Maison the Faux Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA FW2015

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Backstage turned frontstage this afternoon at Maison the Faux. A surprising switch that had us all in doubt for a second. Was this really the main show? Yet anyone who knows Maison the Faux also knows you’re in for a treat with this label. They’ve spiced things up with their previous Amsterdam fashion week shows and didn’t disappoint today either. It was a backstage like we know it, although perhaps slightly less hectic. Models waiting in line, photographers taking beauty shots, it was all there. In the middle of the show area clothings racks and dressers (in tracksuits) took care of the model dressing part, while half naked models were lounging on some of the graphic, black and white sofas placed around it. How bizarre! The clothes itself again were so wrong it almost seemed right. Bold prints, oversized silhouettes, sheerness as well as (faux) fur. ‘Faux’ was written on many of the pieces, like a luxury brand’s logo, and even could be seen on the models’ faces. The overall style seemed sporty and definitely a little crazy. A small selection of pieces was available online, immediately after the show. C’est Vrai ou C’est FAUX?

INKNI Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA FW2015

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Tonight was Zheng Zheng Li’s Amsterdam Fashion Week debut. And the Chinese-born designer, who studied in Paris and achieved his Masters in Arnhem certainly wowed the Dutch audience. He presented a flawless menswear collection which had all the right ingredients in it. Musthaves like the white shirt, black pants, blue suit, grey cardigan and waistcoats all made their way onto the runway. All still perfectly wearable pieces, but with a surprising touch. Like gold details, baroque prints, an extra belt, a subtle slit or a certain piece done in a few inches shorter than you’d expect. Polka dot socks and shoes added to the uniqueness of the looks as did animal masques on the back of the models’ heads. Such a joy to watch.

Streetwear Paris SS15, Paris s’éveille

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Paris is the last city of our fashion-season. Check out this video with the atmosphere around the shows: models, celebs, editors and buyers from all around the world. Paris s’éveille!

Avelon Catwalk Fashion Show Backstage Impression SS15

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Take a look backstage at Avelon catwalk show during fashion week in Paris.

Avelon Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Spring Summer 2015 SS15

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Watch the models walking down the catwalk wearing the Avelon spring summer 15 collection. This video has been recorded at the Dutch Embassy in Paris during Fashion Week.

New York Spin – Streetwear in New York FW14 season

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Team Peter Stigter went to New York to cover the fashion shows. See what’s happening outside the shows, editors, models and buyers who attend the shows.

SIS by Spijkers en Spijkers Fashion Week Amsterdam FW2014

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No fashion week without the SIS-sisters. Truus and Riet Spijkers closed the Amsterdam Fashion Week spectacle with a playful, wearable fall/winter collection ‘Around the world in a day’ for their SIS-line. Inspired by traveling they changed up their typical SIS-silhouette a little bit for next year. Looks became a little more structured and sportive. T-shirt tops with rose appliques looked refreshing. As did a series of baseball jackets, which came by in sheer and a few rose appliques versions. They were matched with pencil skirts and grey woolen socks with black heels. The typical SIS dresses were still there too; with colored, printed parts and cute little collars. Oh and don’t think the Arnhem based sisters forgot about the suits. With accentuated waists and strapless dresses the silhouette was feminine. And with shades of burgundy, black, pink, white, blue, green, orange, red next winter is going to be bright.

Dennis Diem Fashion Week Amsterdam FW2014

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Not only do those towering high fashion shoes make a more dramatic catwalk image, they can be painful and dangerous too. Tonight Dennis Diem showed just how dangerous they can be as he sent out his models on sky-high black shoes. After a few tumbling and stumbling models one of the girls really fell flat on her face. It gave everyone in the audience a heart attack, yet turned out to be an act (what a relief!). It drew our attention away from the clothes for a brief moment, but luckily Dennis’ creations, inspired by opium and the movement of smoke, were just so gorgeous we couldn’t keep our eyes off of them. From a wall of smoke models appeared in a selection of (mostly) monochrome dresses with a slight rebellious touch. Sexy corsets (Diem’s signature) were attached to pencil skirts and floor sweeping dresses with lots of tulle to create that extra romantic vibe. Cashmere capes added some extra drama and shiny sequins gave the looks a dreamy touch. With a focus on shoulders and hips the designs were even more powerful. The fairytale was complete once Dennis received his applause while walking the catwalk accompanied by two of his princesses dressed in impressive off white dream gowns.

Edwin Oudshoorn Fashion Week Amsterdam FW2014

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At Edwin Oudshoorn an improvised forest formed the scene for his collection presentation Fools Paradise. “An artificial paradise”, as he wrote in his show notes, “which  comes with the striving for perfection”. Not only the room was gorgeously decorated, a singer in the back of the room, playing the piano sang beautifully too. And then there were those dresses… first short and white, then grey, checked, sequined and red, with corsets bodices. All highly decorated, showing sparkling Swarosvki details, embroideries, feathers, as well as a lot of skin (or.. actually sheer nude colored fabric). Towards the end the dresses got longer, the models’ cleavage deeper. Apart from the elegant dresses a pair of shorts and a few skirts were in the mix too, worn with blouses with wide sleeves. All perfectly tailored and well shaped. A nice, well edited selection of chic, ladylike looks. Just what we needed on the closing night of this fashion week.

Winde Rienstra Fashion Week Amsterdam FW2014

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Ask any Amsterdam fashion week visitor what show they’re looking forward to and chances are big “Winde Rienstra” is the answer. Those people were not disappointed tonight. While Frisian singer Nynke Laverman – dressed in Winde Rienstra – sang a song in Frisian young girls with buns high on their head on towering high wooden shoes slowly entered the runway. They looked long, lean and serene in their off white and mint colored creations. Inspired by her own roots, Fryslan, Winde, more than in her previous collections, focused on real clothing instead of just her wooden constructions for this “STJERREN OAN IT FIRMAMINT” collection. It made her looks more ‘real’ but still the designs were true pieces of art. The structured knitwear, the long sheer fabrics as well as the sparkling, sequined creations and the designs created at the Tilburg Textile Museum. Perfectly balanced, each look as impressive as the one before. And as if we didn’t have enough time to glaze at the beautiful handmade looks at the end all girls appeared once more. Standing on spinning boards the models gave us one more extra look at their attires, which shined as a flickering light in the dark, like stars in the firmament. Amen.

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