Ado Les Scents by Hyun Yeu Amsterdan Fashion Week fw2010

January 31, 2010 by  
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Fashion designer Hyun Yeu presented his second menswear collection for fw2010. He named it Rain, while the clothes in this collection were meant to be worn (with a smile) on a rainy day.

The main character in the collection was a coat. We saw a fur coat, trench coats and some shiny silver and blue coats. A cashmere pea coat was so popular that couturier Frans Molenaar already bought it right after the show.

Hyun Yeu also showed some suits in orange black and some long woolly sweaters. We spotted them already the menswear collections in Milan and Paris, but Hyun Yeu presented some old fashion long Johns as well. They were worn with short tight jackets (with only one button) and blouses.

When we asked Hyun Yeu which item was his favorite he said: ‘All the outfits are my babies. I cannot pick one favorite, that’s like choosing between your children. I love them all.’

Besides the trench coat, we loved the pleated silk wool pants in his collection. They fit perfectly and were very well executed.
Actually they look too good to wear on a rainy day, if you ask us.

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