Individuals Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam FW2012

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On a catwalk full of black confetti tough models appeared to the sound of howling wolves. They wore masks, hoodies and scarves around their heads to cover their faces. They even wore scary wolf masks to match the music.

Their looks were dark and grungy, but there was more than enough variation in the outfits. The collection named “Duals” included asymmetric dresses, coats and fur vests.

In a fast pace the models walked the runway in designs, which throughout the show gradually changed from black to light grey and sandtones. They looked like they were wandering in a lost city, like urban nomads.

Besides the collection Duals individuals also presented a limited edition collection book filled with passion and power. In this book individuals is seeking answers to questions about the time in which we live.


One Response to “Individuals Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam FW2012”

  1. nannet van der kleijn says:

    Touched to tears. Thanks beuatiful brand, beautiful people. Creative creation rules!!!

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