Claes Iversen Couture Fashion Show SS2018

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Please enjoy the pictures for now, our review will follow later.

Claes Iversen Couture SS17 Catwalk Show: TPS Recap

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See our team in action in the making-of the Claes Iversen Couture SS17 show. The first show at our new location in Amsterdam.

II by Claes Iversen Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA FW2015

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IVERSENAmsterdam Fashion Week truly saved one of the best designers till the end. On Monday evening Claes Iversen presented his FW2015/2016 collection as a closure of a week full of fashion on a catwalk decorated by ethnic rugs. The show was a mix between couture and ready to wear (II by Claes Iversen) and therefore included a lot of wearable looks next to some incredible, handcrafted pieces of art.

For his II By Claes Iversen collection Claes was inspired by Islandic saga’s, Nordic myths and fairytales. Influences (visible through patterns and fabrics developed by the designer himself)he mixed with inspiration form Yves Saint Laurents Russian Collection, resulting in a warm color palette and rich materials. Patchwork details could be seen on the eyecatchers of the show. Like the patchwork of a wild fox on a bonded sweatshirt. The most fragile looks decorated by embroidered flowers (which were the opening of the show) referred to elf’s as hairy teddy creations had us thinking of wild beasts.

The couture pieces had the same inspiration as a starting point. Rich materials, warm colors and lots of handcrafted pieces added to the folkloric feeling. Most materials, like lace combined with hand embroidered crystals and beads, were developed by Claes’ atelier. Coats and skirts with a fur feeling were actually made out of satin ribbons and woolen yarn. An absolute showstopper was an ivory colored dress/jacket with a fully embroidered body and structured sleeves made out of those ribbons. A similar look in blue had the same breathtaking effect. Not to mention the floor sweeping folkloric red dress worthy of a Nordic queen. And of course every editor in the room found her dream wedding dress by the time the final, jaw dropping look appeared.

Claes told the most wonderful fairytale. Now we’re all enchanted.


Claes Iversen SS2015 Amsterdam Fashion Week

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Designer Claes Iversen had the honour of opening this edition of Amsterdam Fashion Week (AFW). Or should we say the AFW had the honour? On Thursday night he presented his SS2015 collection; selection of his couture creations combined with designs from his brand new (more affordable) prêt-à-portercollection ‘II by Claes Iversen’. Clothes that still carried his signature; his love for couture and craftsmanship plus a lot of eye for detail. Yet clothes that brought a totally different vibe with them. Practical pieces that were more about wearability and fitting in with the rest of a woman’s wardrobe, other than being complete head turners on their own. Claes introduced sweat shirts (who would have thought?) decorated by crystals and shorts, shirt dresses and trench coats, pleated pants and suit jackets. Basically a complete wardrobe with a strong focus on tailoring, to take you from a casual shopping spree to a fancy dinner. Overall the clothes were clean, almost minimalistic. Yet it wouldn’t have been a true Claes show without the embroidered flowers, the rich fabrics and the ultra elegant silhouettes. Not to forget his signature pleating, draping and folding. Claes’ seahorse print, some of his airy knits and his color palette of nudes, sands and whites alternated by touches of green and yellow definitely screamed summer. A chic summer we can’t wait for to happen. Two by Claes Iversen, we’ll take one of each piece please!

Claes Iversen SS2014 Amsterdam Fashion Week

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Claes Iversen once again blue the Amsterdam Fashion Week audience away with his beautifully crafted feminine designs. This time fringes formed the central theme in his pastel colored summer collection. After the show opened with a big yellow raincoat, a white dress and two suits they slowly started appearing on tops, parts of dresses and skirts. Like in many of his collections Claes was able to perfectly build up the tension, letting the fringe detailing of his creations add up with every look. Leopard prints, metallics and fringes made out of thousands of beads formed the ultimate mix for his ladylike looks. They combined different shades in one look, ranging from sand and turquoise to pink and silver. The final model appearing on stage truly was the queen of fringes as she wore a floor sweeping fringed gown including a matching beaded headpiece. Lots of great splendid dress option here for Claes’ loyal Dutch clients, who were, of course, all present tonight.

