Backstage at AFW FW2012 Individuals

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Take a look backstage at the Individuals-show which was dark and grungy. The students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute got inspired by today’s world crisis, with protest-movements like Occupy. Functionality and survival are the main factor in this collection. The styling, accessoiries and hair/make-up tell it all.

Individuals Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam FW2012

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On a catwalk full of black confetti tough models appeared to the sound of howling wolves. They wore masks, hoodies and scarves around their heads to cover their faces. They even wore scary wolf masks to match the music.

Their looks were dark and grungy, but there was more than enough variation in the outfits. The collection named “Duals” included asymmetric dresses, coats and fur vests.

In a fast pace the models walked the runway in designs, which throughout the show gradually changed from black to light grey and sandtones. They looked like they were wandering in a lost city, like urban nomads.

Besides the collection Duals individuals also presented a limited edition collection book filled with passion and power. In this book individuals is seeking answers to questions about the time in which we live.

Individuals Backstage at AIFW SS2012

The team went backstage at the Individuals show, the ‘commercial’ show of the Amfi. Make-up and hairteam worked hard to make the models look perfect and the clothes looked promising.

Indiviuals Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam FW2011

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The individuals fashion show was all about taking a leap of faith. The moment when morals collapse and barriers fade. As adrenaline kicks in, everything turns black.

And there indeed was a lot of black in the collection (named La Petite Mort), mixed with some shades of red/orange. It felt kind of Gothic, especially combined with the dark eyes and the ‘hairy’ shoes.

Airy fabrics and corset-like details made the designs look super feminine. Plus strong, raised shoulders made up for some powerful details.


Individuals is run by a changing collective of young creatives. By combining this talent an inspiring story can be told. Individuals showed it’s tenth collection today.

Frontrow Individuals AIFW FW2011

The fashionpro’s are always curious about the taste and ideas of a new generation. So editors, stylists, photographers and colleagues gathered at the Zuiveringhal to watch the collection of Individuals.

Individuals Backstage AIFW FW2011

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Individuals showed its fall 2011 collection titled La Petite Mort. Backstage the beauty and styling-team transformed the models into catwalkbeauties.

Individuals by AMFI Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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The Individuals fashion show we saw on Thursday was named Some dream of running away to the circus. The show was all about elegant wearable clothes with fun details. After lots of smoke was blown in the air the first girls appeared. They wore dresses, tops and pants in purple and champagne. Some pleats and fringes were nice details and most of the clothes were loose fitting.

Leather accessories like gloves and knee-bands gave the looks a fun twist. And the knee stockings added some extra color.

The models all had beautiful make-up, completely matching with the show’s circus theme. The colors of their clothes (dazzling white, popping pink, daring turquoise en cannon ball black) were used for the make-up as well.

The collection had some pretty strong outfits in it. They were beautifully tailored and had a nice, wearable silhouette.

Individuals is an ever changing collective of young creative designers. By combining talent every time an inspiring story is told. Every generation adds it’s own unique chapter to the continuing story of Individuals.

Individuals is sold in the Netherlands and is now focusing on expanding abroad (United States, France, Japan and Denmark). In September an Individuals pop-up store will be opened in London.

Collectie Arnhem & Individuals by AMFI Catwalk Fashion Show FW09

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Individuals by AMFI Catwalk Backstage SS09

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Individuals by AMFI Catwalk Fashion Show SS09

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