Dennis Diem Fashion Week Amsterdam FW2014

January 27, 2014 by  
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Not only do those towering high fashion shoes make a more dramatic catwalk image, they can be painful and dangerous too. Tonight Dennis Diem showed just how dangerous they can be as he sent out his models on sky-high black shoes. After a few tumbling and stumbling models one of the girls really fell flat on her face. It gave everyone in the audience a heart attack, yet turned out to be an act (what a relief!). It drew our attention away from the clothes for a brief moment, but luckily Dennis’ creations, inspired by opium and the movement of smoke, were just so gorgeous we couldn’t keep our eyes off of them. From a wall of smoke models appeared in a selection of (mostly) monochrome dresses with a slight rebellious touch. Sexy corsets (Diem’s signature) were attached to pencil skirts and floor sweeping dresses with lots of tulle to create that extra romantic vibe. Cashmere capes added some extra drama and shiny sequins gave the looks a dreamy touch. With a focus on shoulders and hips the designs were even more powerful. The fairytale was complete once Dennis received his applause while walking the catwalk accompanied by two of his princesses dressed in impressive off white dream gowns.

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