Catwalk Trend Menswear Spring/Summer 2019: Summer, summer, summertime

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Guys, hitting the gym all winter long has paid off and now is time to show off. Unbuttoned shirts or no shirt at all. Pair your favorite swim shorts with a bright colored bucket hat. Match your shorts with your tropical shirt. Or opt for something eclectic (as seen at Walter von Beirendonck and Prada). No matter what dresscode you’re gonna go with, it’s (summer summer) summertime and we want you to show it.

Menswear trend AW2019: Utility Mode On

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Function meets fashion is not just a big theme for the ladies, this and upcoming season the guys too will see a lot of utility clothing. Like large pockets, big zippers, extra bags in all kinds of random places. And when you’re talking functionality there’s one piece of clothing that can’t be forgotton: the body warmer. And it’s making a huge comeback for fall. As seen at A Cold Wall, Kenzo, Marni, Vetements and Louis Vuitton. Keeping it warm and keeping it cool at the same time. Time to full up all those pockets!

Menswear Streetstyle Trend SS2019: Checks Please

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We might have been focusing on the ladies a lot lately. But these lads sure know a good game of getting dressed. See how each of these guys interpreted the trend of checks in their own way. As a subtle detail in the form of a bucket hat or a scarf. Or more load and blunt in the shape of wide legged pants, sweaters and sharp coats. Buffalo checks, tartan checks, Burberry checks, pied de poule or houndstooth; we’re all in favor. Plaid inspired. Checks please!

Menswear Catwalk Trend Spring/Summer 2019: Vibrant Shorts

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Who wants to wear navy blue shorts when you can sport a pair of colorful printed ones? Van Beirendonck, Kenzo, Prada and Louis Vuitton show you how it’s done. Tie dye influences, retro prints or some good old Hawaiian inspired patterns will do the trick. Tone it down with a basic with tee or, even better, top it off with a statement hoodie or a vibrant summer jacket. The summer is yours!

Yohji Yamamoto Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2019

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Yohji Yamamoto today was all black and all coats. How impressive to pull off a collection filled with black coats and not make it a bore. The robe coats had Japanese depictions of women in various states of pleasure, flowers and skulls and they had lots of detail. Buttons played a big part, not just double breasted but diagional, over the shoulder, in two horizontal rows, small and black, chunky and gold colored. Lots of layering going on too as Yamamoto’s models (with their hair carelessly worn in front of their faces) looked cool and collected in every single outfit.  

Comme des Garçons Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2019

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“Finding beauty in the dark, there is no light without dark” was about all the explanation we got for the Commes des Garçons collection. And dark it was. Models looked rather creepy with their black lips, dark eye make-up and extreme hairdos. There clothes weren’t very cheerful either; mesh tops, leggings with Jesus symbols and crosses as a print, long coats, checks and paisley prints in the mix, harnesses and black leather boots. We’re not sure what to make of it yet. It was a CdG show like any other; peculiar and completely distant and different from what most brands are doing right now. Rei Kawakubo will have us contemplating on what we just saw for days.

Ann Demeulemeester Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2019

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Ann Demeulemeester was gloomy yet quite colourful at the same time. The brand’s androgynous male models looked like they got dressed exactly how they wanted to, not carrying about what others might think or what would be appropriate, what would fit their gender or what would be in trend. They sported shiny silk printed robes and blouses, airy, off shoulder knitwear sweaters, statement coats, fur stoles and shiny head scarves. Their careless attitude made them look cool, even apart from the clothes they wore. If there’s a lesson to be learnt here it is to be a little more creative. Or as Sébastien Meunier put it: “There’s a uniformity in garments today and I’m sure there are people who want to dream a bit more.”

Dior Homme Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2019

January 21, 2019 by  
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Today’s Dior show can be seen as the ultimate style between sportswear and tailoring. Yes, the 49 models looked perfectly dressed, but they still had enough streetcred too. They sported their pleated pants with logo printed sweaters. Suits had stoles/scarves attached to them, which were wrapped around the models bodies (inspired, Kim Jones said, by a 1955 dress from the Dior archive). Classic pants were paired with structured utilitarian tops in the same color palette. Cross body bags and sporty boots added to the urban/youthful feel of the collection. Leopard print details and fur pieces seemed a bit of a distraction, but the collection’s true message came across cleary. Kim Jones has introduced the new way of dressing for men for the upcoming seasons. Not just sportswear, not just suits, but a perfect fresh menswear style approach in between.

Valentino Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2019

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Pierpaolo Piccioli set up some collaborations for fw2019. First he joined forces with Jun Takahashi of Undercover. Together they created a series of prints (with time traveler slogans, spaceships, skulls, and a joint VU – for Valentino – Undercover logo) that would appear in both of their menswear collections. In tailoring, like many fashion houses this week, Piccioli moved away from the sportswear and into a more relaxed way of dressing. He said he’d been looking at the fluidity of Italian tailoring in the 1980s. And so he designed easy going suits, comfy woolen coats, the softest sweaters and jackets with the feel of a hoodie. All worn with perfect pleated pants and either sneakers or Birkenstocks, the second collaboration for this collection. And all of a sudden patent red Birks worn with black socks seemed like a pretty good footwear option to wear on a warm October day.

Off-White Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2019

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The collection was titled “Public Television” and boy was it an entertaining show. On an outdoor path the models appeared wearing their casual meets formal Off-White looks. The opening look, an XL denim jeans (inspired by JNCO jeans) and an oversized navy jacket, set the mood. The jeans stayed extra large, the jackets remained boxy. The latter just came out in several variations, with checks and branded patches. With look 12 Virgil Abloh sent out a long puffer body warmer. Halfway throughout the show rapper Offset (such a match!) entered in a long lilac colored puffer coat. We even spotted a pair of lilac puffer pants! A few sporty looks, including helmets and cowboy boots and a duo of girls in floral printed body suits added to the entertainment factor of the show. The bright orange, green and yellow at the end of the show fit the label’s signature. A less street/sportswear-y Off-White collection than we’d expected, but a very interesting one nevertheless.

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