Liselore Frowijn Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear FW2017

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Liselore Frowijn designed her fall collection in the name of the greater goo: crafting an outdoor/nomadic/global collection as a commentary on “human unity and freedom.” The looks were pileups of quilted bombers, tunics and wide-leg pants that referenced traditional Indian garb, brushed wool scarves, ponchos and long tailored coats done in gradient colors. Planetary prints inspired by Alfred Eikelenboom and gold Spandex-ish layers added an otherworldly feeling to the eclectic mix.

Liselore Frowijn Backstage Catwalk Show Paris SS2017

It’s always exciting to watch the mayhem backstage at a fashion-show. Dutch designer Liselore Frowijn presented her collection for the second time in the capital of fashion yesrday. We checked what went on behind the scenes.

Liselore Frowijn Catwalk Fashion Show Paris SS2017

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The SS17 collection ’SAGOI’, is an homage to an old canal house in Amsterdam with beautifully contained ‘Delft Blue’ tiles dated 1667. Liselore Frowijn has interpreted the iconic hand-painted ceramics by tracing them with her signature style, both painting the illustrations directly on silk and using blown-up graphics in bold overall prints.
The illustrations display mythical scenes of an escape to a pastoral lifestyle of farmers in the Dutch 17th century. Research on these tiles’ topography brought Frowijn to the Japanese island of Kyūshū, where Dutch-Japanese exchange started around 400 years ago. Liselore Frowijn visited the Japanese island this summer to work with local artisans in the indigo-workshops on developing several textiles and implementing techniques that have been used for decades.
Next to the abstracted pastoral scenes, the pieces feature nude figure drawings inspired on the traditional Japanese Shunga erotic woodcut prints, combined with flower-dessins from the Mantero archive. With additional screenprinted graphic layers of blown-up Japanese masks, shibori-indigo dyes, woven kasuri textiles and Delft Blue paintings, the entire collection embodies the story of two worlds meeting once again in intermixed cultural traditions.
Using the tunic as a base piece, the collection has grown into a semi-couture extravagance of where each look presents a new layer and playfully stacked bold prints. Each garment can be worn as a canvas depending on your mood, with a dazzling richness in combination as a result, balancing on luxury-couture and sporty details. The woman Liselore admires embraces the unknown with a sweltering sensuality and as you imagine the Amsterdam house, she takes you to an idyllic realm where two worlds collide.

Frontrow at Liselore Frowijn Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam SS2017

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Who came out to support Liselore Frowijn and witness her SS2017 spectacle? Just click through our gallery above to see who was sitting front row at Liselore Frowijn at saturday night.

Liselore Frowijn Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam SS2017

What a nice tropical surprise on such lousy summerdays like these. Hearing the crickets sing while sitting between huge decorations of colourful flowers and plants. The show was called ‘Afropolitan’ and tells the story of tradition and development, identity and the power of the African woman. To get the most out of it, Liselore joined forces with Vlisco, a famous Dutch company that produces and distributes fashion fabrics for the West and Central African market. She was inspired by the many colourful fabrics she found in their archives. Her muze comes from the Igbo-pedigree, Nigeria. She calls her the typical ‘Afropolitan-woman’, a term that stands for the bridge between old traditions and habits and modern day life. And it showed in every form and fiber.

It was translated into a collection that keeps on developing itself. It all started in 2013, analyzing and renewing prints and colours by adding or skipping layers. Creating luxurious elements by using lacework, embroideries and subtle shimmers. Using the typical Igbo-colours like indigo (earth), yellow (sacred) and red (human) on new silhouettes. The models wearing plants and flowers in their hear and heavy red eye shadow. We also spotted some rich Indian fabrics, like hand painted silks and woven jacquards, giving it a ultra feminine feel. All the while keeping the lines and shapes very simpel and clean, with draping and folding to create some movement in the clothes. It was complimentary for the eyes, but it also makes you question what kind of woman this would wear. There’s a big group of modern urban men (we usually tend to call them ‘hipsters’ and especially living in Amsterdam) that have been embracing these kind of prints for several years now, but what about the ladies? There were definitely looks that fit perfectly in the streets nowadays, but is the Dutch woman brave enough to wear these extravagant clothes? We shall see. It would definitely not hurt on such grey and rainy days.

Liselore Frowijn Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear FW2016

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Let’s hear it for the Lions is the theme of Dutch designer Liselore Frowijn’s collection for fall 2016. Art has been an important source of inspiration in het work and for this collection Liselore Frowijn would like to give a big shout out to all feminine artists making a change and showing  a different perspective. The collection is an homage to all  strong women who are living or have been living in this world, with Niki de St. Phalle as a muse. The beautiful round volumes this artist created with her Nana’s together with the energetic and edgy approach the women Frowijn admires have towards life formed an inspiration to this collection.

Liselore Frowijn Catwalk Fashion Show Paris ss2016

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For her SS16 collection Liselore Frowijn has been playing with the word power and the meaning of it. A powerful woman is the one who dares to stand at the frontline, to be bold and brave. Frowijn was touched by the boldness and pureness of the monumental colorband-works by artist Sol Lewitt. It were these paintings she used as an inspiration to develop screen-printed, knitted and embroidered graphics in the collection.

She worked with fresh primary colors together with whites and tones of brown, to create a laminated and edgy look, playing with voluminous and tight silhouettes. She wishes to create an optimistic and energetic image. A dynamic universe is created by using organic and geometric shapes; the collection is like a cubistic kaleidoscope.

Liselore Frowijn Show Presentation Paris FW2015

Dutch designer Liselore Frowijn made her debut this afternoon in Paris, at the first day of Paris Fashion Week FW2015. She presented a small collection in a salon environment. As a designer Liselore feels the continuous drive to capture the energy she obtains from art, music, people, and different cultures she is surrounded by, in her work. Fashion is the best medium to translate all of this in one eclectic vibe.

This was MBFWA Day 1

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Day one of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam is a fact. It was a day to remember, with an impressive one minute silence for designer Frans Molenaar,a retrospective show of Five Years Avelon, the first fashionshow of Liselore Frowijn after winning the Frans Molenaar Award and Edwin Oudshoorn closing teh evening with an atmospheric show.

Liselore Frowijn Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA FW2015

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In 2013 she graduated from ArtEZ. That year she won the Frans Molenaar award and got honored for the designs she created for fashion label Chloe. Milestones leading up to Liselore Frowijn showing during Amsterdam Fashion Week for the first time today, during the opening night! Ten looks portrayed her colorful and graphic vision for fall. Chunky (ski attire inspired) knits and airy fabrics alternated each other in a playful game of both covering up and exposing. Inspired by the Triadisch Ballet of Oskar Schlemmer, so the show notes read. No. 3 Formania, officially a story of the contemperary’s generation need for harmony and order, and surely a joy to watch.