Jan Taminiau Haute Couture Catwalk Fashion Show FW2011 AIFW

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Jan Taminiau did not show only one, but two collections tonight. Amsterdam Fashion Week sure kept him busy the last couple of months. After his Demi Couture show Jan presented his Haute Couture show, which he already showed in Paris two days ago.

He might have held back a little with the Demi Couture collection, for his Haute Couture creations Jan gave his everything. His show, called Irradiance, was overwhelming. Models wearing his beautifully handcrafted creations walked the runway with their faces fully covered.

Jan designed a gorgeous baroque print with reflecting threads and put lots of details in his fabrics. There was so much to look at, the short fashion show was nowhere long enough to fully check out the garments.  No to mentions the spectacular shoes, which made the models walk down the catwalk really slow and carefully.

Lady Gaga already wore one of his creations and there’s no doubt she’ll find a piece in this collection fitting her wardrobe.

Check here for out backstage-report and frontrow.

Jan Taminiau Backstage Pre Show

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Last minute preparations backstage at Jan Taminau. The designer kicks of tonight with two shows, Haute Couture and Demi Couture.

Hair & beauty look glamourous, the shoes are the talk of the town and the collection is stunning.

Backstage-snapshot at Jan Taminiau

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Amsterdam International Fashion Week Preview: Jan Taminiau FW2011

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For upcoming Amsterdam International Fashion Week designer Jan Taminiau has the honor of showing during the opening soiree. And while two designers usually show during this evening, Jan is doing it alone, presenting two different collections.

Jan sure has been busy the last couple of weeks designing not only for his brand new Haute Couture collection, but also for his Demi couture collection. Yet for Jan having to coordinate two different collections at once, is not bad at all. ‘It just feels like I can now ‘play’ more, cause I now get the make twice the amount of designs. It’s like synchrone dancing, since I’m making the same progress with both collections’, he said.

Demi Couture – Seperates

Jan will open the Amsterdam Fashion Week with his Demi Couture collection, a slightly less pricey collection, for which he focused more on his customer.  ‘The Demi Couture collection is not very different from the Haute Couture collection. Yet if a costumer would want an item from the Demi Couture collection they would only need one appointment with us, compared to five appointments for a design of our Haute Couture collection’, Jan explains.

The Demi Couture collection is, like the Haute Couture collection, not based on a certain season. Jan: ‘My customers travel to the sun when it’s winter and go skiing in the summer, so I never really work with seasons.’

Jan used the word ‘demi’ (this means ‘half’ in French) as a joke in his collection too. He would not tell us exactly what he did, but we guess certain designs will seem like they’re just one half of an item.

Jan: ‘The collection will be feminine, sexy and tough and you’ll see soft tones like gold, beige, off white, soft green and light pink’

Haute Couture – Irradiance

Jan’s Haute Couture collection is called irradiance (it’s about inner glow) and is inspired by hiding and being visible. ‘It’s based on a certain feeling you might have right before you enter a stage; you want to go on stage, but you’re also afraid and want to hide. You want to take that moment, yet you are hesitating. I always compare it to the moment you, as a child, have to give a presentation in front of the whole class; you have to do it, but you’d rather disappear. It’s about that vulnerable, yet positive balance’, Jan explained.

Jan: ‘I loved making this collection, cause there were no rules or restrictions, since this Haute Couture collection doesn’t necessarily have to be about clothes or wearablity.’

All materials for the collection were woven in the Textielmuseum in Tilburg and a lot of the details of the clothes were made by hand. The silhouette, as well as the colors of the collection are typical for Jan Taminiau: ‘You’ll see a lot of grey, silver, black and white and the music of the show will be moody.’

Lady Gaga wears Jan Taminiau

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Lady Gaga was spotted in Paris this week wearing a dress of Dutch designer Jan Taminiau. The extravagant singer looked incredible in the couture piece from Jan Taminiau’s collection.

The shades of light pink and grey looked stunning on Gaga and the dress made her even more tall and slender.

We’re very proud of Jan Taminiau, but ofcourse we always knew he was a genius!

Check out the dress on Lady Gaga.

Check out the whole collection of Jan Taminiau

Jan Taminiau Couture Catwalk Fashion Show FW2011

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Next week we will have to miss him at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. But this week Jan Taminiau gave his audience in Paris a good look at his great couture collection.

His latest work seemed to be an homage to and a reflection of couture. No mass fashion but craftsmanship and attention and love for qualitative goods are the things Jan Taminiau sees in his future.

And with this theme Jan gives his view on the future, the past and the now. Therefore the collection was all about reflection. Jan played with classical silhouettes, accessories and poses and made them modern again. His silhouettes were tall, small and slender and gave the models a certain status.

His creations didn’t have a lot of color. They were made out of grey, light pink and nudes. They were never boring though; Jan embellished them with small sparkles. Sometimes only on the upper body, sometimes all over the fabric.

Like we see in fashion right now the shoulders of most of the outfits were highlighted. Yet instead of the sharp, pointy shoulders we now see in stores, Jan designed round shoulders in more of a couture style.

All looks were finished by large hats out of which slim ponytails appeared. They made the looks feel heroic.

Too bad Jan Taminiau doesn’t show in Amsterdam this season, his collection looked stunning.

Amsterdam Fashion Week: openingssoiree 2010

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Yesterday the Amsterdam International Fashion Week started off with the openingssoiree. In between the fashion shows of Jan Taminiau and Mattijs we spotted some interesting people. Although the bites were lacking everyone was having a blast.

Backstage at Jan Taminiau fw2010

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Yesterday Jan Taminiau gave a great show. Just before the show we went backstage. Here are some backstage impressions.

Jan Taminiau Amsterdam Fashion Week fw2010

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Jan Taminiau’s day couldn’t be better.  In the afternoon he heard Vogue Italia was interested in his collection and in the evening he gave a spectacular fashion show.

The fall/winter collection he presented was shiny and sparkly and the clothes had some amazing shapes and silhouettes.

He used gold, light blue, pink and nudes for his designs. His creations had ruffles, sequins and fans. They had a lot of volume and the shoulders were accentuated in many different ways.

The models wore matching headbands/scarfs and walked in super high shoes (without heels). They showed some crazy poses at the end of the runway.

The last two dresses of Jan Taminiau’s show both had big veils. His show ended with his muse wearing an ivory colored wedding dress.

The reactions from the audience were very positive and now we’ve seen the whole show we really understand why Vogue is so interested. Congrats on a great show Jan!

Preview Jan Taminiau Couture

Yesterday Jan Taminiau presented his couturecollection in Paris. Tomorrow he will officially open the Amsterdam International Fashionweek with his collection Duality. These are the thoughts of the designer regarding his collection:

“‘Duality’ is based on thoughts of a duel and of duality. A duel between different cultural traditions, heritage and innovation. It is a noble duel, almost dancelike as in fencing. With a duality of seduction, unveiling and hiding.

The dresses are comprised of a duel between two different forms and a duel between different worlds. The antique Chinese fabric is used for the most dominant, sculptural form and is placed in contrast with a more classical silhouette. The dialogue also takes places between the almost organic substance of the heavily embroidered fabric with paillettes and the sensitivity of the antique hand woven fabric.

The sculptural forms can be interpreted as a shield -or protection- for battle, but at the same time they offer intimacy, play their role in a game of concealing and seduction.”


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