WE ARE MUZE presentation Paris SS2017

October 1, 2016 by  
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WE ARE MUZE is a collective of four individual labels that took its name from a whimsical persona that the designers have sculpted together, their muse, who allows them to showcase their individuality and strength. WE ARE MUZE functions as a platform that offers possibilities to share experience and knowledge and invite upcoming designers to join forces. This season the designers that presented themselves are: BYBROWN from designer Melanie Brown, who is driven by technical tailored design combining engineered craftsmanship with contemporary, raw elegance.
JESSICA JOYCE, whose clothes portray the designer’s fascination with modern angular and geometric shapes, which have been influential in the development of her signature abstract style.
LOVELUHA – designer Natascha Nedoluha – celebrates the creative power of nature. All her jewellery are a reminder of our long-lasting connection with this phenomenon, lovingly laid bare to adorn a woman’s expression and beauty.
ELECTRIC CO from designers Conny Groenewegen unravels the essence of each gesture, utilizing fibres and threads to reassemble the narrative to reach a point where the material starts to create a path that follows its own rules

WE ARE MUZE has a fluid construction allowing it to work with artists in photography, film, dance, graphic design and other fields. The designers aspire to touch the senses, spark the imagination and use their muse as a language to develop new dialogues.
The collective is supported by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency through the Partners for International Business Programme, promoting Dutch fashion in France.