Maison the Faux Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA FW2015

January 24, 2015 by  
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Backstage turned frontstage this afternoon at Maison the Faux. A surprising switch that had us all in doubt for a second. Was this really the main show? Yet anyone who knows Maison the Faux also knows you’re in for a treat with this label. They’ve spiced things up with their previous Amsterdam fashion week shows and didn’t disappoint today either. It was a backstage like we know it, although perhaps slightly less hectic. Models waiting in line, photographers taking beauty shots, it was all there. In the middle of the show area clothings racks and dressers (in tracksuits) took care of the model dressing part, while half naked models were lounging on some of the graphic, black and white sofas placed around it. How bizarre! The clothes itself again were so wrong it almost seemed right. Bold prints, oversized silhouettes, sheerness as well as (faux) fur. ‘Faux’ was written on many of the pieces, like a luxury brand’s logo, and even could be seen on the models’ faces. The overall style seemed sporty and definitely a little crazy. A small selection of pieces was available online, immediately after the show. C’est Vrai ou C’est FAUX?

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