NŌN by KIM SS2015 Amsterdam Fashion Week

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With the presentation of ‘Panta Rhei’ (everything flows) designer Kim Bakker made her comeback to the Amsterdam Fashion Week’s official schedule. Inspired by Greek and Indian myths and the thought that the world is created out of an egg she showed a perfectly balanced selection of menswear looks. While a rising sun and waves filled up the show’s backdrop Kim’s models appeared wearing casual items influenced by the Ottoman Empire, that never dissapointed. Sweaters, pants, a parka and bomber jackets in a soft mix of colors with a shiny, metallic kind of touch were the true showstoppers. Shorts, cardigans and rolled up trousers made up for good looking attires. And to make her designs stand out even more Kim used UV reactive prints, which created beautiful colors when taken outside. NŌN by KIM, a joy to watch and a seemingly relaxed and comfy addition to any modern man’s wardrobe. Welcome back Kim!

NŌN by KIM Presentation FW2011

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Front row Non by Kim Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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Who was sitting front row at the Non by Kim catwalk fashion show? Check out the front row pictures we took of the VIP’s.

Non by Kim Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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Kim Bakkers’ new fashion collection was inspired by lost tribes, people who live isolated and free of influences from other civilizations. Therefore it was called ‘Uncontacted’.

For this collection Kim reinterpreted the ethnic symbols of the lost tribes into a contemporary aesthetic. She translated their rich cultural traditions and hand-drawn body decorations into roughly geometric, clear-cut, hand drawn grid divisions.

The catwalk was surrounded by little speakers which created special extra sound effects during the show. For that Kim partnered with Steim, a music institution dedicated to live performance.

We saw perfect pleated pants with low crotches, cosy cardigans, asymmetric shirts and geometric prints. They all looked very well made and super comfy. Kim used materials like Japanese denim, wool and linen mixes. She also thought of the environment by choosing for organic and recycled cottons.

Shades of indigo ink, sand, poison green and off white formed a nice color palette. Especially in the prints these shades looked good together.

Kim cut off the length of the clothes which made the cardigans in particular look strangely short in a way. Some of the sweaters appeared a bit too hot for next summer, but overall Kim showed a strong collection.

Goodiebag!? Non by Kim Catwalk Fashion Show

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The goodiebag of the Non by Kim fashion show was a goody. It contained:


Absolut Vodka Cocktail Shaker

Redken fan

CitizenM Soap

Personal Style Magazine

Lubion magazine illustrated ’10

Disinherited – book – Indians in Brazil


Sports world guest ticket

Folder un contacted

Sportsworld folder

Estimated value: 15,-

Rating: 6

Goodiebags!? Day three – Amsterdam Fashion Week

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This year we pay attention to the goodiebags we receive at every fashion show. Although they’re called goodiebags, not everything that’s inside is really a goodie. Therefore we review the bags we receive during the Amsterdam Fashion Week and estimate their value.

At the end of the week we’ll announce the winner of our Goodiebag Contest. Check it out!


Non by Kim

The goodiebag we received at the NON by KIM fashion show contained:


Hair conditioner – Redken


Gift voucher 5 euro – Lensworld

Folder – Aluminium Chair

Liv magazine – Volvo

Estimated Value: € 1,-

Rating: 3



The goodiebag we received at the SUPERTRASH fashion show contained:


Mirror and hairbrush – Styletoday

Bag – I Love Fashion News

Soap – Gamila Secret

Energy shot – Dagravit

Chocolate – Australian – 250 gram

Magazine – Supertrash

Snack – Fruit & Crispy – 10 gram

Color activating treatment – Redken – 50 ml

Candle – Supertrash

Home fragrance sticks – Rituals

Body Cream – Aveda – 25 ml

Mascara – Maybelline

She – energy drink

Dinercheque 25,-

Supertan – 12 ml

Mentos – Aqua kiss

Scrub glove – Pure

Voucher for a pair of Porsche sunglasses


Folder: fashioncheque

Estimated value: € 250,-

Rating: 6*

*We would really love to give the goodiebag a 9, yet while we didn’t receive one we changed it into a 6.We were dissapointed about the fact that not everyone at the show received a goodiebag. All first two rows got one, except us, sitting in section C. Did they ran out of goodiebags, did some people steal them before the show started or do journalists just don’t get one?
Dear Olcay Gulsen, we hope we will receive one of your great goodiebags at your next show.


Claes Iversen

The goodiebag we received at CLAES IVERSEN’s fashion show contained:


Ultra-straight balm – Redken

Mascara – Maybelline


Estimated value: € 8,-

Rating: 6

Non by Kim Amsterdam Fashion Week fw2010

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The Non by Kim fashion show started with the sound of strong wind. Models with snow in their hair appeared on the catwalk in heavy woolen sweaters and thick scarves.

The show was inspired by the South Pole, so Kim Bakker designed the clothes of a whole new civilization, which could be living in the midst of the pole.

Halfway the show the models acted as if they were walking on cracking ice, thus they carefully walked the first part of the runway.

The colors of the collection were gray, light blue and brown. A pair of trousers and several Norwegian knitted sweaters were made out of all sorts of colored wool.

Some models wore glasses that looked like ski glasses from the old days. Other models had a bright blue contact lens in one of their eyes.

The fashion label Non by Kim was founded in 2007 by designer Kim Bakker. During this Amsterdam Fashion Week she presented her fourth collection of menswear.

Non by Kim Catwalk Fashion Show SS10

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Inventorum Natura is the title of NON by Kim’s spring summer collection 2010. The third collection of Kim Bakker takes us to the realm of flesh eating plants. Brrr. She got inspired by the tantalizing tragedy of the victim that – once caught in the sweet sticky body – is destined to be digested. The collection reflects parts of this world, the agthered constructions and wired seams give the garments an organic and clean cut feel. A balance is created between smooth lightweight and textured materials which give the fluid layered silhouettes a feeling of motion.

Kim right after her NON BY KIM show at Amsterdam Fashion Week 2008

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Non by Kim Catwalk Fashion Show SS09

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