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During Amsterdam Fashion Week we will be following someone from the crew every day.

The second day we followed Dieter de Cock, head designer for Cold Method.

Backstage at Cold Method AFW FW2013

Bearded men are wanted in fashion these days. At least, that’s what we figured backstage at Cold Method. The perfect match with the flamboyant collection Dieter de Cock designed.

Cold Method Catwalk Fashion Show AFW FW2012

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The fall/winter collection 2013 of Cold Method in 10 words. Flamboyant. Colorful. Manly. New Romantics. Warm shades. Mix of prints.


Cold Method Amsterdam Fashion Week Preview FW2013

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We had to miss Cold Method during the some of the latest editions of Amsterdam Fashion Week, but the Dutch fashion brand is back. On Friday 25 January Cold Method will hold a catwalk show in Het Transformatorhuis. We caught up with designer Dieter de Cock to talk about his design process and his idea of what a ‘Cold Method man’ should look like.

Why did you decide Cold Method should be part of the Amsterdam Fashion Week again?
“I’ve seen Amsterdam Fashion Week growing for the last couple of years and I think this season’s program looks interesting. Also, the AFW platform is a good way to reach a lot of people. Everyone’s schedule is always super busy, so by presenting the new collection during AFW we hope more people will be able to stop by.”

How do you make sure Cold Method stands out during AFW?
“Usually we come up with a location that fits the collection and the brand, this time it’s more of a challenge to make the show into something that really breathes CM. Therefore we’ve opted for a smaller location within the AFW and with our street model casting (60% of the CM models will be casted on the streets) we’ll try to still make the show something unique. We are a commercial brand, yet we like to present ourselves as a smaller, more intimate label.”

What can you tell us about the new Cold Method man?
“The CM man is slightly changing every season and I try to let him develop with every collection. For winter he has grown into a more flamboyant type of guy. A guy that dares to wear floral, paisley and pied-de-poule prints and lots of color, yet still looks manly. He wears warm shades like dark emerald, ruby, royal blue and touches of neon, yet black and grey are brought back into the CM color palette as well. His style is a mix between dressy and casual and has a British kind of New Romantics feeling.”

Where did that New Romantics inspiration come from?
“I was inspired by King Charles’, an upcoming artist who looks like a guy from Pirates of the Caribbean and wears the most perfect British suits. It’s his mix of full on dandy looks and tough music that appealed to me. I see the new CM man as a king of his own kingdom who perfectly knows how to dress himself. With this collection I tell him to be whoever he wants to be.”

On Facebook you already posted something about SS2014. Are you that far ahead?
“Yes, I asked my friends (& fans) to come up with their ideas for my new summer collection. I didn’t use any of them, because they didn’t really fit so much with how I saw our CM changing. Yet I found it very interesting to see what everyone came up with. I am already fully focused on that collection. As a matter of fact, I have to present my SS2014 sketches the Monday after the AFW show. It’s my only concern, but we’re very much on schedule with everything.”

On the 25th of January Dieter de Cock will present his Eclectic Kingdom collection of around 28 looks. See some impressions of that fall/winter 2013 collection in the gallery below.

Cold Method Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam FW2012

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On Tuesday night we all gathered at the Compagnie theater in the center of Amsterdam to see the brand new collection of fashion label Cold Method. In a large – yet still very crowded – theater room with an old skool backdrop of wooden boxes and activist poster the brand took us back to the late sixties.

Inspired by student’s revolutions of that period Cold Method showed a rough and raw collection, named The Gentleman Activist. ‘Cause even though those students were fighting against the authorities back in 1968, they did so in style; like gentlemen.

Head designer Dieter de Cock translated the activism of the student revolutions by expanding his range of suits (in tweed, woolen, corduroy). He showed how to wear those suits in combination with wax coats and fluff jackets. He also came up with casual chinos and corduroy 5-pockets worn with a shirt and a jacket.

His key items for fall turned out to be his field jacket, checked jersey cardigan and a woolen caban. A selection of gorgeous knits was added to the mix as well. And in stead of using a lot of black Dieter introduced shades of dark blue and grey combined with seventies shades like ochre, burgundy and navy blue.

Besides the regular male models two famous Dutch faces, singer Jim Bakkum and actor Patrick Martens who are often spotted wearing Cold Method, made their appearance on the runway too. Together with the show area, the theme and the strong collection that made up for a special Cold Method night. After the models had left the stage we went on it to celebrate Cold Method’s new collection and the fact that the brand turned five this year. Hurray!

Cold Method Catwalk Fashion Show SS10

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By Ivo Wiermans

A sharp looking suit, a well-fitted shirt, or the perfect jeans: a modern man can’t live without these essentials. Basic items he can easily mix for different events and which are fashionproof. Mark Ainsworth and Alex Jansen understood the power of basic, regarding their spring summer collection for Cold Method. The collection brought us the 9 aesthetics of a men’s wardrobe: T-shirt, shirt, suit, pants, jacket, sweatshirt, jeans, accesories and CM2 (cosmetics and other products to complete the Cold Method lifestyle).
The show started with a very James Bond worthy dark suit. More suits followed in soft colors like beige and white. Single blazers were casually mixed with printed shirts, shorts and sneakers. Even from a distance one could see the perfect tailoring and the outstanding quality of the materials. Sporty outfits looked perfect for a summer’s boat trip, proved by a double-breasted coat and some jackets in icy blue or sunny orange. See-through v-neck sweaters and fine woven cardigans in soft colors looked as comfortable as nightwear.
The collection got even more relaxed, when taking a closer look to the pants. These were straight fitted, sometimes even baggy. The designers of Cold Method seem to be sure about one thing: slim-fit is over.