Trend Report SS2011: Seventies Style

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Marc Jacobs has been one of the greatest trends setters of the past seasons. So when he introduced a whole seventies-inspired collection there was no doubt it would become a huge trend. It started on the runway but in the streets the seventies seem even more alive.

It’s all about platform heels, flared jeans (bye bye skinny jeans!), jumpsuits and maxi dresses & skirts. And preferably in a color palette ranging from nude to brown, mustard, red and purple.

Accessories like floppy hats, larger than life sunglasses, small belts and bags with fringes are the finishing touch to this hippie chic look.

Some inspiration..


Trend Report SS2011: Bikini Proof

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Ok, maybe you’re still working on your perfect bikini body. But hey, that doesn’t mean you cannot take a look at the new swimwear trends. Besides having the perfect bikini/swimsuit in mind, might be an extra motivation to reach your summer proof body.

And when it comes to this year’s swimwear there’s more than enough to choose from. A new trend seems to be the blending of day wear and swimwear. Cause some swimsuits (like the woolen ones at Michael Kors) look more like tops and bikini’s are becoming part of an outfit.

At Blugirl, Barbara Bui, Tommy Hilfiger, Iceberg and Marc Jacobs swimsuits and bikini’s were mixed and matched with daywear pieces. (So it’s actually cool if your blouse reveals just a small part of your bikini top.)

Luxurious bathing suits are still hot too. Especially the ones with the sexy cutouts. Whether they’re meant to stroll around or actually hit the water is not sure, but you’ll definitely look damn sexy!

ELLE Style Awards 2011 – Arrivals

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The dresscode of this year’s ELLE Style Awards was Rock ‘n Royalty. And since the best dressed person of the evening could win an award everyone really put an effort into looking exquisite. As you would expect we saw many leather pants and leggings, a lot of tiara’s and crowns, many sequined looks and of course some lace.

If you were there Thursday night, check out our gallery and see if your picture is in it! If you didn’t attend the party, just check out how great everyone else looked!

Bonne Reijn wins ELLE H&M Stylist Award 2011

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Quoc Thang Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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Quoc Thang’s new collection ‘Het moment voorbij’ was all about freedom. The designer translated that feeling through the style of a woodcutter. The collection was very outdoor; rough materials like wooll and cotton mixed with polyester and nylon.

The male models walked in overalls, raincoats and checked tuniques (these checks were especially designed for this collection and were made out of shields with two crossing bows). They carried backpacks and wore shoes by Timberland, the sponsor of the show. They looked cool, but their heads were all wet & sweaty.

The jacket had a central position in this collection; blazers, parka’s and tops that felt like coats were the eye-catchers of the show.

Quoc Thang
Quoc Thang (1979) graduated in 2005 at the Rietveld academy in Amsterdam. He then organized several projects in Berlijn en Parijs. In 2009 he launched his collection under his own name.

Marloes Blaas Catwalk Fashion Show SS2010

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Like Franciscus van der Meer, Marloes Blaas also used the second World War as an inspiration. She drew much inspiration from peasant life and the atmosphere surrounding the liberation of that war.

We saw an army green uniform and a thick black leather top which looked very powerful. There were tough shorts with extra pockets and well tailored jackets. On the other hand Marloes opted for airy fabrics and feminine faded prints. So there were some contradictions in this collection.

We have to say the army outfits looked slightly stronger than the elegant, airy items. The prints looked great, yet the army clothes looked more outspoken and different from what we’ve seen before.

Oda Pausma Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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‘Hobohemian Heaven’ was the title of Oda Pausma’s collection, she presented on Thursday. It was based on the fusion of two worlds: poetical and rebellion. Imagine live under the roof of the boheme, artists haven, the Chelsea Hotel New York of the seventies….

Jiska van Rossum Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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Designer Jiska van Rossum presented her collection ‘Adorned in Elegance’ this week. Like in al her clothes sensuality and temptation were important aspects of her menswear clothes.

Streetstyle vs. Catwalk fashion

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Each fashion season we all get very much inspired by the collections presented on the catwalk. After New York, London, Milan and Paris we have new creative ideas and we have picked up the trends we will probably be wearing a season later. So there’s no doubt fashion designers create trends or at least a certain style.

Yet it’s also true that a big part of  fashion starts on the street. What people wear in their daily lives is a starting point for fashion too. Whether it’s your grandma walking her dog in a floral printed skirt, your father in one of his suits or your neighbour is a pair of old school jeans. Every kind of streetwear can be the beginning of a fashion trend.

During the fashion weeks our team always spots the most fashionable people outside the fashion shows. They wear clothes not everyone dares to wear. Their streetstyle is often bright-colored, crazy-shaped and remarkably printed. Not to mention their shoes and accessories.

To show you that streetwear can be an inspiration for fashion designers we selected six outfits that were seen in the streets as well as on the runway.

The fashion we’re gonna see this summer is very lady-like and romantic. Pastel shades and ruffles therefore are unmissable in your summer wardrobe. In need of inspiration? The Valentino show has some great ruffle examples.

Victoria Beckham was one of the first who started wearing bleached denim again last year. And it proves she was right about this denim trend.

Milla Jovovich ones again showed the popularity of the navy trend. Anna dello Russo worked a splendid (Balmain) jacket with silver embellishments (as seen at Anna Sui). And one of the girls we spotted on the street, showed she had guts with a pair of checked pants (which might just be inspired by the Watanabe show that was full of the black and white checked print).

And by the way… Did you know that olive green (Celine) can look this great?

Streetwear trend: pretty in pink

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Not only on the runway you see the strangest fashion pieces being worn. On the streets special designs and unexpected trends can be seen as well.

For example this candy pink trend. All of a sudden it seems this color is a huge hit on the streets. Yet we never noticed before it was this popular.

While we were reporting on the pastelshades that are a big fashion trend this summer, this pink popularity most have slipped right through.

On the streets we saw trenchcoats, boots, dresses and tops in pink. Those outfits really stood out in between all the other streetfashion. It looked so fresh we are thinking about hitting the stores ourselves.

Yet of course this color is not for everyone. Only with the right skintone you can look pretty in this kinda pink.

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