Claes Iversen Catwalk Fashion Show AFW FW2013

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The collection of Claes Iversen in 10 words. Sculptural. Feminine. Elegant. White. Black. Camel. Strong. Mature. Modern. Futuristic.

Frontrow at Claes Iversen AFW SS2013

That was quite a packed front row at the openings show of Claes Iversen at the first day of Amsterdam Fashion Week. So it seems not everybody is having his or her holiday yet. We spotted Lonneke Engel, Stacey Rookhuizen, Fiona Hering and Frans Molenaar amongst others. But take a look yourself!

Claes Iversen Amsterdam Catwalk Fashion Show SS2013

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Tonight Claes Iversen presented us with a mix of different styles and collections. He opened the show with several minimalistic, sober grey looks, followed by rich, colorful floral designs and ended with more dramatic styles in shades of grey and coral.

Throughout the collection he showed some of his previously designed details and re-introduced some ‘old’ success numbers like the price tags (which were lasered this time) and butterflies he once presented. Claes even recreated half of his iconic rose dress from 2007 and used it has one of his final items. Plus a suit jacket was brought back to live in several different fashion pieces.

Different periodes melted together; sixties flairpants and floral prints clash with all American football influences, which include strong shoulders and sportswear inspired details.

See all the highlights come together in this mind blowing spring/summer fashion show.


Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam Claes Iversen FW2012

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After a few super feminine, glamorous collections designer Claes Iversen decided to opt for a slightly darker, tougher fall winter feeling. In de Oude Kerk in the city center of Amsterdam, yet another great and unique show area picked by the Danish designer, he presented his new range of clothes he has worked on for the last six months.

Inspired by a tea cup turned upside down Claes came up with beautifully shaped dresses and coats. They portrayed feminine silhouettes in contrast with lots of volume at the upper body.

More contrast came in the dynamic between masculinity and femininity, gorgeous highly embroidered, items versus minimalistic pieces and dark shades like burgundy, deep green and black combined with light, fresh tones like orange, white and mint.

Still the overall dark feeling came through in every single look, emphasized by the models’ dark lips, their hair in their faces and long, black leather gloves. It felt kind of Gothic (good match with the show location), yet Claes managed to still keep it beautiful.

He surprised us by presenting a white smoking as a wedding‘dress’ and a suit jacket as an evening gown. He woke us up by showing something different than just beautiful and feminine. Yet he stayed true to his detailed craftsmanship and his excellent taste. Hats off for Claes for taking a risk, but not taking it too far.

Claes Iversen Catwalk Fashion Show ss2012

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After having traveled through all four fashion capitals in the past few weeks, last night the fashion circus arrived at it’s final destination: Amsterdam. It was Claes Iversen’s show which brought Dutch celebs and fashion professionals together at Zuidpark on Thursday evening.

Inspired by a small group of women, who seem to have everything in the world Claes came up with a whole lot of elegant dresses, duo colored pants, sheer skirts and detailed blouses.

Crosses seemed a big theme in the show, in which models walked on a cross-shaped catwalk. They were used as embroideries on skirts, short jackets and long evening dresses, varying in shape and color.

A poppy print (in white and orange/red) was used in many of the couture-like designs as well. It beautifully mixed in with the rest of the color palette (many whites, cardinal, cyon).

Huge (filled) shoulders and large bows (on the models’ chests) gave the designs a more structured look.

Going through Claes’ Tweets of the past few weeks we learned not everything in the design process went as smoothly as the designer had hoped. But on Thursday night, when everything just came together, there was no sign of all of that. I was just a perfect presentation of a graceful, beautifully made and positive spring/summer collection.



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