Trend Report SS2011: Bikini Proof

April 13, 2011 by  
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Ok, maybe you’re still working on your perfect bikini body. But hey, that doesn’t mean you cannot take a look at the new swimwear trends. Besides having the perfect bikini/swimsuit in mind, might be an extra motivation to reach your summer proof body.

And when it comes to this year’s swimwear there’s more than enough to choose from. A new trend seems to be the blending of day wear and swimwear. Cause some swimsuits (like the woolen ones at Michael Kors) look more like tops and bikini’s are becoming part of an outfit.

At Blugirl, Barbara Bui, Tommy Hilfiger, Iceberg and Marc Jacobs swimsuits and bikini’s were mixed and matched with daywear pieces. (So it’s actually cool if your blouse reveals just a small part of your bikini top.)

Luxurious bathing suits are still hot too. Especially the ones with the sexy cutouts. Whether they’re meant to stroll around or actually hit the water is not sure, but you’ll definitely look damn sexy!