Goodiebags !? Day five Amsterdam Fashion Week

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This year we pay extra attention to the goodiebags we receive at every fashion show. Although they’re called goodiebags, not everything that’s inside is really a goodie. Therefore we review the bags we receive during the Amsterdam Fashion Week and estimate their value.

At the end of the week we’ll announce the winner of our Goodiebag Contest. Check it out!

Gooediebag Club Brillant.aspx

Club Brillant

The goodiebag we received at the CLUB BRILLANT fashion show contained:

Book – Contemporary Luxury
Magazine about sunglasses, fashion and travel
Voucher – La Dress – 25,-


Estimated Value: € 26,-

Rating: 6

Goodiebag REPLAY.aspx


The goodiebag we received at the REPLAY fashion show contained:

Bottle – Campari
Stirr – Campari
Hair & Body wash – Redken
Cool finish – Redken
Chill blast – Redken
Voucher – Rob Peetoom


Estimated Value: € 16,-

Rating: 6

Goodiebag BIBI.aspx

Bibi van der Velden

The goodiebag we received at the BIBI VAN DER VELDEN fashion show contained:

Box with a book by Yfke Sturm and a silk scarf
Key ring – Bibi van der Velden
Plump treat – Redken


Estimated Value: € 25,-

Rating: 7,5

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