Summer Streetwear Trend 2017: Pink Life

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Pink walls, pink plates, pink velvet couches, pink cars, pink skies, pink hair, pink outfits. Slowly but surely we’re turning everything around us in one giant pink bubble. And really, who wouldn’t love a daily dose of pink? The guys and girls we spotted this summer, during Amsterdam Fashion Week and the menswear shows in Paris sure knew how to pull off the color du moment. Some wore just a touch of faded pink, others went all out with vibrant magenta hues from head to toe. And that girl with the leopard printed pink hair was just everything and perfectly symbolizes what this summer trend stands for. Pink for president. #pinklife

SS2017 Trend: (Patent) Pink Party

April 26, 2017 by  
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When Valentino red turn pink you know something’s up. Bright pink is becoming the #1 color for this summer. And we can not think of a reason not to join this pink party. From Balenciaga to Vetements; the most fashion forward looks in bright pink are making headlights on the streets, in the fashion magazines and, of course, on Instagram. And might you think bright pink is daring enough, think again. Bright patent pink (as seen at Bottega Veneta) is even a better option. Not to mention the satin pink spotted at Ralph Lauren. And let’s not forget the red/pink combination both Sportmax and Valentino introduced. The in between shade of raspberry red spotted at Kenzo, Hermes and Michael Kors might be your best bet. The ultimate summer shade that works beautifully combined with mint green (just look at one of the Céline runway looks). Show some color, give them something to talk about and make it a (sweet) summer to remember!

Trend Report SS2015 menswear: Pinkness

June 3, 2015 by  
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We know, we know; pink menswear clothing isn’t all that fashion forward anymore. Yet this time around designers (Dsquared, Louis Vuitton, Zegna) did opt for a super vibrant, fuchsia kind of summer version. It made overalls, short jackets and accessories stand out even more and gave the male models an extra bronze and sporty look. Slightly different was the (subtler kind of) pink vibe at Rick Owens, Thom Browne and Kenzo. Combining pastels is still a huge SS trend, making a menswear look appear softer, yet (combined with blue like at Etro) never less masculine. Whether head to toe in pink (Versace) is your thing or just a pop of color (Dsquared) is more up your alley; this shade makes the ultimate wardrobe color addition. The fellas will look so sharp in pink, they’ll make the ladies blush..

Trend Report FW2013: Powder Pink Coats

October 21, 2013 by  
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Every now and then a trend hits the surface of which you never, not in your wildest dreams, could have guessed it ever would be in fashion. This autumn it’s the powder pink coat that blew us all off our feet. It suddenly popped up in several major fashion shows like Dior, MiuMiu, Carven and Chanel and it wasn’t long after the fashion scene picked up on the trend and high street brands like Primark and Zara started producing their affordable version of get viagra the romantic statement coat. It might not be the most practical winter coat (cause how long exactly will that pastel pink stay so fresh and clean?). Yet it definitely is a welcome escape from those dark and moody black, gray, navy jackets we’ve all been wearing since.. well forever. Opt for short (Blumarine, Chanel, Dior) or long (Carven, MiuMiu, Mulberry). Combine with bare legs, matching pants of statement boots and just join this super sweet pink party.

Streetwear trend: pretty in pink

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Not only on the runway you see the strangest fashion pieces being worn. On the streets special designs and unexpected trends can be seen as well.

For example this candy pink trend. All of a sudden it seems this color is a huge hit on the streets. Yet we never noticed before it was this popular.

While we were reporting on the pastelshades that are a big fashion trend this summer, this pink popularity most have slipped right through.

On the streets we saw trenchcoats, boots, dresses and tops in pink. Those outfits really stood out in between all the other streetfashion. It looked so fresh we are thinking about hitting the stores ourselves.

Yet of course this color is not for everyone. Only with the right skintone you can look pretty in this kinda pink.