Jef Montes – Tormenta

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Jef Montes Tormenta Paris Catwalkshow & Presentation

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Collection Tormenta is Jef Montes’ first international presentation and Paris debut during the International Art Fair. The collection consists of thirty creations and a material installation. Collection Tormenta is inspired by the maritime industry. Tormenta means Storm in Spanish and the collection exploits Jef’s family heritage with their love for ships. He studied materials that are used in the process to build ships. Materials like nylon, brass, carbon and fibre-glass were used to create technical fabrics. Jef’s grandfather gabriel inspired him to create the dessins for Tormenta. When he was younger he worked on several ships in the south of Spain catching sharks. A few years ago he gave Jef a miniature ship that he handcrafted out of wood. Jef got inspired and that meant the beginning of Tormenta.
Like a ship caught in the storm, Jef designs materials that arise and develop like a storm around the body. Through technical fabrics that take on a new dimension, the essence of the collection is captured in the material installation. Sustainability plays an important role in the p[rocess of Jef’s projects. For Tormenta, several creations from previous projects are further developed and recreated.
Jef Montes is a Dutch designer, whose work balances between the borders of fashion and art.

Jef Montes Amsterdam Fashion Week Experience SS2017

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Ever experienced a massive storm? Well at Jef Montes you were in for a treat! No straight up catwalk show here, the young designer set up a fashion experience. An experience for himself as well as for the audience. Jef Montes decided to create the opening outfit of his brand new collection Tormenta (storm) in front of his guests. A chance for us to take a look inside his design studio, see how it’s done. Not your average workplace we tell you! Like a true storm Jef Montes raged around his experience space using all different types of chemicals to create his design. We got to witness all design phases; epoxy at first and finally black ink to cover it all; the dress, the space and himself. The result? Some fascinating designs shown against an eerie backdrop representing Jef Montes’ thought on life in the here and now as well as the hereafter. We’re blown away (by the storm). Quite the experience.

Kuipers and Montes Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam SS16

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Amsterdam Fashion Week SS2016 is a wrap. Sponsored by Elite Model Look young designers Jef Montes and Jazz Kuipers put the week full of fashion to and end. And boy did we go out with a bang.

First up was Jazz Kuipers with aggressive male models storming the runway like they were on their way to beat someone up. They were dressed to kill in tough black outfits, leather details, touches of white, matching boots and masks.

Jef Montes made sure everyone was paying attention to his show when his first model busted a balloon full of water on the runway. What followed were structured designs full of drama. Shiny dresses and capes that are simply meant to make great entrances at fancy parties and glamorous galas.

Two rather dark and somber shows to close down fashion week, but epic nevertheless. Young talents we hope to see back next season. See you at AFW fw2016!

Jef Montes presents Velero

Jef Montes presented his third collection VELERO  in Amsterdam yesterday. Again, modern high tech fabrics and expressive silhouettes merged into a spectacular collection with a leading role for water and light.
For VELERO Jef Montes got inspired by the construction of sailing boats and the materials they are built with. Montes used fibres as glassfibre, nylon, carbon, silk wool, cotton and viscose. The silhouettes were based on the contours of ships and the way they were draped around the body symbolized the constant fight between nature and machine. The collection was a collaboration between various artists and product designers.  Jef Montes translated the work of artist Simone Albers to graphic colorblocks and into textile developed with  Textile Lab of the Museum for Textiles in Tilburg. At this lab he also developed a material build with four ‘layers’  nylon and cotton that reveals sailinpatterns once the light is projected. Product designer
Lennart Bras developed the material for shoes and the fabric that is used in the first look of the show is an abstract pattern of product designer Eva Bloemsma. The pattern was fixed into the fabric by a chemical process.
The show was followed by an exhibition.

Jef Montes Catwalk Fashion Show FW14

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Illuminosa is the title of Jef Montes’ debut-collection at Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam. With this collection the Artez-graduate tried to visualize the effect of light in an experimental design. The tension backstage was touchable, while Jef Montes adjusted his designs at the last second.

Jef Montes Fashion Week Amsterdam FW2014

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A burning, spinning communion candle as a backdrop; Artez graduate Jef Montes again (like with his 2012 graduation collection) seemed inspired by religion. He immediately caught everyone’s attention as he kicked off his show with a model pouring two ‘candles’ of indigo paint over her white dress. What followed was a mix of blue and white wet-looking creations with matching head pieces. Impressive were the shiny designs, created out of satin duchesse and hand painted fibre glass. And even though the fit of the designs (robes) was loose and structured beautiful, colorful, cross-shaped embroideries added a touch of refinement to the Illuminosa collection. The first official fashion week collection for Jef and most certainly not the last one.