Versus Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2013

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Christopher Kane himself described today’s Versus collection as Cartoon-y and toy-like. And well.. that pretty much covers every look. For fifteen minutes Donatella and Christopher welcomed us into their plastic Barbie-like world. Colors (pink, yellow, blue) were bright, materials (a lot of plastic) shiny and prints (several polka dot variations) clownesque & playful. The designers even came up with accessories, shoes and a few designs made out of plastic chains. There were fully printed looks, flirty asymmetrical dresses, patent leather coats, sheer pink pants and sporty mesh tops. Mix that all together and you’ve got yourself a fun selection of sixties inspired looks. Add a performance of Beth Ditto (singing from above the photographers’ pit) and it’s the ultimate Saturday afternoon entertainment. Optimism is the feeling Versus wants to spread for SS2013 so let’s keep that spirit!

Versus Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear FW2012

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For fall 2012 Donatella Versace and Christopher Kane took us to Camden, an area in London where punk and grunge come together. They brought us to a small alley with a brick wall and wet street. It was the right setting for their fashion show, ‘cause if the collection was anything, it was streetwise.

Rebellious, tough, angry, modern girls (as Christopher put it) appeared in looks that were all slightly off balance. T-shirts were slashed to ribbons, dresses were held together with black leather lacing, mid thigh high boots and lots of tie-dyed items formed the finale of the show.

The clothes looked original and fun and will definitely appeal to the London youth. Also the color palette (from red, to blue, pink and green) seemed fresh and funky. Don’t those red leather pants just have to be worn in a cool city night club? And wouldn’t the tie-dye dresses be perfect for a day at Glastonbury? This Versus collection most become a hit. Or at least the London crowd will love it.




Versus Fashion Show Milan SS2012

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Cheerleaders and basketballplayers played a major role in the Versus ss2012 collection, designed by Donatella Versace and Christopher Kane. The lines at the floor were painted in soft colors – lilac, mint, pink, yellow – that were echoed in the clothes.

Basketball jerseys were turned into tank dresses with black pining. Track-suits were  appeared in leather (jackets) and transparent chiffon (pants). The silhouette was definitely sporty, but the result was chic and glossy. The cheerleaders got swinging pastel dresses with cut-outs at the shoulders and ribs plus beautiful leather heels.


Versus Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2011

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Christopher Kane presented his second collection for Versus this afternoon in a packed venue. Stand outs were the shiny prints and shoes with purple heels and platforms.

Please enjoy the pictures for now, our report will follow soon.

Versus Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2011

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The Versus collection we saw on Sunday was nothing you’d expect from Donatella Versace. The Versace Teatro was decorated by old playground equipment and the ground was covered with real grass and flowers.

The clothes matched the playground equipment in the sense that they had an ‘old’ feeling to them. At the beginning they had blue, yellow and red plaid prints and several skirts and dresses were below the knee.

After a while the plaid details were alternated by tiny flower prints and later by stripes and bright colors. Most designs were a mix of many different prints. Especially when the color blocking dresses appeared we could count at least seven different shades in one dress. The shoes, glasses and clutches matched exactly with the clothes since they had the same kind of prints all over them.

Backstage Christopher Kane told the press that most of the prints came from the Versus archives. He and Donatella just upped the colors and elongated the silhouettes. And we think they did a wonderful job!

Versus Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2010

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Skirts like cupcakes, that’s the best way to describe the stiff  pleated miniskirts Christopher Kane created for his second Versus-collection. It is amazing to see how well the British designer is reviving Gianni Versace’s heyday style. The young, strong but sexy look is still there, but the styling, colors and textiles are modern and very now.

Dresses had that slightly fetish look, but the skirts were playful mixed with T-shirts printed with old Bruce Weber for Versace photos and fluffy cardigans. Colors moved from peacock blue and plum to red, navy and black.

Versus Fashion Presentation ss2010

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It’s Christopher Kane’s new task to bring life back into Versus, the second line of the Versace-house which was hot in the nineties. The models were being placed on plinths to display the 25 wool, lace, and laser-cut neoprene dresses Kane has designed for his debut.  Donatella Versace herself was walking around looking over the group of black, mushroom, and sizzling red dresses. One dress was detailed with slashes held together with pink, red, and green aluminum safety pins—a reinvention of the dress that made  Elizabeth Hurley famous in 1994.