Streetwear trend: pretty in pink

May 31, 2010 by  
Filed under Milan, New York, Paris, Streetwear

Not only on the runway you see the strangest fashion pieces being worn. On the streets special designs and unexpected trends can be seen as well.

For example this candy pink trend. All of a sudden it seems this color is a huge hit on the streets. Yet we never noticed before it was this popular.

While we were reporting on the pastelshades that are a big fashion trend this summer, this pink popularity most have slipped right through.

On the streets we saw trenchcoats, boots, dresses and tops in pink. Those outfits really stood out in between all the other streetfashion. It looked so fresh we are thinking about hitting the stores ourselves.

Yet of course this color is not for everyone. Only with the right skintone you can look pretty in this kinda pink.

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