Klavers van Engelen Collection FW2011

For coming fall Niels Klavers and Astrid van Engelen, the Dutch designers behind Klavers van Engelen, continued their search for designing as minimal as possible. They still want to create maximum effect wit less and less interventions.

The overall look is that of a beautiful piece of fabric thrown on the body by a gentle breeze. Adding knitwear to the Klavers van Engelen line for the first time, in downy and weightless mohair, as well as a deep dyed curly goat fur, they further explored their signature purist design principles.

Two different rectangular pieces of fabric sandwich the body to make a top or dress, a mohair knit in front and a washed silk for the much shorter back. Complexity and ease merge in dresses and trousers with large integrated square shaped shawls that can be worn loose over the shoulder or tied around the neck creating a sophisticated draped top. Graphic effects were created by using different fabrics and colors, and the designers also tried to change the view on their creations, the front and back of some dressed were different in color, fit and fabric.

The colour palette starts with the Klavers van Engelen signature ‘flame’ orange and ends in a solid silver grey. Inspired by Mark Rothko’s great colorfield paintings juxtaposing precious shades such as daffodil, mustard, cerise, grape, loganberry, bordeaux, bronze, a wonderful deep fawn, chocolate, latte and just a touch of black creates a mesmerizing effect.

Again the design-duo made a collection that looked simply beautiful from the outside, as if it was created accidentally. But take a closer look and you’ll see true designs that will keep surprising you by every movement.

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