Maison The Faux Catwalk Fashion Show Womenswear SS2018 New York

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MAISON the FAUX surprised NYFW with their FAUXmosapien filled world. During their show all of the models joined into a FAUX ritual. A ritual in which they surrendered themselves to the false promise of a new and better world. During this ritual, models were baptised from a water dispenser, christening them as “FAUXmosapiens”, before entering vertical, incubator-like tanning beds.
We posed the question; “Why and who do you choose to follow?”
In a world that (still) struggles to see us all as individual human beings, MAISON the FAUX offers an alternate world; the FAUXmosapien world. An evolved world in which everyone can be themselves and let go of beauty ideals and trends.………. Do we sound convincing?
The SS18 humanwear collection was all about joining, mixing, combining strict borders and patterns into an eclectic diverse image. Mermaid dresses in striped tule, multicolored statement coats, sunsets and globes, copy/paste denim and leather silhouettes, red plastic disposable bags and stripes, stripes, stripes and stripes. The colour pallet was defined by graphic contrasts and pastels.

Maison the Faux Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA SS2018

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Before we begin, can we please take your name?
No, not your given name; the name you wish to use post-reincarnation.

Maison the Faux once again welcomed us in a spectacular show environment. This time around they were ready to take us to another level, another life even. This was not a spa (although the futuristic tanning systems might give that idea) and it was definitely not an office. This was FAUXmosapien, an odyssey, a journey of reinvention that begins with incubation. This was an opportunity to engineer a new tomorrow. Radiation that gives you more than a glow.

What a way to end this edition of the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam. With the bright color changing backdrop and the runway filled with tanning systems it really felt as if we’d stepped on board of a space ship, ready to start a new chapter at whatever planet was waiting for us when we’d come out.

Our wardrobe for the life that was waiting for us was pastel shaded, a nice contrast with the neon lights of the decor. Stripes, metallics and tweed fabrics with frayed ends were the main themes. And as guys and girls sporting skirts, dresses, coats and skimpy bikini’s with extraordinary headpieces had followed up on each other the finale piece was, yep, you guessed it, a shiny bridal gown, worn by a guy in fluffy slippers. Cause even in another life you’d still want to tie the knot in style, right?

In September the Arnhem based fashion house (by Joris Suk and Tessa de Boer) will present this collection at New York Fashion Week. We’re glad we got the ultimate preview. The perfect way to end this edition of MBFWA.

Out with a bang!

Maison the Faux Catwalk Fashion Show NYC Womenswear FW2017

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Please enjoy the pictures for now, our review will follow shortly.

Maison The Faux Catwalk Fashion Show New York Spring Summer 2017

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Dutch fashionlabel MAISON the FAUX showed for the first time in New York, invited by MADE. Their theme: Chubby Chaser. Once again MTF showed their view on fashion by the means of a conceptual collection presentation. A strange fat worshipping ritual took place at Milk Studios. Having models continuously circling around a giant blow-up fat-tent and worshipping the ultimate “Chubby Chaser” queen. MTF likes to shake thing up. According to their pressrelease: ““CHUBBY CHASER” is a never ending desire for more, more, more. In the insanely strange world of fashion, fashion houses act as godlike institutions; telling us how to look, act and who we should be. Fashion seems to be a repeating ritual of brands overfeeding us. We are never satisfied; only ever hungry for more.”
The “Chubby Chaser” collection consists out of a number of looks restraining excessive fabric and skin. Garments with carefully proportioned excess of fabric, breast augmentation dresses and cinched waists to exaggerate the overabundance of bare skin. Mi-parti, denim, leather, recycled furs, slits, knits, silk in earthy tones of nude as well as fleshy baby pink and baby blue. To create “CHUBBY CHASER” MTF worked under the art direction of Joris Suk and Tessa de Boer together with a number of creative partners called “les Résidents”. The label is convinced that young talent and concession free designs are an important addition to the current fashion landscape.

Maison the Faux Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA FW2015

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Backstage turned frontstage this afternoon at Maison the Faux. A surprising switch that had us all in doubt for a second. Was this really the main show? Yet anyone who knows Maison the Faux also knows you’re in for a treat with this label. They’ve spiced things up with their previous Amsterdam fashion week shows and didn’t disappoint today either. It was a backstage like we know it, although perhaps slightly less hectic. Models waiting in line, photographers taking beauty shots, it was all there. In the middle of the show area clothings racks and dressers (in tracksuits) took care of the model dressing part, while half naked models were lounging on some of the graphic, black and white sofas placed around it. How bizarre! The clothes itself again were so wrong it almost seemed right. Bold prints, oversized silhouettes, sheerness as well as (faux) fur. ‘Faux’ was written on many of the pieces, like a luxury brand’s logo, and even could be seen on the models’ faces. The overall style seemed sporty and definitely a little crazy. A small selection of pieces was available online, immediately after the show. C’est Vrai ou C’est FAUX?

Maison the Faux SS2015 Amsterdam Fashion Week

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Like last season the Maison the Faux fashion show was wrong in so many ways. There was a choir of three naked (okay they did wear some kind of thong) women making monkey noises while a garden and water fountain served as a backdrop. A garden (of Eden?) from which male and female models appeared sporting an array of almost undefinable ensembles. Crazy materials, over the top print, hysterical use of color, bizarre silhouettes and out of this world accessories. The guys looked kinda girly, while the ladies had something savage-like about them. A lot of nudity was involved, but as far as fashion was concerned we couldn’t really discover one style or trend. But perhaps Maison the Faux can do without all of that and just create original pieces, made with a big sense of humor (if you get the joke, that is) that stand out and make a statement. Either way, the show wasn’t over till the three naked ladies sang, so Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ completed the cray cray controlled chaos. Maison the faux; so wrong it almost felt right.