Jan Taminiau Haute Couture Fashion Show FW2015 Amsterdam

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While the fashion-circus moved from Milan to Paris last monday, Jan Taminiau decided to present his new haute couturecollection in Amsterdam in an intimate setting. Artist Trudy Derksen opened her atelier to guests and clients and it proved to be a great setting for Taminiau’s dresses and pantsuits. It was all elegant and feminine and made for those women of the world, who divide their time between work and social events. Especially the evening-dresses were impressive, esspecially the ones with embroideries and handpainted flowers.

Jan Taminiau Couture Presentation SS2015 Paris

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During an imtimate presentation at the Residence of the Dutch Ambassador in Paris Jan Taminiau told his SS2015 couture story. A collection for which the talented designer shook things up a bit. His three models wore wigs (in red, black and blonde) and therefore looked outspoken. Like characters out a Marvel Comic Strip, Jan Taminiau’s source of inspiration for this collection named Marvelous. More than ever before Jan put the focus of his designs on the hips, waist, breasts, buttocks and shoulders, honouring those parts of the female body women are sometimes afraid to reveal. The dresses seemed to give the models an even better, very powerful posture and a touch of super heroin toughness. A split cape added to that effect. Yet no matter how rigid and tough some of the creations appeared, hours and hours of handwork were put into them. Like the case with some embroidered star and feather shaped applications, glass beads and shiny sequins. Feathers made out of unravelled fabric popped up as well, making a strapless evening gown feel classic and an orange cocktail number look unique. Two pairs of pants and a full on glitter bodysuit made their appearance. Other than that Jan only presented his audience with dresses (both cocktail and evening) as “the shape of a dress is one in which his ideas can be released to the fullest”. A warm color palette of shades like orange, copper, nude, red, yellow and mint green worked lovely with the gold colored setting of the Parisian residence. We’re curious to see which power women will end up wearing these designs. Fact is any woman wearing Jan Taminiau will always look like a superwoman. And who wouldn’t want ‘ Jan’ in a star shape embroidery written on her chest?

Dutch Fashion Here & Now India, the Show

Dutch Fashion Here & Now opened India Fashion Week yesterday with a show that celebrated fashion in all its parts: craftsmanship, fantasy, glamor, style. The Dutch label *DIED* presented their custom made shirts, Jan Taminiau and Suneet Varma collaborated on a glamorous and  elaborated collection and Roheet Ghandi and Rahul Karma showed their contemporary pret a porter. Part of the production was the soundtrack made by Starstudded Studios, make-up by Ellis Faas and runway photography by Peter Stigter.

Dutch Fashion Here & Now India, part 3

Dutch designer Jan Taminiau loves Indian embroidery and traditional Indian unpolished jewelry and he has used the sari’s draping and pleating technique in his dresses. So working together with Suneet Varma on a co-creation collection during Dutch Fashion Here & Now is a treat to him, the duo will show this evening at the opening of India Fashion Week. In the Indian press Taminiau stated he is very excited. “The idea to have two worlds meet in creativity and passion is very exciting and new. I feel my work has a strong connection to the craftsmanship and luxurious femininity that India is famous for.”


Dutch Fashion Here & Now India, part 2

Dutch designer Jan Taminiau is part of the delegation in New Dehli during Dutch Fashion here & Now. And the best of Indian fashion joined hands with him, designer Suneet Varma (a Bollywood favorite in India) is collaborating with Taminiau on a co-creation collection being showed tonight. Both designers worked together during the fittings, but they also joined forces in the ateliers.

Jan Taminiau Couture Catwalk Fashion Show FW2012 Paris

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Poetic Clash is the story of an encounter. An encounter between different cultures. Jan Taminiau shares his interest for the tribal African silhouettes, patterns and scarifications as well as the magnetism of ikats from Uzbekistan. Through this collection, he combines these ethnic inspirations with his Couture savoir-faire and traditional clothing construction crafts. Volumes get suddenly shifted to other parts of the body. Color patterns appear, for the first time in Jan Taminiau’s collections through the use of simple geometric shapes and color contrasts. Meters and meters of tulle are worked to create incredible volumes. The patterns are worked with different layers of tulle, beads or crystal ornamentation to reveal three dimensional details. The final wedding dress shows the amazing result of the collaboration between Maison Lesage and Jan Taminiau. A demi-couture collection will be derived from this collection.

Jan Taminiau Catwalk Fashion Couture Show ss2012

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Dutch designer Jan Taminiau showed his Tarnished Beauty collection during the first day of Paris Haute Couture. According to the press release  the collection was designed to elevate women. For this purpose Jan Taminiau deployed an army of beauty. The collection is feminine, colorful and extravagant with fragile forms, tarnished delicate fabrics underneath and in contrast with this glittering armor.

Tarnished Beauty
In the world of Jan Taminiau  beauty is more than a twinkling armor that protects us from reality. It is a hedonistic refuge that keeps the world outside. Real beauty comes alive when people open themselves to each other. Ultimately, the army descends and the masks go off.

Jan Taminiau Couture Collection Paris FW2012

Dutch designer Jan Taminiau seemed to be the first designer to kick off Haute Couture week in Paris, unofficially that is. While everybody was awaiting the Dior couture-show (is there already a new designer?), Jan prepared his collection quietly. Nature Extends is the name of the collection, that was an unusual mix of cork and rich, flowing materials like chiffon. The fabrics and materials were sculpted into long, dramatic high collared dresses and tight suits. Colors changed from silver sequins into gray, taupe, brown/yellow.

Jan Taminiau Haute Couture Backstage

The Jan Taminiau Haute Couture-show was a much talked about show yesterday. The glow in the dark-effect fabrics, the shoes, the masks. Backstage the tension was high, but everybody was concentrated and all those hands and people made it to a wonderful collection and show.

Check who was sitting frontrow here

Amsterdam Fashion Week Atmosphere Day 1

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The atmosphere of Amsterdam Fashion Week day 1. Opening Soiree and Jan Taminiau Demi Couture/Haute Couture shows.

The atmosphere of Amsterdam Fashion Week day 1. Opening Soiree and Jan Taminiau Demi Couture/Haute Couture shows.

Video by Niels @ Team Peter Stigter

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