Schueller de Waal Paris The Gateway to Fashion

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Please enjoy our reportage of the Dutch design-duo Schueller de Waal who presented their fashion-installation in Pailais de Tokyo yesterday named The Gateway to Fashion. It was a so called Fashion Therapy session with film launch and installation. Soooo relaxing!

Jef Montes Tormenta Paris Catwalkshow & Presentation

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Collection Tormenta is Jef Montes’ first international presentation and Paris debut during the International Art Fair. The collection consists of thirty creations and a material installation. Collection Tormenta is inspired by the maritime industry. Tormenta means Storm in Spanish and the collection exploits Jef’s family heritage with their love for ships. He studied materials that are used in the process to build ships. Materials like nylon, brass, carbon and fibre-glass were used to create technical fabrics. Jef’s grandfather gabriel inspired him to create the dessins for Tormenta. When he was younger he worked on several ships in the south of Spain catching sharks. A few years ago he gave Jef a miniature ship that he handcrafted out of wood. Jef got inspired and that meant the beginning of Tormenta.
Like a ship caught in the storm, Jef designs materials that arise and develop like a storm around the body. Through technical fabrics that take on a new dimension, the essence of the collection is captured in the material installation. Sustainability plays an important role in the p[rocess of Jef’s projects. For Tormenta, several creations from previous projects are further developed and recreated.
Jef Montes is a Dutch designer, whose work balances between the borders of fashion and art.

Showroom Paris Schueller de Waal & Barbara Langendijk

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Dutch designers Schueller de Waal and Barbara Langendijk shared a showroom in Paris last week to present their fall winter collections. Although different in style and view it was an intimate and relaxed way to get to know their work. The silence and minimalism of Barbara Langendijk, the more extroverted and witty vibe of the Schueller de Waal duo.

Schueller de Waal

Barbara Langendijk

WE ARE MUZE presentation Paris SS2017

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WE ARE MUZE is a collective of four individual labels that took its name from a whimsical persona that the designers have sculpted together, their muse, who allows them to showcase their individuality and strength. WE ARE MUZE functions as a platform that offers possibilities to share experience and knowledge and invite upcoming designers to join forces. This season the designers that presented themselves are: BYBROWN from designer Melanie Brown, who is driven by technical tailored design combining engineered craftsmanship with contemporary, raw elegance.
JESSICA JOYCE, whose clothes portray the designer’s fascination with modern angular and geometric shapes, which have been influential in the development of her signature abstract style.
LOVELUHA – designer Natascha Nedoluha – celebrates the creative power of nature. All her jewellery are a reminder of our long-lasting connection with this phenomenon, lovingly laid bare to adorn a woman’s expression and beauty.
ELECTRIC CO from designers Conny Groenewegen unravels the essence of each gesture, utilizing fibres and threads to reassemble the narrative to reach a point where the material starts to create a path that follows its own rules

WE ARE MUZE has a fluid construction allowing it to work with artists in photography, film, dance, graphic design and other fields. The designers aspire to touch the senses, spark the imagination and use their muse as a language to develop new dialogues.
The collective is supported by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency through the Partners for International Business Programme, promoting Dutch fashion in France.

Liselore Frowijn Show Presentation Paris FW2015

Dutch designer Liselore Frowijn made her debut this afternoon in Paris, at the first day of Paris Fashion Week FW2015. She presented a small collection in a salon environment. As a designer Liselore feels the continuous drive to capture the energy she obtains from art, music, people, and different cultures she is surrounded by, in her work. Fashion is the best medium to translate all of this in one eclectic vibe.

Second edition of The Green Fashion Competition is started

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Tonight topmodel Lonneke Engel opened the second edition of The Green Fashion Competition as part of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Shoe label Oat presented it’s new shoe line and anyone with a vision on ‘the fashion of the future’ can take part in this competition (till 30 September).

John Galliano Presentation/Show Paris FW2011

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It should have been a presentation of the John Galliano-collection, but instead it was a small show in a small setting. Even Sidney Toledano,  the chief executive of Dior, which also invests in the Galliano brand, was there. Maybe as a signal of support for the staff members of Galliano’s atelier.It must have been strange for everybody who was there today, being there after such a difficult week following the scandal John Galliano got himself into.

The collection that was showed was – according to Cathy Horyn of the New York Times ‘fairly straightforward and typically Galliano, a mix of romantic dresses, a loosely draped mint kimono with black lace appliqué, a black vinyl trench and a silk halter dress printed with what appeared to be curlicues of cigarette smoke’.

Klavers van Engelen Collection FW2011

For coming fall Niels Klavers and Astrid van Engelen, the Dutch designers behind Klavers van Engelen, continued their search for designing as minimal as possible. They still want to create maximum effect wit less and less interventions.

The overall look is that of a beautiful piece of fabric thrown on the body by a gentle breeze. Adding knitwear to the Klavers van Engelen line for the first time, in downy and weightless mohair, as well as a deep dyed curly goat fur, they further explored their signature purist design principles.

Two different rectangular pieces of fabric sandwich the body to make a top or dress, a mohair knit in front and a washed silk for the much shorter back. Complexity and ease merge in dresses and trousers with large integrated square shaped shawls that can be worn loose over the shoulder or tied around the neck creating a sophisticated draped top. Graphic effects were created by using different fabrics and colors, and the designers also tried to change the view on their creations, the front and back of some dressed were different in color, fit and fabric.

The colour palette starts with the Klavers van Engelen signature ‘flame’ orange and ends in a solid silver grey. Inspired by Mark Rothko’s great colorfield paintings juxtaposing precious shades such as daffodil, mustard, cerise, grape, loganberry, bordeaux, bronze, a wonderful deep fawn, chocolate, latte and just a touch of black creates a mesmerizing effect.

Again the design-duo made a collection that looked simply beautiful from the outside, as if it was created accidentally. But take a closer look and you’ll see true designs that will keep surprising you by every movement.

Life’s a gamble, meet Adam Kimmel

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Adam Kimmel is an New York based designer, who put up a distracting presentation yesterday. Kimmels collection was an ode to the style and tastes of the painter George Condo. The blazers, vests and capes with roulette prints had a plush, jaded, man-about-town feel. The presentation, in a gallery with gaming tables and low lights  – the gamblers (models wearing molded heads with twisted and ghastly expressions and clown-like ears and hair) were as real as anything else. The heads, based on Condo’s paintings,  did dominate the scene, but most of the clothes will look just fine without them.

Versus Fashion Presentation ss2010

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It’s Christopher Kane’s new task to bring life back into Versus, the second line of the Versace-house which was hot in the nineties. The models were being placed on plinths to display the 25 wool, lace, and laser-cut neoprene dresses Kane has designed for his debut.  Donatella Versace herself was walking around looking over the group of black, mushroom, and sizzling red dresses. One dress was detailed with slashes held together with pink, red, and green aluminum safety pins—a reinvention of the dress that made  Elizabeth Hurley famous in 1994.

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