Goodiebags !? Day five Amsterdam Fashion Week

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This year we pay extra attention to the goodiebags we receive at every fashion show. Although they’re called goodiebags, not everything that’s inside is really a goodie. Therefore we review the bags we receive during the Amsterdam Fashion Week and estimate their value.

At the end of the week we’ll announce the winner of our Goodiebag Contest. Check it out!

Gooediebag Club Brillant.aspx

Club Brillant

The goodiebag we received at the CLUB BRILLANT fashion show contained:

Book – Contemporary Luxury
Magazine about sunglasses, fashion and travel
Voucher – La Dress – 25,-


Estimated Value: € 26,-

Rating: 6

Goodiebag REPLAY.aspx


The goodiebag we received at the REPLAY fashion show contained:

Bottle – Campari
Stirr – Campari
Hair & Body wash – Redken
Cool finish – Redken
Chill blast – Redken
Voucher – Rob Peetoom


Estimated Value: € 16,-

Rating: 6

Goodiebag BIBI.aspx

Bibi van der Velden

The goodiebag we received at the BIBI VAN DER VELDEN fashion show contained:

Box with a book by Yfke Sturm and a silk scarf
Key ring – Bibi van der Velden
Plump treat – Redken


Estimated Value: € 25,-

Rating: 7,5

Replay Amsterdam Fashion Week fw2010

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We really liked the Replay fashion show and not only because top model Anna Beatriz Barros walked in it. Replay showed a lot of colorful and comfortable clothes. And while a lot of styles and colors were mixed ‘n matched it felt a bit folklore-ish.

The denim was as well slim as baggy and had a lot of funny details like chains, studs and labels. It was mainly dark with new innovative washes.

Checked and floral prints could be seen in some blouses and tunics. The thick woolen sweaters with crazy prints looked very cool and oh so winter proof.

The women wore small leather jackets, the man wore knitted cardigans.

Towards the end the models came by in some cute party dresses. Those dresses, in gray and black, were small and decorated with all kinds of gold and silver studs.

What we loved about the collection was the fact that there was a significant parallelism between the male and female clothes. It showed that the influences Replay used, can look good on both men and women.

Claudia Sträter Amsterdam Fashion Week fw2010

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Claudia Sträter presented a modern collection for powerful women on the last day of fashion week. We saw jackets with influences from the eighties, skirts and coats with animal prints and carrot pants.

The collection also had a few good suits, a lot of woolen waistcoats and cardigans in natural colors like gray, brown and beige. They were worn with large leather belts. Other leather items were dresses, pants and gloves.

Of course all trends were used in a modest way, so the collection can be worn by many different Claudia Sträter women.

Ado Les Scents by Hyun Yeu Amsterdan Fashion Week fw2010

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Fashion designer Hyun Yeu presented his second menswear collection for fw2010. He named it Rain, while the clothes in this collection were meant to be worn (with a smile) on a rainy day.

The main character in the collection was a coat. We saw a fur coat, trench coats and some shiny silver and blue coats. A cashmere pea coat was so popular that couturier Frans Molenaar already bought it right after the show.

Hyun Yeu also showed some suits in orange black and some long woolly sweaters. We spotted them already the menswear collections in Milan and Paris, but Hyun Yeu presented some old fashion long Johns as well. They were worn with short tight jackets (with only one button) and blouses.

When we asked Hyun Yeu which item was his favorite he said: ‘All the outfits are my babies. I cannot pick one favorite, that’s like choosing between your children. I love them all.’

Besides the trench coat, we loved the pleated silk wool pants in his collection. They fit perfectly and were very well executed.
Actually they look too good to wear on a rainy day, if you ask us.

EnD Amsterdam Fashion Week fw2010

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The fashion show of Eva and Delia was introduced by a short forties/fifties movie in which we saw Victoria Koblenko and Sebastiaan Labrie. It was inspired by Hollywood’s black and white crime-cinema.

Small lamps were hanging above the catwalk and as they lighted up the models appeared.

The designers described their collection as the most chique, fatal, feminine and dramatic one ever. They passed the campy influences they used earlier and focused more on glamour. Yet they still cherished their cutting edge and rocky energy.

Eva and Delia showed a lot of accentuated shoulders. Several fans attached to dresses came by as well. Long eighties inspired jackets with shoulder pads, worn as dresses, and high-waisted pants were also shown.

All designs came by in gold, black and beige and were worn with bronze necklaces.

At the end of the show all models stood still on the runway as the lamps above their heads were turned off one by one to the sounds of Rock ‘n’ roll suicide by David Bowie.

Eva and Delia showed their first collection for EnD in 2007. In November 2009 EnD won the Marie Claire Prix de la Mode as Best National Designer.

Non by Kim Amsterdam Fashion Week fw2010

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The Non by Kim fashion show started with the sound of strong wind. Models with snow in their hair appeared on the catwalk in heavy woolen sweaters and thick scarves.

The show was inspired by the South Pole, so Kim Bakker designed the clothes of a whole new civilization, which could be living in the midst of the pole.

Halfway the show the models acted as if they were walking on cracking ice, thus they carefully walked the first part of the runway.

The colors of the collection were gray, light blue and brown. A pair of trousers and several Norwegian knitted sweaters were made out of all sorts of colored wool.

Some models wore glasses that looked like ski glasses from the old days. Other models had a bright blue contact lens in one of their eyes.

The fashion label Non by Kim was founded in 2007 by designer Kim Bakker. During this Amsterdam Fashion Week she presented her fourth collection of menswear.

Frontrow day two – Amsterdam Fashion Week 2010

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On Thursday evening designers Mada van Gaans and Camilla Norrback presented their new collections. The show area was fully packed. And what everyone wants to know is, who was sitting frontrow? We photographed some of those (frontrow) people.

Frontrow day one – Amsterdam Fashion Week 2010

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The evening of the openingssoiree was visited by a lot of familiar fashion faces. Right before the shows of Jan Taminiau and Mattijs began, we photographed the people sitting front row…