Backstage at Graduation-show 2023 Rietveld Academy

Take a look backstage where students and volunteers of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam are preparing for their graduation-show 2023.

Backstage at KABK Graduation-show 2023

Take a look backstage at the graduationshow of the KABK, the Royal Academy of the Arts in the Hague.

Graduationshow 2023 Royal Academy of the Arts

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The Royal Academy of the Arts in The Hague presented their fashion- graduates in a vivid show. Meet the work of Iglesia, Hefferon, Van Doorn, Nooy, Eleftheriou, Noordam, Blancheville, Wang and Yoon.

AMFI Assemblage at Loods 6

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Last night Loods 6 was turned into a fashion show area as AMFI presented it’s AMFI Assemblage show.


AMFI Assemblage Catwalk Fashion Show at Loods 6

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Colorful, diverse, playful, experimental and highly intruiging, those words came to mind when we saw the AMFI Assemblage runway looks walk by last night.

Graduation Collections AMFI 2018

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It was a show filled with contradictions. From Els Veldman’s vibrant and extremely colorful collection (and her models with painted faces and colored hair) and Kelly Geurden’s completely yellow colored line up to the grungy and moody looks at Charlotte Bakkenes, Stefan Vella and Jamie Teunissen. Not to mention Ferry Schiffelers dramatic but truly showstopping collection of black 3D looks that immediately deserve a spot in SIA or Gaga’s wardrobes (same goes for Sophie Mellors’ stage worthy looks, wow!). From Juliet Kok’s simple and savag-y designs to Marlies Reukers professional and perfectly fitted sportswear looks. And from Myrna Reukers li la lingerie looks to Nikita Domping’s streetwise and tough denim creations. From perfect patchwork at Julie Evers to dreamy powder hues at Kim Domburg. This was yet another inspiring and entertaining AMFI graduation show. We’re curious to see where all these 22 fashion talents will eventually end up working, but we’re sure they all have amazing careers ahead of them. Thanks for an amazing show and the best of luck to ya!


Graduation Collections ARTEZ 2018

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The Artez graduation show reminded us why we love graduation collections so much. It had all the right ingredients. It was vibrant, experimental yet professional, versatile, exciting, promising, futuristic as well as retrospectic, simplistic as well as theatrical, refreshing, crazy, fun, cool, tough and what not. From Emma Wessel’s larger than life images walking down the runway to Mehdi Mashayekhi’s menswear collection with the perfect fit; the Artez graduates sure kept us interested troughout the whole show. We loved the sporty vibes Henriette Zimmerman sent out. Iris Bambacht’s prints looked insane on her menswear pieces. Nina Pin’s cheerful models made us smile instantly and we could not stop staring at Dennis Schreuder’s masqueraded looks. That bright pink patent coat in Douwe de Boer’s collection was an absolute show stopper and Amarens Joustra’s eclectic prints lit up the runway. There is no Amsterdam Fashion Week this summer, but these ARTEZ talents sure have us inspired for the upcoming weeks.

Graduation Show Gerrit Rietveld Academie 2018

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At a venue most Dutchies come to in search of special vintage fashion pieces (de IJhallen) we gathered on Wednesday to witness the fashion show of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie graduates. A former shipbuilding pilot (de NDSM Loods) in Amsterdam-Noord formed the ultimate industrial backdrop to quite a diverse show with the work of all graduates and some of the best creations of a few first and second years Gerrit Rietveld students. The show took over an hour, but not a dull moment…

In a show that spoke of nowness instead of newness (what will happen to our fashion sensibility when we stop saying so much and just focus on being) we went back and forth from clean cut, ultra wearable designs to super conceptual, architectonical creations. In search of a big bang to change the language of fashion and start all over again with a new set of rules (instead of self refernting all the time) the collections showed us completely new and futuristic ideas of what we should wear (along with some reinterpretations of former styles/trends). From extremely basic (Sonia Oet’s “cold Turkey” blue jeans and a white tee) to out of the box crazy (Liselot Elzinga’s colourful, 3D designs (inspired by anything ‘staged’) – not to mention the models bizarre way of walking. From A.M Sorensen’s (a personal favorite) clean and quite Scandinvian line up to Nikola Čemanová back to nature’s, next to nothing designs (a collection of garments behind which there is no pre-conceptualised idea other than the materials being used). From Jahmuna McClean’s (another personal favorite) pastel shaded, deconstructed and layered creations (inspired by her parents wardrobe, family photos and memories of India) to Tatiana Quard’s Tokyo inspired sporty and oversized collection.

Twelve inspiring collections form twelve fresh graduates who without a doubt all will find there place in fashion. Whether they’ll stay in Amsterdam or pursue their career in fashion internationally, there was enough talent for a future filled with fashion. Thanks for a lovely graduation show Nikola Čemanová, Lieselot Elzinga, Yaroslav Glazunov, Edward Liao, Galatée Martin, Jahmuna Mcclean, Yana Monk, Anna Myntekaer, Sonia Oet, Antonina Pawlowicz, Tatiana Quard en Sonia Witwitzka and the best of luck to you!

The Woo

Jahmuna McClean

Edward Show

Galatee Martin

A.M. Pawlowicz

Tatiana Quard

Nikola Cemanova

Sonia Oet

Liselot Elzinga

A.M. Sorensen

Yana Monk

Sonia Witwitzka

Yaroslav Glazunov

AMFI Graduation Show 2017

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And of course the Amsterdam Fashion Institute held it’s annual Graduation-show with some promising collections. Here are a few highlights from every collection.

Gerrit Rietveld Academy Graduation 2017

The Fashion-department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy od Fine Arts held its 2017 Graduation-show last week end. The setting was surprising: outside, under an overpass of the Amsterdam orbit near the Kolenkitbuurt with lots of graffiti and concrete walls.

The fashionshow was spectacular and the result of a personal, exploring and experimental learning process of this years graduates: Anouk Beckers, Boris Kollar, Chelsea Peterson, Jonathan Aldenberg, Karen Huang, Line Langkjer, Miro Hämäläinen, Nathaly Vlaun, Ninamounah Langestraat and Yujin Jung.

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