cashmere and corduroy. From the waist down they resembled wide pleated skirts. They were so long, their fabric even touched the floor. The coats’ upper parts had some military influences: double breasted, epaulets and XL collars.

The models marched on the runway in high black boots. A few times their loose-fitting, high-waisted pants were tucked in those boots. Leather belts with big pockets attached, gave the collection a masculine touch. Fur mittens were a funny extra.

The second half of the collection the corduroy returned in a few tops.  It formed a great contrast with the golden lame dresses that quickly followed.

The last few pieces of the show looked like they’d taken the longest to make. A black skirt, dress and coat were beautifully embellished with shiny crystal flowers. These delicate items felt a bit Russian.

It seems like the military trend is up for a second season. Although we’ve already seen a lot of it, MaxMara’s ultra-long military coats were a pleasant surprise.

Dutch Fashion Awards 2008 winner and extra pictures

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Dutch Fashion Award 2008 winner: Monique van Heist

What are you wearing? Amsterdam Fashion Week Part 5

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Team Peter Stigter in The Glass House of G-Star at AIFW

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Ready for tec-edit!

What are you wearing? Amsterdam Fashion Week Part 2

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Lichting 2008: Anneloes van Osselaer Catwalk Fashion Show

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Winner of the G-Star Raw Denim Award Anneloes van Osselaer.

Lichting 2008: Lisanne Stoop Catwalk Fashion Show

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Lichting 2008: Lotte Biermasz Catwalk Fashion Show

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