Dutch Fashion Here & Now India, part 6

The last day of their stay in New Dehli India, Dutch Fashion Here & Now organized a workshop catwalkphotography  with Team Peter Stigter. Also the Indigo Embassy popped up hosted by James Veenhoff.


Dutch Fashion Here & Now India, On the Streets

What are they wearing during India Fashion Week in New Dehli? It looks all different from what we saw in New York, Paris in Milan, but even here people like to dress up. What we liked the most: the young men in skirts and tunics, they don’t look funny at all -actually, it’s very elegant.

Dutch Fashion Here & Now India, Frontrow & Afterparty

Who was sitting front row at the Dutch Fashion Here & Now India show last week-end? Plus, who attended the afterparty? Take a look for yourself.

Dutch Fashion Here & Now India, Backstage

Take a look backstage at the show of Dutch Fashion Here & Now that took place this week end in New Dehli, India. Make-up artist Ellis Faas demonstrated her creative skills.

Dutch Fashion Here & Now India, the Show

Dutch Fashion Here & Now opened India Fashion Week yesterday with a show that celebrated fashion in all its parts: craftsmanship, fantasy, glamor, style. The Dutch label *DIED* presented their custom made shirts, Jan Taminiau and Suneet Varma collaborated on a glamorous and  elaborated collection and Roheet Ghandi and Rahul Karma showed their contemporary pret a porter. Part of the production was the soundtrack made by Starstudded Studios, make-up by Ellis Faas and runway photography by Peter Stigter.

Dutch Fashion Here & Now India, part 5

Diederik Verbakel and Marieke Holthuis are part of Dutch Fashion Here & Now in India. They are founders of the label *DIED*, which stands for products with a soul. They travel the world searching for crafts and inspiration which feed their collections: fashion with a keen eye for authentic and traditional techniques. For their introduction in India they made ten custom made outfits: they went to India with ten basic white T-shirts that are being transformed into hand-crafted, hand-painted and hand-dyed *DIED* artworks.

Dutch Fashion Here & Now India, part 4

Here are some impressions of our stay in New Dehli, India. We are part of Dutch Fashion Here & Now, together with other Dutch fashion-pro’s. Read more about it here .

Dutch Fashion Here & Now India, part 3

Dutch designer Jan Taminiau loves Indian embroidery and traditional Indian unpolished jewelry and he has used the sari’s draping and pleating technique in his dresses. So working together with Suneet Varma on a co-creation collection during Dutch Fashion Here & Now is a treat to him, the duo will show this evening at the opening of India Fashion Week. In the Indian press Taminiau stated he is very excited. “The idea to have two worlds meet in creativity and passion is very exciting and new. I feel my work has a strong connection to the craftsmanship and luxurious femininity that India is famous for.”


Dutch Fashion Here & Now India, part 1

Dutch Fashion Here & Now aims to create awareness beyond borders of the Dutch fashion design identity – from academy to industry- by creating sustainable networks between Dutch fashion entrepreneurs and foreign countries with aspirational consumer markets and production facilities. This week a delegation is present at India Fashion Week in New Dehli, and Team Peter Stigter is joining them, but also Mariette Hoitink, James Veenhoff, Jan Taminiau, Ellis Faas and Star Studded Studios. They and others will exchange their knowledge and experience in workshops and collaborations with designers and other fashion-entrepeneurs.

First stop was a cocktail at the Dutch Embassy in New Dehli.

Dutch Fashion Here & Now is an initiative of HTNKs NL Fashion Incubator Foundation and is part of the Dutch DFA-Design Fashion & Architecture program. You will find updates at the website of Dutch Fashion Here & Now