Frontrow at Dennis Diem Catwalk Fashion Show SS2017

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Who came out to get a first glimpse of the SS2017 Dennis Diem collection? Just click through our gallery of front row guests to find out.

Dennis Diem Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam SS2017

A fully packed Gashouder is waiting for designer Dennis Diem to start his show. Also the big fashion journalists are present, gathering in the front row. All iPhones held in line to capture the perfect opening shot as soon as the lights switch off. The excitement for the ‘Sweet Rebel’ show is tangible. And who doesn’t want to be part of a romantic fifties movie scene, but in real life? A show that takes you back to the set of cult-film Cry Baby (1990, John Waters). Don’t we all dig the famous love stories about the good girl falling for the bad guy? And good she was, oh la la. The collection was sugarcoated with pastel colours, ruffles, petticoats, silk, organza, tulle, jacquards, lace and cashmere. Not to mention his hand-made bodices. It felt like we were attending high school prom, waiting (and shivering) for our big crush to come pick us up on his motorcycle.

“I’ve never seen such a proper show from Dennis”, someone in the audience recalls. Probably not knowing what was about to come. Because our high school crush a.k.a. The Ladykiller arrived on an actual (!) motor vehicle, and it immediately changed everything into a good girl gone bad vibe (where’s RiRi when you need her). Dennis Diem collaborated with designer Jos Jacob, who’s work is known for leather, bondage and beauty in the imperfection. Leather bathing suits, platform shoes as high as the Eiffel Tower and fishnet pantyhose with a skull hiding your most precious parts. It felt like 50 shades meets 50s romance, talking of a extreme clash. “I met him in the candy store”, the music plays along. Wouldn’t that make love so much easier than it is today? Let’s forget about online dating, delete Tinder or Happn, and channel your inner sweet rebel. Because this is the real deal, and we would die for a ride on that motor vehicle.

Dennis Diem Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA FW2015

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A little later than scheduled a singer high above the audience started singing to us from high up on half a moon. ‘Trouble in paradise’ were the words of the song as Dennis Diem’s inspiration too had everything to do with paradise. Inspired by the story of Lilith, Adam’s wife even before Eva, Dennis presented us a feminine yet powerful collection. Fifties silhouettes (reminiscent of the perfect housewife) as well as menswear pants with loose legs, high waists and tuxedo jackets in black and white. Circle skits from silk gazar and woolen crêpe. Floor sweeping, body hugging evening gowns with crop tops in black and deep red produced from satin duchesse. Designs made out of green iridescent beetle shields formed the most astonishing pieces of the collection. As small necklaces, embroidered flowers (from nacre), elegant nude colored, towering high shoes and old Hollywood glam hairdos completed the paradise picture. Truly worth the wait.

Dennis Diem Fashion Week Amsterdam FW2014

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Not only do those towering high fashion shoes make a more dramatic catwalk image, they can be painful and dangerous too. Tonight Dennis Diem showed just how dangerous they can be as he sent out his models on sky-high black shoes. After a few tumbling and stumbling models one of the girls really fell flat on her face. It gave everyone in the audience a heart attack, yet turned out to be an act (what a relief!). It drew our attention away from the clothes for a brief moment, but luckily Dennis’ creations, inspired by opium and the movement of smoke, were just so gorgeous we couldn’t keep our eyes off of them. From a wall of smoke models appeared in a selection of (mostly) monochrome dresses with a slight rebellious touch. Sexy corsets (Diem’s signature) were attached to pencil skirts and floor sweeping dresses with lots of tulle to create that extra romantic vibe. Cashmere capes added some extra drama and shiny sequins gave the looks a dreamy touch. With a focus on shoulders and hips the designs were even more powerful. The fairytale was complete once Dennis received his applause while walking the catwalk accompanied by two of his princesses dressed in impressive off white dream gowns.

Backstage at Dennis Diem AFW FW2013

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Take a look backstage at the show of Dennis Diem. The girls looked beautiful with their white hair en red lips.

Dennis Diem Catwalk Fashion Show AFW FW2013

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Please enjoy the pictures for now, our review will follow shortly.

Said Mahrouf & Dennis Diem Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam FW2012

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Sunday night Amsterdam Fashion Week came to an end with not one but two fashion shows, sponsored by Flower Fashion Group.

Dennis Diem

Dennis Diem’s collection ‘The Asphalt Jungle’ (inspired by this film noir film) was based on the beauty of the orchid. It included stunning corsets and bodysuits (Diem’ signature) made out of beautiful reptile scales, in black and off white. They were combined with incredibly high heels, with which Diem tried to change the charisma of a woman.

Besides the floral theme and the scales there were more nature-inspired influences in his designs. A black top was decorated by feathers, a light bodysuit was made out of white fur and bones and skulls were used for accessories (necklace and clutches) and those towering high shoes.

Like Mahrouf Diem also opted for very feminine touches like ruffles and floral shapes. He even ended his show with an exquisite white (bridal) gown. Still, his collection was completely different from that of Mahrouf. Diem added more of an edge to his looks and creatively showed off his handcraft skills in his details.

It might not have been the most wearable collection of the Amsterdam Fashion Week, but Diem certainly wowed us with his designs. We assume it won’t take long until Lady Gaga orders one of his unique looks to make a special appearance. Hats off for Diem for holding a great closing show. It might even be one of the best of the week.

Said Mahrouf

On a catwalk decorated with floral art Said Mahrouf was the first one to show his new collection inspired by roses and orchids.

During his fashion show debut in Amsterdam he showed summer dresses in off white and pretty pastels. Short playful dresses were followed by long elegant gowns. They all had fun and feminine details like asymmetry, ribbons, bows and twisted fabrics. The collection breathed summer, especially with the light yellow and green eye make-up.

A beautiful bridal gown with a subtle train and a white bouquet was the last look of Mahrouf’s super feminine collection. It perfectly combined the elegant collection and the show’s floral theme. How lovely!

Dennis Diem & Said Mahrouf Frontrow Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam FW2012

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Who sat next to whom at Dennis Diem and Said Mahrouf?

Check out the front row of the last Amsterdam Fashion Week shows below.