Edwin Oudshoorn Fashion Week Amsterdam FW2014

January 27, 2014 by  
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At Edwin Oudshoorn an improvised forest formed the scene for his collection presentation Fools Paradise. “An artificial paradise”, as he wrote in his show notes, “which  comes with the striving for perfection”. Not only the room was gorgeously decorated, a singer in the back of the room, playing the piano sang beautifully too. And then there were those dresses… first short and white, then grey, checked, sequined and red, with corsets bodices. All highly decorated, showing sparkling Swarosvki details, embroideries, feathers, as well as a lot of skin (or.. actually sheer nude colored fabric). Towards the end the dresses got longer, the models’ cleavage deeper. Apart from the elegant dresses a pair of shorts and a few skirts were in the mix too, worn with blouses with wide sleeves. All perfectly tailored and well shaped. A nice, well edited selection of chic, ladylike looks. Just what we needed on the closing night of this fashion week.

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