Iris van Herpen Haute Couture Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2013

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Dutch designer Iris van Herpen sent out metallic shell like structures that engulfed the upper body, as well as kimono-dresses with fragile cutout patterns. Of course she used her favorite techniques 3D-printing and laser cutting to produce her effects. It was the first time she made a complete dress by 3D printing.
She also played with the notion of the human body altered by surgery and scarification via pierced silicon dresses.

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Iris van Herpen Haute Couture Paris SS2013

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Iris van Herpen is working on her very first ready to wear collection as we speak. Yet she didn’t let that exciting new project get in the way of delivering a picture perfect couture collection in Paris this week. With her fourth couture show Iris showed a small selection of dresses inspired by the unpredictable aspect of lightning. Starshaped twizzling energy points, made with the use of a 3D printer, translated the lightning in her designs, which breathed originality, craftsmanship and a progressive fashion attitude.


Iris van Herpen Couture Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2012

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Hybrid Holism is the title of Iris van Herpens last collection, It’s divers and complex in terms of form, structure and material. With this collection Van Herpen introduces a new technique called  ‘Mammoth Stereo Lithograph’. Its 3D printing process is build part by part in a layer of polymer. The polymer gets hard when in contact with a laserbeam, the result is a layered and complex form.  For this 3D print Iris van Herpen collaborated with Materialise and architect Julia Koerner. Innovation always plays a major part in Van Herpens work.
In this collections she used Swarovski crystals, lace made of silicone, copper,  Ecco leer and acrylic transparent skin. Colors like black. dark red and dark blue are mixed with metallic purple and transparent amber.

Iris van Herpen Catwalk Fashion Couture Show Paris ss2012

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Dutch artist/designer Iris van Herpen was an official guest at the calendar of the Haute Couture-shows in Paris. Again she surprised the audience with a breathtaking collection.

Iris van Herpen Couture Collection Paris FW2012

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With the presentation of her fall-winter 2012 collection during Paris couture-week Iris van Herpen proved that couture is really a platform for creativity. She keeps testing the limits with her creations, and no one on day one of the three-day-long couture calendar came anywhere near to pushing the envelope as far as Iris van Herpen.

What to think of a halter-dress made from what appeared to be a distended skeleton? Or the shiny black tubes that enveloped another mini-dress? Van Herpen presented old and new work, but it all morphs easily into one collection, the difference lies into the techniques, use of fabrics and themes. But what stays is her impressive dark techno style that’s original, exciting and fresh.

Arnhem Mode Biennale 2011: Dutch Design

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During the Arnhem Mode Biënnale Dutch Design is well represented. You can, for instance, take a look at some of the designs Klavers van Engelen and Iris van Herpen made.

A design made by Iris van Herpen is placed within the exposition as a fountain. The design (A/W 2011) already told a great story on water and now this story is visualized even better.

Klavers van Engelen showed their airy designs, brought to live by small windmills, making the dresses dance with the wind. Their question: “Wanna Dance Amber?”


Iris van Herpen Haute Couture show Paris SS2011

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This week Iris van Herpen once again amazed the international fashion crowd with another great collection. She presented her new series of twelve outfits, for the first time during the Paris Haute Couture Week.

Iris van Herpen was inspired by the increasing digitalization of the world around us. She used the sculptures of American artist Kris Kuksi as an important inspiration and used a very special printing technique for her dresses. The designs were fully printed in 3D, not a single stitch was needed. Iris developed that technique together with architect Daniel Widrig, she used this technique in her previous collections too.

The white, black, grey and beige creations were made out of unconventional material like a mix of metal and silk, burned woven metal and shiny hair threads.

And there were more collaborations… For the shoes of the show Iris worked with Rem. D Koolhaas of United Nude again and she was honored to have British hat designer Stephen Jones working on her hats. They were made out of technological bits and pieces. Remnants of computers and speakers were turned into modern hat pieces….Wow!

Interview Iris van Herpen at AIFW

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Interview met Iris van Herpen over haar collectie die ze tijdens de Amsterdam fashion week showde. De collectie bestond uit tien outfits en was absoluut de moeite waard!


AIFW Sfeer Dag 1

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Impressie van de eerste dag AIFW Amsterdam Fashion Week. De opening en shows van Iris van Herpen en Spijkers & Spijkers.


Goodiebag!? Iris van Herpen Fashion Show

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At the Iris van Herpen fashion show we received a goodiebag. It contained the products above, which we rated as follows:


May edition of Nouveau magazine

Juli edition of Marie – Claire

A bottle of Rosemount Chardonnay – 750 ml

Voucher free glass of champagne at the college

Redken fan

Maybeline – Vibrating mascara

PTB – Lip balm


Folder Ernst & Young

Folder Maitre Frederic

Folder 15 % discount at Esqo living

Estimated Value: €20,-

Rating: 6

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